Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Puff Pastry Pizza! Easiest, Fastest Pizza Recipe ever!

Hi Honeys,
Does anyone not love pizza? What could be more fun than a night in with friends or with your other half (why not plan a date night?) pizza & a great movie to watch?

Much as I love making home made pizza dough, and I do :) This is a fun, and fast, way to rustle up some fabulous pizza in no time at all, allowing extra pampering time for yourself - remember that date night idea?

OK, so let's get started :)


1 Pkt of ready made puff pastry
1 tin/or carton of chopped tomatoes
2-3 fresh tomatoes
1 ball of mozzarella cheese
I packet of Boursin Garlic & Herb Cheese Portions (optional)
Grated Cheddar Cheese for topping


1. Roll out your puff pastry (or use a pack of ready rolled out sheets?)

2. Grease your baking tray, or line with baking parchment & oil that.

3. Open your chopped tomatoes and drain using a sieve, aim is to remove as much juice as you can, this prevents your pastry from going all soggy.

4. Spread your now drained tomatoes over your pastry base, don't worry if it doesn't cover it all, we have our other toppings to add.

5. Begin layering your toppings :) Start by slicing your fresh tomatoes thinly, if you have one, a mandolin does this well, but be careful of your fingers! I had a dreadful cut with mine once - taught me not to talk to hubby while using it!

6. Lay an even layer of thinly sliced tomatoes on your pastry base.

7. Roughly chop your mozzarella cheese ball in smallish pieces and scatter evenly over your base on top of the two layers of tomato.

8. Optional This is where I used 3 cubes of the Boursin garlic & herb cheese just because we love it :) As with the mozzarella chop into smallish pieces and scatter across the top.

Note: Usually I'd use some chopped basil but I had the Boursin in the fridge, as I said we love it & I love kitchen experiments :)

By now your pastry base should look something like this.....

9. Scatter your grated cheddar (or substitute your own favourite cheese as topping, I've used Red Leicester occasionally too) across the other toppings.

10. Pop into the oven, middle shelf on medium setting (approx. 160 degrees C/320 degrees F) for around 15 minutes till your puff pastry has risen and your cheese looks "done" :)
Mine looked like this.....

It was delicious! So, now over to you honeys. This was a very basic tomato & cheese version but there are countless variations. Why not experiment with mixing & matching different toppings till you find your favourite :) The pastry is much crumblier than regular pizza dough so remember plates :)

I sometimes cook bacon till crispy on a cookie sheet (lined with baking paper) in the oven and use that as a topping. As I've said when making a cheese & tomato pizza, I'd normally add chopped basil. Onions, mushrooms & peppers are great toppings too :)

I'd love to hear your favourite pizza toppings, do share in the comments section below?  Thank you for visiting, I hope you're having a fabulous day & send heaps of hugs xx

UPDATE: I thought I'd share a photo of our puff pastry pizza made just as above, except to this one I added sliced mushrooms & sliced mixed peppers both cooked for a few minutes in olive oil, and a layer of crispy bacon, cooked on a cookie sheet in the oven till crispy and then cut into small pieces. Then as before your layers of cheese.  It looks like this.....

and tastes beyond delicious :) Don't like mushrooms? or maybe peppers aren't your thing? doesn't matter honeys, leave them out, add what you love :) Enjoy! hugs xx

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