Friday, 28 April 2017

Sunshine & Roses...

Hi Honeys
I hope you've had a fabulous week and you're looking forward to the weekend.  It's a bank holiday here on Monday which means Hubby gets a day off work 😃

We're hoping to either, depending on the weather of course, work on some organizing projects upstairs or if it's actually not raining outside maybe make a start on garden work.  We have seeds to plant and still have plans for a little seating area outside.

Today I thought I'd share a little sort of garden related smile.  Now I say sort of garden related because technically they still live on the windowsill of our kitchen, where they've lived since a very dear friend bought them for me at Christmas (thank you Karen, I love them x)

They will though eventually, I'm hoping, join the other roses in our tiny front garden outside.

Sunshine & Roses - an update on the tiny miniature roses from Christmas

Do you remember the tiny, perfect, miniature roses honeys?  They looked like this....

Perfect Christmas Miniature Roses...

For the past four months they've lived, and still do, on our kitchen window ledge being watered and cared for.  Of course along the way I had to re-pot them again into a much larger planter and now, again I'll have to re-home them because they're growing out of the larger planter too!

You won't believe how that tiny pot of perfect miniature roses has grown honeys...

Miniature Roses Flourishing In The Sunshine

Hiding amongst all of that vibrant green foliage are presently five tiny, perfect roses in different stages of development.  The above photo was taken yesterday in the garden.

In the background you can see our lovely blueberry shrub, already growing happily in the mixture of sunshine and Scottish rain, more of the latter I'm afraid but the gardens don't seem to mind😊

For the past two weeks or so I've been taking our tiny roses outside during the day to let them soak up what little sunshine is available and to benefit from the rain, bringing them back indoors at night when the temperature drops.

To give you a better look at the roses I moved them in front of the back fence, the one Hubby worked so hard on building last summer.

I'm so pleased at how this little plant is growing honeys.  There's just so much foliage and it really does seem to need a bigger home to continue growing into.

There are, as I said, five mini roses I've spotted so far. Can you see them?

Perfect Miniature Roses Growing In The Scottish Sunshine & Showers

There are two which are immediately visible.  One on each side of the planter.  One perfect miniature rose on the left hand side of the photo and another, about to bloom on the right hand side.

The other three roses are much smaller and only starting to appear but if you look closely...

Tiny, Perfect, Miniature Roses Growing

Before bringing the planter back inside yesterday evening I snapped a photo of the first, perfect rose of Spring from this much loved little plant...

First Perfect Miniature Rose Of Spring...

Isn't it perfect honeys?  You can see it's starting to grow tiny thorns and the pink is slightly darker without yesterday afternoons dazzling sunshine.  

Even looking at these photos is making me smile 😊 I hope they're making you smile too dear ones x

What do you have planned this weekend honeys?  I know for sure that I'll be re-potting these darling wee roses into their much larger planter to give them room to stretch out and grow some more 😊

Whatever you're doing this weekend dear ones, have fun, smile lots and hug even more.  Till next time, huggles always xx

Huggles Always Honeys xx 

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