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Amazon Pet Supplies Sample Box for Dogs

Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to promote any products, just sharing a gift I found for our furbaby x

Hi Honeys
How are you today?  I'm having a rest day today.  Yesterday was far too busy and pretty much drained me.  I'm still battling what's left of the horrible chest infection that's been bothering me for over 6 weeks now and saw our Doctor yesterday morning.  He asked me to go to the hospital to have a chest x ray.

Off to the hospital I went with Hubby (he has holiday time still owing and booked this week off) had x rays done and then we ran some errands too but I was just exhausted by the time we got home so I just hugged Jade for the rest of the evening.

Speaking of our much loved furbaby, we had a paw covered box delivered by Amazon for her and I thought I'd share 😊

Furbaby treats - Smiles for our furbaby Jade from the Amazon sample box.

While passing time on Amazon, as you do, I spotted a listing for a Pet Supplies Sample Box for dogs.  Always on the look out for treats for Jade I was curious, clicked on it and was quite surprised.

Basically, the sample box is a collection of products chosen for dogs from across the Amazon range.  Some are trial sizes, most are full size products.  The box costs £9.99, but this is credited to your Amazon account to be used towards anything you buy from the pet supplies department.  Since we buy our baby's Vet's Kitchen (dry kibble) from Amazon it's a win win honeys.

The box was very heavy and unfortunately arrived looking a little the worse for wear...

Amazon Pet Supplies Sample Box: A fabulous box of products for dogs.

The products inside were entirely fine and undamaged though. Let's have a look shall we?

Amazon Pet Supplies Sample Box: A fabulous box of products for dogs - contents.

I was genuinely surprised at how many items were included.  Jade was excited when we opened the box, I'd told her it was for her 😊

Contents of the Amazon Pet Supplies Sample Box: A fabulous box of products for dogs.

As you can see honeys, for less than £10 there are a lot of goodies inside.  Let's have a closer look at each product individually shall we?

Amazon Pet Supplies Sample Box: A fabulous box of products for dogs. Contents details...

Amazon Pet Supplies Sample Box 


1. The Dog Deli: Tasty Chicken Skewers (100g)  Usually sold in packs of five - details here.  Jade adored these! They were an instant hit.  They looked a little like feather shaped lollies (chicken) on a rawhide stick. There are 5 "lollies" to a pack. 

2. Natural Nosh Duck Fillets (80g) Details found here. Another hit with Jade. Lots of small strips of duck fillets.  Made with real meat, it says on the packaging, low in fat, high in protein and no colourants.  This product perfectly illustrates the value of this sample box I think since this pack of treats retails at £4.99 on it's own.

3. Forthglade Turkey, Sweet Potato & Vegetables (395g) Details found here.  Sold in packs of 7 trays.  This is a 100% complete, grain free meal. Jade hasn't tried this yet but I'm impressed by the fact that it's made entirely from natural products and (says the packaging) is nutritionally balanced, with added omega 3 oils, vitamins, minerals and prebiotics.  

Jade eats dry food (Vet's Kitchen) but if she likes this, I may order it now and again as a treat for her. At £12.18 for a pack of 7 (or £1.74 each tray) it's not too expensive for a quality product that doesn't contain anything to upset our baby's tummy. It's also available in salmon, chicken, duck, lamb and a "special edition" version of lamb with spring vegetables & mint.  So there is lots of choice too.

4. Petface Farmyard Buddies Crinkle Flat Pig - Details can be found here.  This was the first item Jade spotted and I think it was love at first sight 😊  It's a soft, furry, pink (and very flat) pig soft toy.  Jade has countless toys - seriously, she has so many stuffies. She never damages them and has toys dating back to when she was a puppy, but this is her first actual "flat" toy I think.  It makes a sort of crinkley noise when moved and also contains a squeaky thing inside too.  Jade loves it and even took it up to bed with her.  It's a hit 😊

5. Animology Fox Poo Shampoo (3 x 25ml sachets) Details of full size product here.  I feel blessed that Jade doesn't feel the need to roll in anything much less fox poo honeys.  I know it's natural for furbabies to do this sometimes but Jade doesn't even like to get her feet dirty when out walkies, bless her.  This shampoo is designed to remove anything sticky or slimy that furbabies may have rolled in and includes provitamin B5, has a built in conditioner and is PH balanced.

