Friday, 13 October 2017

Friday Smile: New Pencils Rock!

Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to promote any products, I'm just sharing a smile 😊

Hi Honeys,
It's been a bit of a week to be sure. Too full of stresses.  I had to go have a CT scan this week, having already been sent previously for a chest x ray.  It was an odd experience honeys, not the worst thing I've ever had to deal with, but not something I particularly want to go through again either.  Does that make sense?  I'll post about it soon honeys, knowledge is power after all and you can't be afraid of something if you know all about it.  So, in the hope that my experience might help anyone else not be afraid, I'll write a post describing what happened, I promise.

In today's post I'd like to share a little Friday smile if that's OK? 😊

Of course my ever present smile (on wee paws) is our furbaby Jade 😊 Bless her, our baby keeps me company when her Daddy is at work all day long and during this latest illness has been happily sharing a blanket with her Mummy on the sofa.

The thing about being all propped up with pillows at night is that it's practically impossible to sleep.  Even when I was so exhausted I could cry and would nod off I didn't sleep long.  Why were you all propped up Rosie? Well honeys, the coughing wouldn't let me sleep anyway, no matter what position I was in but it just so happened that if I tried to lie down on my usual single pillow I had such trouble breathing and would jerk awake because my airway had closed or tried to.

Frightening honeys, just frightening 😡  Well, what's a girl to do when you can't sleep for an irritating cough and can't lie down?  Do you remember I said recently I'd (re)discovered the joy of colouring?  It's a perfect way to pass the time on (very long) lonely, quiet nights when Hubby and our furbaby Jade are both happily soundly sleeping and I'm fed up watching infomercials on late night TV.

It's quiet, (Hubby works long hours over spreadsheets full of figures and has an early start every morning) it calms a stressed mind and I love doing it.  It really does calm me.

Heading upstairs to bed on one of the (too many) sleepless nights recently I picked up my colouring things, namely a brightly coloured, soft pencil case which is home to my favourite pencils and one of my colouring books (presently I'm drawn to the Calm book.) 

Colouring to find calm.

Having picked up my pencil case and book I spotted something I'd bought a few weeks before and had genuinely forgotten about in the midst of the never ending coughing fits, headaches, body aches and trips to see our family Doctors and to the hospital.

They were sitting, still in their storage tin boxes on the little cupboard in the hall at the bottom of the stairs and I have to admit seeing them made me smile again as much as I had when I originally saw them in-store with Hubby.  How could I forget about these beautiful things honeys? 

Metallic & Watercolour pencils - a joy to colour with.

Who knew colouring pencils could be found in metallic and watercolour shades? I certainly didn't.  Wait till you see what the pencils themselves look like...
First up we'll have a look at the metallic coloured pencils...

Colouring pencils in metallic shades - a joy to colour with.

I'm smiling again honeys 😊 Aren't they pretty?  They colour beautifully and the shades are just stunning.

The other set of pencils are brighter, more vibrant but they are supposed to be watercolours in pencil form after all.  Here they are...

Watercolour colouring pencils - a joy to colour with.

Naturally, having remembered that I had them I couldn't wait to try them out and was drawn to some beautiful butterflies in my calm book...

Colouring butterflies - Pretty butterflies were perfect to try out the new metallic & watercolour shades of colouring pencils.

So pretty! I'm looking forward to colouring all of the flowers and foliage around the butterflies too.

There are 12 pencils in each set, with each set of pencils presented in a storage tin which "clicks" closed securely to keep the pencils stored safely in place. The manufacturers name on the tins, they're both made by the same company, is in red at the top of the tin and is more of a logo?  I think it says Hue.  There isn't a company address on the tins.

I'm not sure where you'd be able to find them locally honeys, except I found them in Poundworld, so it might be worth checking your nearest pound or dollar stores?  I was so surprised that they only cost £1 a set, surprised but very happy.  I so hope you can find them if you enjoy colouring as much as I do dear ones. 

So, that's it.  That's my Friday smile.  Two little tins of pencils I'd bought and managed to forget about, although to be fair life has been pretty overwhelming these past weeks. What's been your favourite smile this week honeys?  Do you enjoy colouring too?

Well, it's getting very late dear ones, I'm going to take my meds before heading to bed and trying to sleep.  Whatever you're doing this weekend, have fun, smile lots, hug even more but most of all stay warm.  It's getting chillier by the day and it's already dark by 6pm here.  Roll on Spring 😊 Huggles always xx

Edit: Please don't be frightened if you ever have to have a CT scan dear ones.  You can read what happened during my CT scan here.  Knowledge is power honeys and you can't be afraid of something you know all about, I shared what happened to me in the hope that it can somehow help others not be as frightened as I was.  Huggles always dear ones xx

Huggles Always, Rosie xx

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