Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Rosie's Fun & Fabulous Ikea Visit Pt1

Hi Honeys
How are you today? I hope you're having a fabulous week with lots of smiles :) Do you remember I told you about the busy day Hubby, our furbaby Jade and I had on Thursday? You can read about it here.  Well honeys, part of our day out was a trip to one of my happy places... Ikea :)
Roses Fun & Fabulous Ikea Visit
As promised I took lots of photos so i could share the smiles :) I think I might have to split this post into two because even then it would be incredibly photo heavy.  OK then, shall we take a look?
 These first photos were taken in the foyer at Ikea. At the entrance, in this foyer, they always have the most beautiful displays and on Thursday their display looked like this....
Ikea Christmas themed entrance display
I absolutely adore every single part of this display :) I love the pretty ornaments in the cake stand, the lovely tray table, the red reindeer.... hmm now my first thought on seeing the wee red cutie in the photo was that he was a reindeer but on looking at him again in this image he reminds me of Julbock, the Swedish yule goat.  Which given the season, would make perfect sense :) Have you ever heard about this Swedish tradition? You can read about Yulbock the yule goat here honeys.  
If you look carefully on the floor between the tray table and the sofa you can see a pair of slipper booties :) Both Hubby & I have a pair of these and in Winter months we're both to be found watching TV wearing what we refer to as our "feet duvets" :)

I have to say these VINTER 2015 patterned slippers look quite fabulous! The ones that Hubby and I have are plain white and don't have a pattern on them.  They are really cute though and look like this.....
Ikea slipper boots
We both adore them and on really chilly nights they keep our feet lovely and warm :)

Back to our Ikea tour then :)  As always, I began my visit to Ikea by taking my trolley to the lift and going upstairs. The first display I saw on getting out of the lift was this lovely craft room display...
Ikea craft room display
 I absolutely adore these gorgeous chrome shelving units! Simply ideal for a craft room (as they're being displayed here) but would be equally at home in a pantry/larder, in a garage or laundry room... Oh my stars! I would so love to have a laundry room honeys!  Maybe someday.....

On the top shelf of the first chrome shelf unit were two adorable paper bags each containing a teeny tiny Christmas tree...
Ikea Vinter bags with tiny trees
 On the shelf under the cute baggies is a stand designed to store bobbins of lace or ribbon (such a clever idea!) and a lovely wooden container which as you can see....
Ikea Julbock the Swedish yule goat
 was being used to store knitting :)  What's this standing on the shelf in front of the wooden container?  A teeny tiny Julbock :) He was so adorable I had to take a photo of him :)

What I love most about Ikea is walking around their beautifully organized room displays.  They are such a joy to see and sometimes act as my inspiration in our on going home organization project. This visit there were beautiful dining table arrangements....
Ikea dining room arrangement
 This table, with its crisp white tablecloth, black and white crockery and accessories is just so pretty.....
Ikea black and white dining place settings
 A less formal, but no less beautiful, is this table arrangement...
We actually have this set of oatmeal colour dishes, I've always liked them but they're our everyday dishes and I wouldn't have thought they could look this pretty on a dining room table.

Another perfect room display this visit was this gorgeous living/family room...
Ikea living or family room
 There isn't a single thing I don't love in this room! Everything is just perfect! The sofa is wonderful and the wall storage too, all that room for books :)

My next favourite room display was this bedroom...
 I love love love this! Everything from the bed (gorgeous headboard) to the dark, dark wood wardrobes, stand alone mirror and dresser to that stunning armchair you can just see at the other side of the bed.  More about this beautiful chair later honeys.

What are your thoughts about this wonderful home office?
Ikea home office
Beautiful dark wood again and the desk, bookcase and other accessories all set off that vibrant blue on the walls fabulously. It would be a joy to work in a room like this! I can so easily see myself happily working on blog posts in a room like this.

Another room I love to work in is of course the kitchen but our kitchen (much as I adore it) looks nothing like these.  First this stunning kitchen with the black cabinets, offset perfectly by the lovely wooden worktop. The mosaic tiles work so well too.....
Ikea black kitchen cabinets with wooden worktops
 If I had to choose my absolute favourite kitchen display during this visit though it would be this gorgeous arrangement using breath taking red cabinets (with doors which fold open to reveal the washing machine) and the peninsula offering seating to eat or work at, as you can see part of the display has a laptop there.
Ikea red kitchen cabinets
The red units give this kitchen such energy.  I love that the cabinets have a high gloss finish too. Even though the doors and drawer fronts would need constant cleaning since the gloss finish would show every single finger print :) A beautiful kitchen like this though would be worth the extra cleaning :)

I have so, so much more to show you honeys, but I'll save them for another post.  I'll be back tomorrow to show some stunning pieces, including two arm chairs I fell in love with. You saw one of them in the bedroom display in this post, but wait till you see it in gorgeous sage green :) Till tomorrow honeys, stay warm and safe.  Sweet dreams and hugs always dear ones xx


  1. LMFAO at 'feet duvets'! Tee hee. My nearest Ikea is a 90 minute drive away. Waaaaah. xxx

    1. Oh no!! Why do they build their stores so far away from everyone Leah? Ours is around a half hours drive away and since we don't own a car we only manage to visit a couple of times a year. I did watch an interview with a lady on BBC though who was talking about Ikea opening smaller retail units closer to town centres to make it easier for people who struggle to find a store near enough to visit. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they go ahead with it.

      I so, so wish I could get you a pair of feet duvets! They're so warm and snuggly :) I've been so drained today it's been a struggle, I'm so grateful that I don't have any shifts at work this weekend. Please take care of you honey, keep wrapped up warm ok? Sending heaps and heaps of huggles dear wee friend xxx

  2. I love it!! I could move in to Ikea :) It's a good thing the nearest one to me is almost 2 hours in the car!! Now you have made me want to take a trip there, maybe after the holidays.

    1. Two hours Heidi? That's awful!! I so hope Ikea go ahead with their plan for smaller retail units so that we can all have a local Ikea. They must realise how popular they are? Huggles always honey xxx