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Back To The (Online) Bookstore :)

Hi honeys
As if the stack of books on my bedside table waiting to be read isn't big enough (I'm reading as fast as I can :) I've added to our home library again.  I know, I'm a bookworm :) It's a lifelong addiction though so I can't see anything changing anytime soon and I'm just fine with that :)
Back To The Online Bookstore
It's a really mixed bag this time around honeys, and we start off with two wee books chock full of smiles :)

Furbaby Tales!
You can't be here on this blog for more than a minute without seeing how much we adore our furbaby Jade :) You can't miss her, she's the cutie in the pink jacket on the sidebar :) Any furbaby Moms or Dads out there will not only chuckle happily at these two books but in the case of "Off The Leash" will no doubt, as Hubby & I did, sit nodding in recognition at the antics of the adorable dogs in Rupert Fawcett's wonderful book :)
Furbaby tales

Off The Leash by Rupert Fawcett
If you have a furbaby or have ever been lucky enough to have a furbaby in your life you'll LOVE this book :) You can find details of the book here and here.  There is an excellent Facebook page too where, if you like & follow, you'll get a new toon or two in your Facebook feed every day :)   I can't recommend this delightful wee book enough honeys, it's fabulous :)

Grrreat Scottish Dogs by Allison Mary Fitt & Bob Dewar
Joy!!  This book is a collection of Scottish celebrities portrayed as dogs :)  Sportsmen, actors, writers & comedians all get the doggy treatment, with each having their own little poem too.
Grrreat Scottish Dogs Back Cover
The actor shown in the above illustration (which is the back cover of the book) is Robbie Coltrane (or Rover Coltrane) I love how they've drawn him reading a "Hairy Potter" book referencing his role of Hagrid in the popular (in this house for sure) Potter movies :) You can find details here.

Introducing....... Graphics Guides
I love these fabulous paperbacks! They are basically an introduction to each particular topic, illustrated throughout with drawings which carry the subject matter along wonderfully. 

Graphic guides to Sarte Descartes Freuid and Aristotle
Don't be fooled into thinking that these books are in anyway "lightweight" because they are genuinely crammed with so much information.  I've read my way through two of these volumes already, they managed to skip to the front of my reading queue :) and have thoroughly enjoyed them. 

I had originally seen the volume on Sartre and had ordered it, and then Hubby, bless him, spotted the volumes on Aristotle, Descartes and Freud in a branch of The Works in town and brought them home for me (thank you sweetheart x) You can see others in this excellent series here I'm definitely planning on buying more volumes.   

Fork Handles: The Bery Vest Of Ronnie Barker

Fork Handles - Ronnie Barker
So much happiness in a paperback!  The phrase "national treasure" is bandied about a lot these days but in the case of the amazingly talented Mr Barker it's perfectly apt.  I adore him! I have since I was a child when our whole family would sit around the TV watching The Two Ronnies.   The title of this marvellous book is taken from this much loved sketch :)  

There is literally a laugh (many) on every page of this collection of some but not all of the writings of the superbly talented Ronnie Barker.  I have, since ordering this book discovered there is a complete collection available called "All I Ever Wrote: The Complete Works Of Ronnie Barker."  

Of all of the (many) roles he played on TV my own personal favourite will always be Arkwright in Open All Hours.  Now sadly passed Mr Barker will forever, in my minds eye, be standing behind the counter of Arkwright's General Store still trying to shift those fig biscuits and inspirational toilet rolls :) You can see details of this book here honeys.

1215: The Year Of Magna Carta by Danny Danziger & John Gillingham
We are of course living in the anniversary year of Magna Carta, latin for "great charter." 800 years ago, what is arguably the single most important document in English history was signed and marked by the royal seal of King John, at the insistence of the barons of medieval England.         

1215 Magna Carter

On 15 June 1215, rebel barons coerced King John into meeting them at Runnymede.  King John, who had by then been on the English throne for 16 years, was not permitted to leave again until he had attached his seal to the document which had been prepared.  This document, and its 63 clauses, freed citizens from the cruel tyranny of King John's reign, giving them rights they'd never before been entitled to and its influence is still felt today in human rights laws. 

Any student of history will have spent many happy hours exploring the ramifications of this incredibly important document but this book goes so much further.  It also takes the reader on a guided tour of the times themselves.  It describes what it was like to live in this historic year, looking at political power struggles and along the way examining social issues such as how ordinary people lived, what they ate and wore, how were they educated, how they lived, worked, and even how they died. I have a passion for history and the medieval world has always fascinated me, so I very much look forward to reading this book.

There is a fascinating page at the British Library examining the Magna Carta with lots to see, read & do which you can find here.  You can also see details of this book here honeys.  It's now sitting at the top of my little "to read" bundle on my bedside table :)

The Cranford Companion by Sue Birtwistle & Susie Conklin
Cranford Companion
Last but far from least is the BBC companion to the Cranford TV series.   For fans of the TV series which follows the lives of the residents of Elizabeth Gaskill's Cranford this is a treasure of a book.  There are gorgeous photos, production details, interviews with cast & crew members, behind the scenes photos galore and much, much more.  I plan on making a pot of tea, which I will of course drink from a bone china teacup & saucer, and curling up on the sofa with this fabulous book to relive the adventures of Miss Octavia, Miss Matty, Mrs Forrester, Miss Deborah & the other residents of Cranford. Oooooo I so wish I owned a bonnet!   You can find details of this glorious tome at Amazon honeys but at the time of writing this it's being sold for £1! here.

Well, that's my wee round up of the latest additions to our small but much loved home library.  What have you been reading recently honeys?  I'd love suggestions on what to add to my always growing "to read" list.  Till next time dear ones, I hope you've been enjoying todays sunshine, hugs always xx

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