Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Beauty In Nature & A Printable

Hi Honeys
I hope you're well and have had a wonderful weekend.  It was another bank holiday here in the UK.  I spent most of the holiday weekend at work, but Hubby and I did manage to spend Sunday and Monday together, just chilling at home watching TV.  It's such a joyful thing to be able to just rest for a while.

While in the garden with our furbaby Jade over the weekend I snapped a few photos and thought I'd share, in the hope they'd make you smile as they did me honeys.  

Beauty In Nature - Stop For A Minute & Breathe

The garden is starting to burst into life again now, with the apple blossom looking so pretty on the single apple tree.  Hubby planted the apple tree as a sapling almost eight years ago and last year it grew it's first apple.  We're hoping there will be more apples this year.  Imagine being able to make a lovely apple crumble using home grown apples :)
 Apple Blossom
The Peonies too are waking up from their long Winter nap. Every year I look forward to seeing them appear and every year they are more beautiful than the last with their gorgeous crimson colour petals.  These roses were a gift many years ago from a dear neighbour, now no longer with us.  I'm sure he'd be so pleased to know that every year his beautiful roses still make us smile.  

Crimson Red Peony Rose
I've included a link to a downloadable version of the above photo and you can download it here honeys.     

It's lovely to sit out there and just listen to the breeze through the trees, it calms me.  We're planning on creating a little designated seating area out in the garden, under the kitchen windows, with a bench & some planters. Yet another project added to our "to do" list :)  

What's making you smile honeys? Till next time dear ones, hugs always xx

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