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Huge Jane Asher Bakeware Haul!

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to write this post, I just thought I'd share my latest kitchen finds because they made me smile x

Hello honeys!
Another gorgeous glorious sunny day to be thankful for, and I so am :) Don't you feel better on sunny days? Coping with all of the aches & pains associated with a chronic illness can seem a little easier and smiles are so much easier to find. There is so much joy to be found in a sunny day :)

Last week my hubby was on hols from work and we did our big grocery shop.  Whilst shopping I made the most amazing discovery.  Our local Poundland store has a huge selection of the Jane Asher range of kitchenware/bakeware.  Joy! It's so pretty, available in the loveliest pastel shades,  and seems great quality too.

Jane Asher kitchenware range at Poundland

I thought I'd share what I managed to find.  I know it's a really silly thing to be happy about, but they really are so pretty and who doesn't want to be surrounded by prettiness while cooking & baking ๐Ÿ˜Š  What can I tell you honeys, some girls want diamonds, I'm just as happy with pretty containers for my baking ingredients :)

This collection covers everything from various baking tins, utensils, ceramic items, cooling racks, oven mitts, cake tins (to store your completed baked goods & keep them fresh) goodness the list does go on!

OK, so onto the assorted items we picked up on our recent shopping trip then honeys.  The first container I saw was this lovely transparent round one with a pretty mint green snap on lid, which is pretty huge really, it has a storage capacity of 5 litres!

Jane Asher kitchenware range at Poundland - 5 litre capacity container perfect for storing rice, cereals or pasta

These large containers would be perfect for keeping lovingly baked cookies or muffins fresh to be enjoyed at leisure.  I think I might go back and buy a few more of these containers though honeys, I really think they'd be perfect for storing cereals, rice and pasta, don't you? 

Also in the above photograph is the cutest flour sifter, perfect for a light, even covering of flour over surfaces before rolling pastry.  Reason enough to bring one home but the pretty design, with pastel shades, dainty hearts pattern and the "love to bake" motto just sold it to me. It's just downright pretty to display in the kitchen, as well as being very useful, don't you think honeys?

Jane Asher kitchenware range at Poundland - prettiest flour sifter.

Back to containers. We brought home three of these adorable storage containers sets, at only £1 per set they're a bargain.

Jane Asher kitchenware range at Poundland - set of two pretty containers with measuring spoons.

I say sets because there are, as it says on the label above, two containers in the set. Each with it's own handy measuring spoon.

Jane Asher kitchenware range at Poundland - set of two pretty containers with measuring spoons.

I'm going to transfer some of my baking goods, such as flour, cocoa, mixed fruit, mini marshmallows, icing sugar (as well as my other sugars, caster etc) yeast sachets for bread making, cornflour & other supplies into them, so I may need to go back and buy a few more of these sets too.

Speaking of baking, there was also this hand grater, available in two sizes, small and large. I selected the small one because I intend to use it to decorate the top of my cakes with slivers of grated chocolate and it will be perfect for this :)  It would also be useful for grating nutmeg.

Jane Asher kitchenware range at Poundland - pretty, pink hand grater.

Hanging next to the hand graters was another very useful little utensil, a zester.  No more using a grater to zest my lemons now I have an actual zester honeys, yaaaay!! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Jane Asher kitchenware range at Poundland - pretty, pink zester.

I haven't had a zester for some time, always meant to get around to buying a replacement for the one I did have but never got around to it, so I'm very pleased to have found this one. It has a large, sturdy, very grip-friendly handle, wonderful for those like me who have less than perfect dexterity in their hands.  I'm planning, when not so busy, to celebrate this purchase by using it to help me make some home made Lemon curd, yum!

Next purchase might not seem terribly exciting but they're certainly incredibly useful. 

Jane Asher kitchenware range at Poundland - cake tin circles .

A pack of 40 cake tin circles, to be placed into the base of round baking tins to prevent cakes from sticking to the base of the tin.  Incidentally these cake circles are designed to fit the baking tins available in-store as part of this range.

As are these two wonderful non-stick, silicone coated liner sets.  First up is this pack of 15 large cake tin liners.  I've already tried one of these liners and it was great.

Jane Asher kitchenware range at Poundland - cake tin liners.

Next is this pack of loaf tin liners.  Again they are non-stick, silicone coated and I intend to try these out when I make some banana bread soon, yummy!

Jane Asher kitchenware range at Poundland - loaf tin liners.

Still on the subject of baking, there was another utensil I've been meaning to buy for a while now, I just hadn't gotten around to it so seeing one as part of this range, at only £1, I had to bring one home. 

I'm looking forward to using this palette knife next time I have icing to do but it has so many other uses.

Jane Asher kitchenware range at Poundland - palette knife for perfectly smooth icing.

As you'll know honeys, a palette knife is usually used to evenly spread icing or frosting onto baked goods but it can also be used to spread filling evenly across the bottom section of a Victoria Sponge or even be used as a spatula for all kinds of mixing, slicing & lifting tasks.  Again, as with all of this range, great handles, ensuring a firm grip on the utensils even with sticky, damp or in my case arthritic hands.

Have you made cake pops yet honeys? It's been a craze for a while now and a friend is so talented at designing & making them. Her creations really are incredible.  I haven't tried to make them yet, and who knows what mine will look like ๐Ÿ˜Š

Pretty cake pops set from Home Bargains.

I bought this little cake pop set recently from a local Home Bargains store for £2.99 so a bargain really and I'll keep you posted on how my pop cakes turn out whenever I get around to making them ๐Ÿ˜Š

There is a 6 cake pop silicone baking tray available from this Jane Asher range, but since we had this one I didn't buy it.  Now the reason I mentioned pop cakes is because my next Poundland purchase from the Jane Asher range is this.......

Jane Asher kitchenware range at Poundland - A stand designed to be a home to freshly baked pop cakes while they cool or to allow them to set after decorating.

I was rather stumped to be honest as to what this item is, and how it's used, till I read the packaging.  Then all became clear honeys! It's a stand, a useful place to sit your baked pop cakes (on their sticks) to cool and also to allow icing etc to dry/set once decorated ๐Ÿ˜Š

So, honeys, that brings me onto the last of my purchases and I think I've saved the best till last. I so love this set! It's pretty, very dainty and very genteel. Something that belongs in a past age, rather like myself ๐Ÿ˜Š  

Jane Asher kitchenware range at Poundland - A cake slice set with a beautiful silver cake slice and six dainty forks.

It's a cake serving set, made up of a very elegant cake slice and six beautiful, dainty little cake forks to enjoy your latest baking masterpiece with, while drinking your afternoon tea with friends ๐Ÿ˜

Each item in the Jane Asher range has packaging which gives very useful tips and most of them also have a recipe printed on them, so don't throw away your wrapping honeys!

So, over to you dear ones. Have you used any of the Jane Asher range? If so, what are your favourites? I intend to have another look when next shopping, since there is a cookbook advertised but so far we haven't been able to find a copy. My husband has checked all of the nearby branches and it's not to be found, which is a shame really. I'm always looking for new recipes to try.

I hope you're enjoying the weather, and that it's lovely & sunny where you are too. Thank you for visiting, do say hello in the comments section below. Have a fabulous week, sending you heaps of hugs xx

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