Friday, 1 May 2015

Happy May Day & Apple Blossom Printable

Hi Honeys
Happy May Day! I hope wherever you are the sun is shining, the birds are singing and you're having a fabulous day :)

Happy May Day

How on earth did a third of the year fly past so fast?  It doesn't feel like any time has passed since New Years and now here we are, the garden is starting to bloom, days are longer, and (mostly) sunnier. We're officially enjoying Summer again :)

Does anyone celebrate May Day anymore I wonder? Here in the UK we have a bank holiday on Monday, so an extra day away from work for us all.  As a child though, I would always look forward to the first Sunday in May :) On that special first Sunday, I would always be given a pretty new dress. It would be worn, along with new white knee high socks and my best shoes to Sunday school.

Of course a new dress, no matter how pretty, wasn't the only thing to be excited about when May appeared. All children knew that it was almost time for Summer break from school. I can clearly remember so many wonderful summers with nothing to do but be outside in the sunshine with friends and how we filled our days.  Scooting about on our bikes, or swapping scraps, my favourites were always the cherubs on clouds and the beautiful angels with different coloured wings.  Afternoon snack was being given a paper bag with sugar in to dip stalks of raw rhubarb into, such joy :)

Of course back then, Summer seemed to last forever :) These days it seems far more fleeting.  I can remember being told that the older we get, the faster time passes.  Of course I was in my teens then and dismissed the idea as nonsense but now I'm not so sure :)

Whatever you're doing this weekend dear ones, have fun, smile lots and hug even more. Pack as many fabulous memories as you can into every single day :) I'm working over the weekend but I'll be back again on Tuesday.  Till then honeys, if you'd like a copy of the photograph I've used at the top of this post, the apple blossom on the tree in our back garden, you can download it here.  Enjoy :)
Heaps of  hugs always xx

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