Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Fresh Snowfall, Feeling Calm & A Happy Furbaby...

Hi Honeys,
We had a fresh fall of snow yesterday and it was so beautiful I wanted to capture it before the never far away rain arrived and washed it all away.

So, I grabbed my camera and out into the garden I went with our furbaby Jade...

Fresh snowfall, a serene garden and a very happy furbaby

I do adore our little garden.  I still miss our gorgeous sycamore trees since the local council cut them all back.  They hid the view of that large ugly metal fence in the lane behind our garden, but more than that honeys they gave our beloved garden the feel of a secluded little space where I could escape the world when life got overwhelming.

In the Spring we're hoping, when the always unpredictable weather allows of course, to create a little seating area.  We were hoping to do it last year but with what must have been one of the wettest years ever it just wasn't possible.

Do you remember the beautiful bench Hubby bought for me a while ago?  Almost two years ago in fact.  It's still in it's box waiting to be assembled and take pride of place in the garden.  I can't believe the weather has been so dreadful for so long.  Maybe this year we'll be surprised by mother nature with an actual summer 😊

Rose bench - A gift from Hubby and soon to be part of our little garden seating area.

As you can see, it has a wrought iron fretwork design of roses on the back rest. I can't wait to see it as the centre piece of our little seating area and to be able to sit out in the garden, watching lots of lovely laundry floating around in the breeze 😊

For now though, we have snow and, as I said, I wanted to capture how beautiful the garden looked before our almost inevitable rainy lead up to Spring begins.  Let's have a look shall we?

Another snowfall brought a beautiful sense of calm to the garden.

I often joke that I'd like to hibernate from October till late March, waking up just in time to be able to (with a huge amount of luck) peg out laundry in the fresh spring air but if I did that I would miss sights like this.

The garden looked so beautiful with its light covering of freshly fallen snow.  Almost as if someone had gently drifted giant sieves full of icing sugar everywhere.  We're blessed to live in a very quiet street and the absolute silence (it was early afternoon so most of the houses around us would have been empty with almost everyone being at work or school) combined with the snow gave such a feeling of calmness.  Such perfect serenity honeys.

While I snapped photographs our furbaby Jade went for a wander around her garden perfectly mystified about the strange white stuff that gathered around her ankles as she walked through it and stuck to her nose when she sniffed the ground 😊

Our furbaby Jade had such fun investigating her garden in the snow.

Jade searched high and low but there wasn't a sign of the squirrel visitors she usually tries to convince to be her play pals. She adores the squirrels but they refuse to come down from the fence or the trees to play with her. 

She is equally fond of the ducks who swim around happily on the local canal, who she visits on her walks with her Dad.  They never want to play either but she does get excited, wagging her tail as she watches her Daddy feed them and occasionally dipping a paw onto the water to test it to see if she can run to them.  Our sweet baby has yet to meet anyone she doesn't want to make friends with, bless her 😊

Our furbaby Jade searches for her visiting squirrel friends without luck.

Do you remember the first sighting of what will become our beautiful peony roses late last week honeys? 

Our beautiful peony roses start to push through the earth looking for sunlight to help them grow.

The huge planter (on the chair in the image below) where they live is now covered in snow.

The peony roses, only just starting to appear, have been covered in the fresh snow.

This snow won't last long I know but in case it comes back I've been researching things I can gently cover these precious peonies with to protect them from frost.  From what I've read it seems many gardeners will use a "frost blanket." a special kind of sheeting, but I've also read that others will protect the shoots by covering them with a smaller plant pot which acts as a small "house" for the shoots until the frost has passed. 

I'm going to have to research this a little further because it's still January honeys and I don't want to be caught unawares again.  These particular peonies really do mean a great deal to me and have made me smile every spring for too many years to be lost to frost. 

Our beautiful peonies make me smile every year...

I know that, almost certainly, given how our Scottish weather has been behaving for several years now, this gorgeous snowfall won't last but at least I've been able to capture it, to look back on. 

The snow, along with it's friends the bitterly cold winter breezes and deathly dangerous underfoot sheets of ice covering all of the pavements and roads, all joined forces to make getting to and home from work over the weekend less than pleasant it has to be said.   

Even with scary times trying to walk on icy pavements with a cane and limited mobility though it simply can't be denied that winter snow certainly is beautiful to look at ❆❄⛄  Especially when you're able to stay home and sip a lovely cup of hot chocolate from the safety of a warm kitchen.  If you really are forced to go out and actually try to get somewhere, well in that case maybe not so much ⛄   

Spring will be here soon and the garden will burst into life again.

Even looking at these photos makes me smile.  Our tiny garden does look so pretty. I can't wait till it wakes up from its long nap, yawns, stretches and bursts into colour again. 

How do you feel about the snow honeys?  Are you a fan?  Are you a winter person? Which season is your favourite? Whatever you're doing, please remember to wrap up warm if you're out and about.  Till next time dear ones, huggles always xx

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