Friday, 27 May 2016

Why It's So Important To Regularly Check Your Blog's Settings..

Hi Honeys
Could I just start this post by saying aaarrrrrggggg!  Thank you, I feel a little better now :)  I am as big a twit as has ever been created.  If there was a league table for foolish people I'd hold the top three positions in it.  If you look up idiot in the dictionary you'll probably find a photo of me.  In short dear ones, I am an eejit and a complete and total one at that!
My embarrassing blogging boo boo & how NOT to repeat it
You might have read a recent post where I was very excited about having joined instagram? I had been forced to buy a new phone because my much loved little Nokia had become so unreliable. To be fair it is almost ten years old which isn't half bad for a little phone.  

Having gotten this new phone, which is worlds away from my Nokia, whose primary function was to make calls and act as a mobile photo album so I could always have furbaby smiles with me :) Yep, that's it.  I didn't send texts or anything else. It was a phone.
All change!
This new gadget does all kinds of cool things. I have a feeling I'll never know all of them because technology scares me more than a bit :) However, what it has done so far is to highlight a glaring, we're talking huge here, error in my blog's settings which would appear to have existed for the whole time I've been blogging... over two years!

Like I said earlier honeys, aaaarrrrrrrgggggg!!  Oddly enough, having discovered this error of epic proportions, it literally only took me minutes to fix it! OK, embarrassing though it is (and it so is!) I'll share in the hopes it will help prevent anyone else feeling as daft as I feel right now :)

Back to the beginning then.  Having removed my new phone from it's box and gone through all of the steps involved in making it actually work such as inserting the sim, battery and navigating the tricky waters of getting the back of the phone's case back on (the latter took the longest time and was quite frustrating until I discovered I'd been trying to fit it upside down with the camera lens at the bottom rather than the top - told you honeys there is no hope for me :)

My phone is an android phone.  Setting it up to use therefore meant I had to sign in to google which I did.  Sure enough, having done that my phone was good to go.  I then downloaded the instagram app and signed up there.  Other than using instagram and calling home when I'm at work the phone has spent the rest of its time in my handbag.

Until that is I got curious as to what else I might be able to do with it other than have fun on instagram and call home.  I set about tapping icons just to see what they did and since my phone is logged into my google account one of the icons was for google mail.

I tapped the Google mail icon expecting an empty inbox, unless there was an unread "welcome to Google mail" message still waiting to be read, because I don't use google mail.  Can you guess what I found honeys?

There are how many emails?

When I started my blog I simply set up a new email address alongside my own personal email address with our broadband provider and that is the one I've used ever since.  On my blogs settings page for email it says notification of new comments will be sent to my Rosie's Cottage email address and not the google mail address.

Long story short honeys (please Rosie! the short version! :) on the upper right hand side of my blog you'll find some connect with me buttons....

<¬¬¬  This little envelope icon has been giving visitors the google mail address to email me!

Not to worry though honeys it's now been fixed :) I went into the blog's layout page, clicked on the "connect with me here" gadget and sure enough there was the google mail email address! I simply replaced it with my Rosie's Cottage email address and just like that it was fixed :)

Problem solved then honeys but what to do now with the almost 2,000 email messages still sitting in my Gmail inbox? It's really overwhelming to be honest.  I do though want to apologize to anyone who has used this little envelope icon to try to contact me and hasn't received a reply.  I'm so sorry honeys xx

So, there it is.  The connect with me buttons have been there since my blog was created and all this time I've been completely unaware that the tiny envelope was directing emails to the wrong address :/ Mostly though I chat with online friends using social media such as twitter etc so I don't email very much at all really.
Over to you honeys, make me feel better? What's the daftest thing you've ever done? blogging or otherwise?  I must be the queen of daft things :) If there is a daft way to do something, believe me I'll find it :)  Don't believe me?  Want an example?

My usual morning starts with Jade & I waving Hubby off to work, I'll maybe then have a cup of tea and then go have my shower and get dressed.  I did all of this recently only to then find I couldn't find my glasses.  I retraced my steps.  Off into the bathroom to see if I'd left them on the window ledge when I went for my shower... nope.  Aha! I must have put them down in the kitchen when I put my morning wash into the machine... nope.  They must be in their little tray on my bedside table then I thought.  Of I go upstairs to check. Nope, no sign of them.

Heading back downstairs again the phone rings. Off into the living room I go, pick up the phone and find it's Hubby calling to remind me about something that morning (to call and order my prescription from the Drs surgery I think) but while he's chatting I wander over to the sofa to sit down next to our furbaby Jade.  While Hubby and I are chatting I turn to look at my laptop and start clicking through emails - while complaining to Hubby that I can't find my glasses and have looked everywhere for them.... that was when the penny dropped!

How could I be clicking through my emails unless... my glasses were on my face! I'd been wearing them the whole time I had been looking for them! Told you honeys, I am the queen of daft :) Till next time dear ones, have a great weekend, huggles always xx  


  1. Well once James 'helpfully' deleted 2000 photos off my phone, which were linked to Google, which as Blogger is a Google service were linked to my blog. Cue 3 weeks of desperately trying to re-add photos to blog posts. Some were impossible so I had to revert them back to drafts, so don't feel too bad! Hehehe. xxx

    1. Oh Leah! all those photos!! and poor James too, he must have felt awful! OK, you win! Thank you honey you're so sweet trying to make me feel better xxx I keep saying that tech stuff hates me and nobody will listen :) It so does though! I lost my share buttons under my posts so I tried to fix them (they were through share this) it was impossible :/ (for me anyway) I've now managed to add AddThis buttons on the upper left hand side of the blog but can't seem to edit them to share the post on that page, they're just sharing the homepage :/ Arrrgggg!!! Tech stuff hates me OR I'm just too daft to understand it :/ Will try to work on it tomorrow hopefully, having to dash to work right now for a late shift. Thank you for visiting honey, it means more than I can say, huggles always xxx