Friday, 23 March 2018

Finally Spring! & Ignoring The Leftover Snow To Peg Out Laundry..

Hi Honeys,
How are you today?  It's been a mixed week here.  Spring finally arrived officially on Tuesday of this week (20th March) if following the astronomical calendar or so I heard on TV, all I really cared about in that little snippet were the words "spring is here" 😊

It's felt like a really long, really harsh winter this year honeys and yes, I know that in Scotland we don't see the genuinely harsh conditions seen elsewhere on this little globe we all call home and I'm so grateful for that because I (barely) cope with Scottish winters.

Cold, damp conditions combine to torment spoonies and to seep into arthritic joints and make pain so much worse.  So, every year (and yes I drive everyone crazy at work with it) I have a running countdown to the clocks changing over again and our getting rid of the torment that is winter. 

I know that our cousins across the pond are have already moved time forward (hello honeys! enjoy, hugs x) but for us in the UK the clocks go forward by one hour in the wee small hours of Sunday this weekend and I can't wait 😊

Finally Spring and ignoring the leftover snow to peg out laundry :)

On Monday of this week we woke up to the most glorious sunshine.  It was beautiful outside, with a lovely soft (albeit chilly) breeze but with the temperature (according to the smiley weather girl on TV) sitting at 5 degrees C it could have been (for us on the west coast of Scotland) almost summer! You know what that means don't you honeys?

As soon as Hubby was out the door to work on went my apron and the washing machine 😊  Laundry!  An actual laundry day where I had a better than usual chance of pegging it all outdoors to dry in the lovely fresh air! Joy!!

So, when the first load of laundry came out of the machine off we went into the back garden, me, one load of laundry and my favourite laundry assistant, our furbaby Jade, who also brought one of her tennis balls which all live in a tub at the back door 😊 

Yet another smile was waiting for us when I opened the back door honeys, the sunshine wasn't just cheering me (and my quest for drying days) just look at what it was doing for the lavender and our much loved peony roses who live just outside the back door...

A beautiful, sunny day means laundry in spite of the left over snow :) Meanwhile the lavender and Peony roses were also enjoying the sunshine.

The sharper eyed among you might have noticed in the top right hand corner of the above photo we still have some snow left over but I wasn't about to let that stop me 😊 

I'm so, so happy to see our peonies haven't been damaged by the recent storms and snow.  Better even than that though, they're thriving.  Don't they look amazing, fighting their way out of the soil in search of the spring sunshine?

Peony roses in search of the spring sunshine.

I've counted and so far there are twelve "shoots" I can't wait to see them in bloom🌹  Before the last snow storm hit I had covered them over with a cotton towel (as well as wrapping one around the base of the lavender) to try to protect them from snow and frost damage.

Can you remember what the lavender and peony planters looked like (very) recently honeys?

Our much loved lavender and peony roses under snow during the recent snow storms.

Brrrrr!  It makes me feel cold just looking at these photos! Our poor baby Jade wasn't keen on the snow either bless her...

Our furbaby Jade braves the snow in her back garden.

Poor Jade!! Still, credit where it's due, she still braved the snow when she had to, such as walks with her Daddy and checking out her back garden  πŸ’–πŸΆπŸ’–

So, after all of that awful cold weather, snow storms, traffic coming to a standstill, trains being cancelled and my almost not getting to work if it hadn't been for a wonderful taxi driver. This wonderful driver couldn't drive his taxi up into our street because it was blocked by the snow and so backed it into the street as far as he could and then got out and walked up the street to where I was stuck with the snow up to my knees with my cane not being any help, and gave me his arm to hold onto while he helped me reach his taxi.  Such a lovely kind man, thank you dear driver x  Well honeys, after all of that, a sunny, non snowy day felt too fabulous for words!

So, my faithful laundry assistant Jade and I set about pegging out laundry.... well mostly that was me really, although Jade did helpfully keep bringing me her ball to roll for her.  Yep, roll, I can't throw, no strength in my shoulders any more but our baby understands and brings Mum her ball anyway 😊

Pegging out laundry and ignoring what's left of the snow.

As you can see honeys, the snow seemed to be worst behind our laundry area against the fence and it was also quite bad around the side of the building where there isn't so much direct sunlight to melt it.

No Scots housewife would allow a little snow to stop her pegging out her laundry.

As the day wore on the snow continued to melt ever so slowly.  It was still there next day on the Tuesday.  I was so excited to finally have an actual laundry drying day that I kept washing things, even I'll admit it, things that had already been washed, just to peg them outside in the sun 😊

I know what you're thinking honeys, especially if, like me, you live with chronic pain (gentle hugs for fellow spoonies x) and yes, oh my yes, I paid for it by being in so much pain in my spine and shoulders for most of the remainder of this week. Sleepless nights of being unable to lie down and literally holding onto the walls to get around the house. Was it worth it?  Absolutely!

My arthritis is threatening to take my laundry pegging ability away from me honeys and I can't allow that without a fight.  I just can't.  Everyone laughs but I genuinely am happiest when I have laundry to do.  Even pain meds don't help now and I find myself gripping hold of the line or one of the clothes poles in such pain while pegging but I'm not willing to give up one of the (very few) pleasures this dreadful malady hasn't robbed me of over the years.

I'm a stubborn wee thing I know but that stubbornness is what's kept me going I think and (hopefully) it's what will keep me going for a wee bit longer yet 😊  Do you love laundry as much as I do honeys?  I've yet to find anyone who does.  What's your favourite thing to do around your home and what makes it fun?   

Till next time dear ones, wishing you a wonderful smile and hug filled weekend with heaps of sunshine, warm breezes and more happiness than you know what to do with 😊 Huggles always xx

Huggles Always, Rosie xx

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