Thursday, 25 December 2014

Cheap & Pretty Kitchen Linens Storage

Hi honeys
I'm sorry I've been gone so long. In addition to the usual rush of the season, extra hours at work & trying to do the every day chores, we've been doing a sort of mini renovation on our kitchen. 

Much needed and so, so long overdue, I LOVE our kitchen now. It's far more "user friendly" I have a little more storage, can't ever have enough of that in a kitchen, don't you agree? Best of all is that it just seems to "flow" now in ways that it just didn't before. I promise I'll share all in a soon to be written post :)

In addition to installing an additional worktop & cabinet, along with the neatest, coolest, most incredibly useful little trolley I've ever seen, we've set up new systems for everyday annoyances like where to store things that get used all day long & that we have lots of.  Like.... kitchen linens!

More specifically, dish (or tea) towels & dusters. We have lots of them. I use them all the time and I wanted to store them where I could easily "grab & go" and where it was equally easy to quickly put them away once washed & dried.

During a recent trip to my own little happy place :) Ikea, we bought two of the metal mesh baskets from the Algot range and the smaller of the wall uprights that they connect to.  The wall uprights are fastened to the wall and there is a huge range of attachments for them, from the mesh baskets we bought, to mirrors, shelves and hooks to hang bags, scarves etc from.

As you can see, I asked hubby to place the upright and baskets next to the end of the new worktop he fitted in the kitchen. This means my tea towels & dusters/microfiber clothes are at hand whenever I need them.

There is also enough space left on the upright for another basket, so next visit to Ikea we'll certainly pick up another, which I think I'll use to store all of my packs of anti bacterial "wet wipes."

There really is lots of space in these little baskets, they hold lots more than you'd think.  I'm now a fan & am considering buying another upright (of the larger size) for my cupboard/closet upstairs along with the attachable mirror, hooks & shelves.

Back to our kitchen :)  As you can see, I've rolled our tea towels and stood them up in the basket.  We have both cotton and microfiber towels and this makes it easier to grab the one I want.  Here is the basket with our tea towels :) 

Underneath the tea towels is our duster basket.  I so love microfiber clothes. They have so many uses. Not just as dusters, although they're certainly great for dusting, but I also use them for cleaning the mirrors and also use particular microfiber accessories for our steam cleaner.  They're so easy to keep clean too, just into the wash and dry, fold and pop back into their new home :) 

Today we're putting up the last two shelves in the kitchen :) An odd way to spend the afternoon on Christmas day but hey it's our idea of fun :) Wherever you are and whatever you're doing today dear ones, I hope you're having fun and that your day is filled with smiles, laughter and heaps of hugs :) Till next time honeys, Happy Christmas huggles xx

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