6. Perfect Fit Complete Dry Food Rich in Chicken (2 x 50g samples) Details of full size product here.  Another product Jade has tried and loved 😊  She munched away happily on the little, dry kibble like pieces.  Like Jade's Vet's Kitchen, this dry food has been developed by Vets and nutrionists but I'm not about to swap our baby from her regular food.  I know there is absolutely no artifical ingredients in it and we tried so many foods until we found one she has since thrived on.  She did like this kibble though so maybe it might do as a treat as opposed to being her main food.

7. Rosewoods Leaps & Bounds Dog Safe Chocolate (100g bar) Details can be found here.  Jade happily nibbled on a couple of pieces of this chocolate.  It's supplied in a large 100g bar so would last furbabies a couple of days I would think.  The wrapper is adorable, although Hubby said it's aimed at furbaby parents not furbabies themselves and I suppose he's right 😊 

Amazon sells this product in cases of 18 bars.  I can't even imagine how long it would take for Jade to work her way through 18 bars of chocolate.  According to the wrapper, furbabies should be feed 3-5 pieces per day depending on the size of dog.  There are 24 pieces per bar so 18 bars would take some serious furbaby munching 😊 It's important to say though honeys that furbabies should never be fed human chocolate, never.

8. Nose 2 Tail Venison canned food (1 can 400g) Details can be found here. Jade hasn't tried this yet so I can't say whether it passes the Jade nummy test or not.  According to the ingredients list on the label, the can contains 59% freshly prepared venison as well as carrots, peas, apple, swede, parsnip, pumpkin, seaweed, fish oil, sunflower oil, vitamins & minerals.    

The labels also says this food is gluten free, grain free, there is no soya or wheat, no GMOs, no fillers or jellies, no meal or derivatives, no artificial colours and no additives.  From the label this seems like a very impressive product honeys but we'll see if it passes the Jadey taste test 😊

9. Iams Naturally - New Zealand Lamb & Rice (800g) Details can be found here. Jade hasn't tried this version, although she did eat Iams when younger.  It's another dried dog food and says it is high in fibre and also contains protein, vitamin E and omega 3 & 6.

This does sound like another good quality product.  As I said though, we're not about to change Jade from her Vet's Kitchen but this might make a change for her.

10. Lily's Kitchen Organic Chicken Supper with carrots & peas (1 x foil tray 150g) Details can be found here.  Jade isn't normally fed "wet" dog food. As I've said it took us a while to find the "right" food for her, one that makes her fur lovely and soft and she just thrives on.  We do cook chicken breast for her a couple of times a week as a good source of protein.

This product is sealed in a little foil tray and is organic.  We'll see if it too passes the Jade test 😊

11. Earth Rated Lease Dispenser For Dog Waste Bags & 15 lavender scented, bio-degradable bags Details can be found here.  Isn't this a great idea honeys?  Jade's bags are usually kept in a pocket so having a little "pod" that can hang on her lead or even from a belt is such a practical idea.  Refills of the rolls of bags inside the little pod can be found on Amazon too.  This is a very cool and very useful little product.

So, there we have it dear ones, 11 different products for furbabies to try all for £9.99, the buyer then receives a promotional credit which is applied to their Amazon account to be spent on their next purchase from the Pet Supplies category.

Essentially, we bought this sample box for Jade paid £9.99 for it, Jade gets to try lots of lovely new things and we then have a £9.99 credit to spend on our next purchase from the Pet Supplies department.  A chance to buy any of the products Jade particularly liked from the box or anything else.  It really is a win win honeys I think.

If you're interested in trying the Pet Supplies Sample Box for your furbaby you can find the sample box here in UK   I think (although I'm not sure so it's worth checking) that you have to be a member of Prime? I tried to find the sample box on the other Amazons but couldn't I'm afraid honeys, neither could I find a Kitty version.  I wonder if they're trialing the dog version to see how much interest there is?

If you find it listed as unavailable, I would just check back again later.  It's been doing that, then appearing as in stock again a couple of times a day for the past few days.  So clearly it's a very popular idea and I'm hoping they'll add more sample boxes to the range.

For humans there is also a Sports Nutrition Sample Box (details here) and a Supplement Sample Box (which includes a shaker bottle - details here).   

It will be exciting to see what other sample box ideas Amazon might come up with in the future honeys.  This is such a great idea, allowing a customer to try new products with the original cost of the selection being refunded when a purchase is made.  I'll be keeping my eyes open for any other boxes.

Have you tried the Pet Supplies Sample Box for your furbabies honeys?  Have you discovered any other interesting sample boxes I haven't spotted yet? 

Till next time dear ones, smiles lots, hug even more and always remember to hug your furbaby 😊 Huggles always xx

Our much loved furbaby Jade :)

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