Thursday, 12 May 2016

Picture Perfect Project: May: Sunshine & Fun in the Garden :)

Hi Honeys
I hope you're having fun and seeing all of this glorious sunshine too x   Jade and I have been having such fun in the garden and of course, since we don't see a whole lot of sunshine in Scotland I've been doing lots of laundry and hanging it outside to dry. Yaaay for laundry! I do so adore it :)

Well, it's the second Thursday of the month and that means it's time for the latest post in the Picture Perfect Project link up :) Yaaaaay!!

The Picture Perfect Project is a fun link up once a month whose aim is to encourage bloggers to take more photos, increase their photography skills, make their blogs look fabulous and have so much fun along the way too :)
The Picture Perfect Project May: Sunshine & Fun in the Garden
I'm enjoying this wonderful monthly link up so much honeys, what a fabulous way to get to meet lots of lovely new blogging friends and also to chart a whole year in the life of our much loved garden.

I so wish I had been blessed with a green thumb! I wish I'd been born one of those truly gifted people who can make anything grow, alas though, I've always felt as if our beautiful garden grows in spite of me and not because of me :/   Why not grab a coffee then then honeys and we'll have a look at what's been happening this past month...

Do you remember the little lavender pots we planted in March? They're really starting to own that huge planter they were popped into...
Lavender already trying to fill the huge pot it was planted inThis pretty pot of lavender will eventually sit at one side of our planned little seating area.  Central to our little seating area will, of course, be the rose bench we bought a few months ago.   The lavender planter will sit to one side of this bench and the large pot which is home to my beloved Gramma's peonies will sit to the other side. 

While snapping photos for today's post, I noticed a teeny, tiny garden inhabitant who had made a home by the lavender.  A lovely reminder of how alive our gardens are.  Warning, if you're uncomfortable around spiders you might want to look away, but he is a very tiny spider and seeing him did make me smile :)    
Tiny spider in the garden
Moving on from the lovely lavender (and it's teeny tiny guest) will you look what's happened to Gramma's peonies....
Leaves and more leaves for peonies
Can you believe how many leaves have appeared in only a few weeks honeys?  Can you remember how excited I was to see the first tiny shoots appear last month...
A look back at the peonies
This month's images of the peonies were taken today, the 12th of May, and hiding among all of those new leaves are two soon to be beautiful peony roses :) The first little chap is already quite large and is hiding on the right hand side of the plant...
The peonies begin to appear
 Meanwhile, nearer the middle of the planter and a little further down,  hides this teeny tiny fella...
Teeny tiny peony appears
It will be no time at all, especially with all of the glorious sunshine we've had this past week or so, until Gramma's beautiful peonies are waiting just outside our back door to make me smile :)

Do you remember we had to cut back our apple tree?  I was so worried we'd trimmed it too much but guess what's happened?  The most gorgeous apple blossom has appeared...
Apple Blossom appears
 Isn't it beautiful?  On one side of the tree it is still pink, as in the photograph above, but on the other side (which gets more sunshine) it looks like this...
Apple Blossom
I adore apple blossom :) 

A few years ago we planted a blueberry shrub by the back fence and this year it's off to a great start...
Blueberry shrub
It was planted because I wanted there to be a natural food source in the garden for our visiting birds and every year I look forward to late summer/early autumn and being able to stand at the kitchen window in the mornings to see them visit :)

To our teeny, tiny front garden next then honeys to check on our rose bushes...
Rose bushes in front garden
As you can see the tiny new rose bush we planted for Mother's day this year in memory of my dear Mum in law is growing well.  Mum so loved roses and I can't wait to see this little rose bush bloom or for Gramma's roses to appear again this year. They were beyond stunning last year.  You can see Gramma's roses (and download the prettiest printables too) here and also here honeys. Enjoy x

So, that's it for another month in the Picture Perfect Project dear ones. I wonder what June will bring? Will there be roses by next month? I can't wait to see and I so hope you'll come back and find out too x

Thank you for keeping me company and for sharing my wee trip around our garden. Please remember to visit the other lovely bloggers all taking part in the link up.  

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Till next time dear ones, smile lots and hug even more :) Huggles always xx
Hugs always honeys x


  1. Look at how well your flowers are doing! I love that you're taking pictures to keep track. They're going to be blooming in no time!
    Thanks for linking up with us :)

    1. Hi Elizabeth :) Thank you x I so can't wait to see the roses this year :) I loved your post yesterday! That pasta dish looked yummy and I've never really tried putting fruit into my water (just the odd slice of lemon) but I will now :) Mason is beyond adorable and how clever to retrieve his car from under the sofa by himself! Thank you for sharing your day, it looks like you two has such fun :) huggles xx

  2. Wow they sure have flourished! Can't wait to see those peonies bloom!

    1. Hi Courtney :) Thank you for visiting x I keep looking every day to see if the peonies have started to open and smile at the world yet and I was stupidly excited to find those two tiny little son to be roses :) I love your post this month! Your wee angel is just adorable playing in the rain with her umbrella :) Sending hugs xx

  3. I love your apple blossoms Rosie! They are so pretty! I don't have a green thumb either. Even succulents die on me :( so I make I buy flowers whenever I can and stick them in a vase just so there is a bit of color and nature near me :) Excited that your lavender is growing too! oxoxo

    1. Hi Heather :) Thank you honey! I so can't wait to see the lavender bloom this year and the roses of course :) I hope you're having a fabulous weekend, sending heaps of huggles dear wee friend xx