Thursday, 22 February 2018

Smiles In The Garden: Spring Is Almost Here!

Hello Honeys,
How are you today?  Our furbaby Jade and I have been in the garden.  We have blue skies, fluffy clouds, our beloved peony roses are looking for sunshine and it won't be too long now till Hubby has to get the lawnmower out for the lawn's first cut of the year 😊

I love this time of year! Everywhere I look I can see little signs that the garden is beginning to wake up from it's long winter nap.  Soon there will be roses, in the shape of those much loved peonies, and lavender by the back door and an abundance of gorgeous roses in our tiny front garden to greet guests too 😊 

It's starting to look like spring in the garden honeys...

Every year I snap lots of photos of the roses in our front garden honeys, they never fail to make me smile 😊  You can see them dotted all around this blog (in the search bar to the right hand side type roses in and you'll see what I mean) but there are (quite) a few downloadable printables too, my favourites of which you can find here and another, which shows a gorgeous rose in the rain can be found here.  Enjoy honeys πŸ’–πŸ’‹

For today though, let's open the back door and see what's waiting for us shall we?
First thing Jade and I saw today when we opened the back door was a gorgeous, clear blue sky with just a few wonderfully fluffy little clouds... perfect 😊 

Spring is almost here - beautiful blue skies and perfect fluffy clouds bring joy to the garden.

Looking out from the back door Jade immediately, as she always does, looked for her squirrel friends.  She does love the visiting squirrels.  One afternoon she even took one of her tennis balls over to the fence and dropped it, backing away to sit down, tail wagging, to wait for the squirrel watching her intently, to come down and play with her 😊  Of course they never do but she keeps trying, bless her 😍

While Jade looked for her tiny furry friends I checked on our beloved peony roses which have begun to appear, poking through the earth in their huge pot...

Spring is almost here - view from our back door. The patio will soon be home to gorgeous peony roses.

Sitting alongside the peonies is our lavender, already scenting the air beautifully... 

Spring is almost here - Sitting alongside the quickly growing peonies is the lavender.

I so love the scent of fresh lavender honeys and I can't wait till we finally manage to create our planned, pretty seating area where I can sit and watch Jade play in the garden 😊

I've been watching these beautiful peonies appear for so many years and they never fail to make me smile 😊 

Spring is almost here - Seeing the peonies appear always makes me smile and I'm hoping to see a butterfly or two by the lavender this year.

Every year they fight their way through the earth and very quickly, aided by our good Scottish rain no doubt 😊 become the most beautiful, perfect roses...

Spring is almost here - Soon the peonies will burst into bloom.

There is a song, closely associated with the singer Harry Secombe, called "If I Ruled The World" and it says everything I'd love to be able to about the arrival of spring, thankfulness and finding joy in the world around us 😊  The song's lyrics begin with:

"If I ruled the world,
 Every day would be the first day of spring,
 Every heart would have a new song to sing
 And we'd sing of the joy every morning would bring..."

It's such a beautiful song honeys, I swear it makes my heart smile whenever I hear it 😊  You can hear it here on you tube.

Spring is almost here - Signs that spring has (almost) arrived in the garden.

Just standing at the door today, watching Jade play on the lawn, seeing all of the signs of the garden starting to stretch, yawn and wake from it's winter slumbers and feeling the much missed sun on my face again was such a boost. It was exactly what I needed. 

It's far too easy, especially when winter feels as if it's been here forever and will never leave, to feel drained, and for our mood to feel very low.  I know that I get that way every single year.  I've said so, so many times over the years (and no one takes me seriously when I really do mean it!) that I would like to hibernate through it all. 

Around mid to late October I'd trot off upstairs to bed with a hot water bottle and our furbaby Jade (her favourite place in our home is upstairs on the end of our bed, she'd stay there all the time if we'd let her bless her, so if I headed upstairs she'd follow.) I'd stay there till Hubby woke me up around maybe mid to late March, depending on the weather.  Until it's time to peg out laundry! Such joy 😍 

He could wake me with a lovely cup of tea saying "OK, honey, there's a new washing line up in the back garden and your first load of laundry is running in the machine.."  I'd be the happiest little Rosie in the world with a sunny day and lots of lovely laundry to peg outside 😊 

Would I miss anything about winter?  No, I really wouldn't honeys.  Honestly, not a single thing.  I've never been a winter person much preferring Spring, and (not that we see a whole lot of it in Scotland) Summer.  Mr Secombe is right dear ones, I wholeheartedly agree, if I ruled the world every day would be the first day of spring too πŸ’–

What about you honeys, what do you look forward to in spring?  Do you have a favourite season?  Are you watching your garden wake up too?   Till next time dear ones, huggles always xx

Huggles Always, Rosie xx

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