Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Do You Always Dress Your Bed?

Hi Honeys

I know lots of us are on a journey to de-clutter our lives and homes and to create a space that soothes us not stresses us.  If I asked you which room in the house could be changed the most by a single action, which would you choose? 

I would, without a doubt, say the bedroom.  I'm referring of course to making the bed :)
Do You Dress Your Bed Every Day
There are so many great reasons to make your bed in the morning.  Of all the things you can do to make your bedroom look, and feel, fabulous the easiest and fastest task is to just make the bed. 

It makes an immediate difference to the whole look of your room.  It restores calm and sees chaos on its merry way from what is after all your personal chill out space....

Our Bedrooms Should Be Calming
Our bedroom should be a refuge from the world.  By extension then it should also be as calming as we are able to make it.  I make it a rule not to have a laundry hamper in the bedroom.  Our laundry hamper is downstairs at the back door, just outside the kitchen door, so any laundry is taken immediately there and left for the laundry fairy (that would be me :) to do her stuff.  When it's washed/ironed and on a hanger again it's taken upstairs and put away in whichever wardrobe it belongs.    

That's not to say our bedroom has no "clutter."  I prefer to think of the items dotted about our bedroom as treasures though because they surely do mean the world to us.  

There are glass shelves which are home to some of (he has quite a few) Hubby's dragon collection.  He's been a huge fan of Anne McCaffrey's wonderful Dragons of Pern novels for many, many years, and so consequently, if you look hard enough, all around our home.... there be dragons!
No Clutter Does Not Mean No Loved Possessions
The wonderful Ribba picture shelf (from Ikea) above the bed is home to lots of things that make us smile.  It has recently become home to a gorgeous piece of Loki art made by a very sweet, lovely (and talented) friend.  Loki so makes me smile every morning when I see him :)  There is also a frame holding a beautiful anniversary card sent by my much loved BiL, the little globes you can see we've had for a while  The white ones at either end light up and change colour slowly. They're so beautiful and very calming to watch.  
Surround Yourself With Things You Love

The peach & pastel green globes are round decorative balls covered in faux pearls.  I saw them while shopping once and had to take them home.   The canvas above the bed is my focal point whenever I need to escape the world for a while.  It's so restful and if I stare at it long enough honeys I swear I can so easily imagine stepping into the canvas to walk down those sandy steps, sit on the beach for a while and listen to the waves.  All of my worries just melt away :) It must be so wonderful to live by the sea.

Make Your Bed A Place You Look Forward To Being At The End Of The Day
I suppose what I'm trying to say is that some items I would call clutter.  A laundry basket in our master bedroom would only make me think about doing laundry, I could not relax because I would need to find something to go wash.  Our much treasured bibelots & baubles (in moderation of course) create an atmosphere I find harmonious and soothing.   

Why Not Add A few Cushions Or A Pretty Throw
We have a couple of prints (not originals! maybe in another life :) by the wonderful Scottish artist Jack Vettriano in our bedroom, you can see "The Singing Butler sitting on the picture ledge above, again because this room is my sanctuary, how better to feel calm than to be surrounded by beauty.  I adore roses (you probably guessed that by now :) so lots of our bedding sets have roses on them, just because :)

Choose Colours & Patterns You Love
Our home has two beds in it.  A double bed in our master bedroom (a treat at the time because I'd always wanted a four poster bed since I was a very young girl, who doesn't want to feel like a princess?) and a single bed in the guest room, which doubles as our book nook

I make it my aim to always have them both dressed in pretty linens.  I need them both, in their own ways, to be a little oasis of calm and tranquillity.  One where I can sleep soundly and the other as a place I can hug our furbaby Jade and disappear into the joy of a good book.

As a constant reminder to my always rushing, too much to think about brain, I keep a cushion on our bed reminding me every day to .....

Keep Calm And Relax
We all live such busy lives and spend all day long rushing around trying to get too much done in too little time.  We all deserve our own little oasis away from the craziness the world sometimes throws at us.  How do you escape honeys?  What's your favourite way to relax and get away from the stresses of life for a while? 

Till next time dear ones, keep smiling and hug lots more than you need to, you never know how much that hug could mean to the person you share it with, love always xx


  1. Love it! < huggles > Xx

    1. Thank you honey :) heaps of huggles :) back xxx

  2. I love that picture of the beach. I could stare at it for hours. I don't make my bed. I have such awful night sweats with my Fibro I have to air the bed out every morning so I fling those covers back. ;) I do love the look of a made bed though. :) xxx

    1. Hello Leah :) Always makes me smile to see you here xxx I've been hanging about You Tube lately watching lots of wonderful relaxation videos, have you seen this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYXG9rG0Jf0 I could listen for hours! so calming and perfect to fall asleep listening to, thank you so much for visiting Leah, you're so kind, sending lots of gentle hugs xxx