Thursday, 11 May 2017

Disaster Among The Peonies!

Hello Honeys,
It would seem the old saying "pride comes before a fall" might well have some truth to it.  Do you remember I was recently waffling on about our much loved peony roses?

This year, for the first time ever, we have seven special rose buds appear!  The most we normally have is three so I couldn't believe my eyes.  I was so happy, so proud.... aha! There's that pesky pride.

So, I've been keeping a close eye on them, feeding and watering them, moved them up onto a higher point in the garden so they could soak in the most sunshine, which let's face it is rare enough in Scotland so I wanted them to have the best of it while it lasted.

Then dear ones, it happened!

Disaster! A squirrel attacks our peonies!

You know I've spent many a happy time in our kitchen watching the odd visiting squirrel frolic in our garden, run along the top of the fence and up and into the nearby trees.  I'm a huge squirrel fan actually.

I stand up for the wee furry critters all the time.  I hang wee bags of peanuts in our garden on the apple tree when food gets scarce in winter time.  Then this happens...

Our beautiful peonies attacked

It's even painful to look at these photos!  I've been custodian of these gorgeous peonies for over 15 years.  They belonged originally to someone I loved dearly.  When they bloom every years it's as if I have her back again.

One complete peony rose bud gone and another partially eaten

As you can see the wee furry rose nibbler had eaten one complete rose bud and had nearly decimated another.
Holes dug in the peonies large planter and stalks pushed aside

Inside the peonies huge planter itself there have been three holes dug and the stalks of the peonies have been pushed aside too.

How do I know a squirrel is responsible I hear you ask honeys.  Well, I did have my doubts.  We've lived here for quite a few years without any trouble from our furry garden visitors but not for nothing did I watch all of those episodes of CSI 😊

The digging in the planter is a dead giveaway.  They do dig quite a bit.  I've always thought it adorable that they dig and hide peanuts in our back garden.  I didn't even mind about out lawn.

Live and let live is our motto.  The final clue though was, I'm not sure how to put this politely.  There was evidence of squirrel poop on top of our mini shed right by the scene of the crime.  Ewww! Talk about adding insult to injury!

All of this happened, of course, just as the first peony of the year was beginning to bloom...

Pride comes before a fall indeed! The peonies were squirrel attacked just as the first beautiful rose had begun to bloom

I will never tire of watching these gorgeous flowers bloom honeys.  Not if I had a hundred lifetimes.

As it turns out, nature doesn't give up too easily.  Two days after the squirrel nibble took place look what's happened to the munched on peony bud...

Two days later - The partially eaten peony continues to bloom! Take that squirrel!

Yep, it carried right on blooming anyway!

I read something on Pinterest a while ago that said the strongest, the most beautiful people in life are ones who have been hurt the most. They carry on and hold their heads high.  I remember thinking how true that was.  When I saw this dear little peony blooming outside this morning I was reminded of that quote.  Maybe nature doesn't give up so easily after all.
Peony has the last laugh and blooms beautifully anyway

I think this partially munched on little peony is every bit as beautiful as her perfect friend on the other side of the planter.  Don't you agree honeys?

All's well that ends well.  As you can see there are still four more rosebuds waiting to bloom.

OK, so we were blessed with seven peonies this year, one has been eaten by a furry visitor, so that's gone. Two are blooming beautifully, one especially so 💗  That leaves four more peonies still waiting to blossom... if the squirrel lets them.  

I watched all day yesterday, guarding over them, and there have been no sightings today either <touch wood> so I'm praying that this has been a one off and that our beloved peonies might be left in peace now.  It really is unheard of for this to happen in our garden.  It has literally never happened before.  Very odd.  I'm thinking more counting my blessings and less pride might be a good thing.

What's been happening with you this week honeys?  Hopefully no garden, or any other, mishaps.  I hope you've been lucky enough to see all of the gorgeous sunshine all this week, it's been wonderful.

Whatever you're doing today dear ones, have fun, smile lots and never, ever, pass up a chance to share a hug 😊  Huggles always xx

Huggles Always, Rosie xx

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