Saturday, 7 May 2016

10 Wonderful Ways To be Happy...

Hi Honeys
Following on from yesterdays post, and determined to make this weekend a smile filled one,  I thought I'd share ten wonderful ways to feel happy :)

Ten wonderful ways to be happy

Of course there are lots of ways to feel happy but here are my favourites...

1. Count your blessings:  

Family, friends & furbabies :) I like to sit, once in a while and remind myself of all of the people I'm grateful to have in my life, the places I've been (not too many I'm afraid but I appreciate the memories I have) of all of the good there has been in my life.  It's so easy to allow negative things to take the front row in our minds I think, far better to focus instead on all of the positives we're blessed to have.  Why not make your list?  It'll be far longer than you think x  

2. Take time to do things you really enjoy: 

Read a book, phone a friend you haven't spoken to in a while, sit in the garden and listen to the birds, watch videos on youtube, whatever it is, just do it. Sometimes we get so focused on pleasing everyone else that we forget to make ourselves happy too.

3. Get plenty of sleep: 

I never feel happy when I'm tired, quite the opposite! I can be like a bear with a sore head if my body battery is running on empty.  Set up a regular bedtime routine so that your body knows it's time to shut down for the night.  Having a nighttime bath or shower, followed by a warm drink such as cocoa can help.

4. Stay physically active: 

I'm not saying go run a marathon every weekend :) If you do run or go to the gym, make time to do that regularly, if you're a spoonie like me and this isn't an option, why not go for a short walk outside when it's sunny? Take your furbaby along for company.  Raining outside? put on your favourite music and boogie like no one can see you... your furbaby won't judge :)  Do what you can to stay moving honeys, it'll release lots of endorphins or happy hormones and before you know it you'll be ridiculously happy :)

5. Make sure you keep a good balance between work and your social life: 

Easier said than done I know when there are bills that need paying and long shifts have become the norm but try to plan something you can look forward to on your day off, something just for you. Plan to meet up with friends, hang out with your other half, anything that makes you smile.

6. Let go of anything you can't change:  

I'm not saying to ever give up on things just because they're difficult but if you've tried your very best, if you're being hurt by being in a toxic relationship (and this doesn't need to be a boyfriend or girlfriend issue, toxic relationships can include friends and sometimes even family) if there is some issue in your life that is having a negative affect and you have no way of changing the situation, sometimes it's best to just stop. Acknowledge that nothing can change and move on.  

You deserve happiness honeys.  You deserve not to be hurt.  Whatever the problem is, even if it's long past and you just haven't been able to get closure,  why not talk it over with someone you trust? A close friend will listen and talking can help. A problem shared is a problem halved as the saying goes and I've always found this to be true.  Seriously though, if you've tried your very best, draw a line under it and leave it in the past. Don't drag grievances and past hurts around behind you, the person who hurt you won't care and you're only hurting yourself.  Don't give up a moment of future happiness for past pains honeys, you're worth so much more than that x

7. Try new things: 

Check out your local Community Centre and see what activities they run or look online for Meet Up groups where you'll find like-minded folks. There are groups for all sorts of interests always looking for new members.  Why not learn how to paint, join a book club, learn how to make pottery, go hill walking.  There are countless options, why not find something you've never tried before? You might find your new passion or at least make some lovely new friends.

8. Why not volunteer? 

This is such a wonderful way to help your community, to make new friends and to find lots of smiles along the way too.  There are always local groups looking for helpers.  You can find local opportunities by asking around in your area or by looking online at who match people to non profit organizations.

9. Sing: 

Has your favourite song ever come on the radio and you've sung along? How good did that feel?  Why not gather some friends and go sing karaoke, take singing lessons or sing in the shower :) When I'm doing household chores I put on some favourite tunes and I sing my heart out. Time passes and before you know it the jobs are all done and you've been smiling till your face aches :) Housework won't even feel like work any more :)

10. Smile lots and hug even more: 

Yep, Smiling is a real win win!  You feel happier, everyone around you will feel happier and never, ever let an opportunity to hug someone pass you by :) You'll never know how much a hug can mean to someone who is having a bad day.  It can mean the whole world and you know what they say.... a hug is the perfect gift - one size fits all,  it's the only gift nobody minds having returned and the only accessories needed are smiles :)  

Over to you then honeys, how do you turn a frown upside down?  Why not share what makes you smile in the comments below?  Thank you for keeping me company and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Till next time dear ones, huggles xx

Have a fabulous weekend dear ones x


  1. Hi Rosie!!! I adore this post! I was so excited when I saw it! It cheered my day. I love lists and I love thinking about wonderful things. I really agree with you on sleep. It's amazing how a good night sleep can really re-set your brain and body for the next day. It's crazy how one bad night can wreak havoc on your whole day! I also really appreciated what you said about movement. I feel that unfortunately everyone in the U.S. (or should I say southern CA) has taken the whole movement thing to the extreme where we are obsessed with being "gym bunnies" which I find quite boring and unappealing. When I had plantar fasciitis in my feet I couldn't run anymore so I had to find other ways to move that were much more gentle. You can really harm yourself by over-exercising and that is so rarely discussed. It's not about appearance but more about getting those endorphins going like you said. :) And counting your blessings really does help to stay happy! Sometimes I just have to remember what I have and not focus on what I don't have. Thank you for this lovely list Rosie! oxoxox

    1. Hi Heather, Thank you honey! seeing your name always makes me smile :) You're so right Heather, nothing makes as much difference to how you feel as a good nights sleep does. I cope so much better with my day when I've managed to sleep. Plantar fasciitis is awful :/ I'm so sorry you had to suffer that too honey, a co-worker is dealing with it right now, bless her.

      I LOVE your latest post! Everyone should have a "calm" board. Even the task of designing and making one I'm sure can be enough to help distract the mind from all of the stresses that can so easily make our life so unpleasant. I have a mind that likes to torment me :/ Always have had, for as long as I can remember. I try to avoid upsetting things on tv, on the news, in the papers because my mind likes to play back unpleasant things like mini movies to upset me so I need to have a way of coping. Mine is a canvas we have upstairs which shows a sandy set of steps leading down to a lovely peaceful beach scene, I can stare at that canvas long enough to become lost in it :) Have a fabulous weekend dear wee friend, sending you heaps of huggles xxx