Friday, 10 November 2017

Find Your Inner designer With Polyvore

Disclosure:  I haven't been paid to promote Polyvore, I just love to create there and wanted to share x

Hi Honeys
It hasn't been the best week dear ones.  The weather is doing what it (unfortunately) does best to anyone with long term health conditions, in my case arthritis, it's torturing me.  The cold and damp are trying to twist me into a human pretzel.  It's so annoying honeys to have lots of things you want to get done but aren't able to do them because your own body simply won't allow you to.

In order to avoid being driven stir crazy by being trapped on the sofa by joint pain you simply have to find something to keep your mind occupied.  One of the ways I do that is to go create something beautiful on Polyvore 😊

Find your inner designer with Polyvore

Have you discovered Polyvore yet honeys?  It's a perfect place to go when you need to be distracted from life for a while (like when arthritis is trying to tie me in knots) or just to release your inner designer and create your own catwalk of fabulous fashion looks!

Not that Polyvore is only about fashion dear ones, you can create home interiors and designs too, you can see an example of my love of throw pillows & cushions here.  I do really, really love putting together fashion looks though.

Imagine having the biggest wardrobe/closet in the world, stocked with the very best designer labels as well as high street designs. Of course you can also add to the items if you see anything you love too.  Imagine an endless supply of items to choose from to create gorgeous looks. It really is such fun honeys.  Today I thought I'd share a few of my little creations in the hope they might make you smile 😊

Since we're still in the autumn months, technically at least although someone should tell the weather outside because it's really cold, I thought I'd share a couple of my autumn looks 😊  First up is a casual, daytime, go anywhere outfit.

Autumn Days

OK, you got me, I included owls 😊  I can't help it, they're beautiful and I love them so when I spotted these gorgeous earrings and backpack they had to be included, just had to be 😊

Autumn Days created on Polyvore by Rosies Cottage

Everything in this outfit, from the colour block cardigan to the bell sleeved satin blouse I chose to make the comfiest item we all have, a pair of jeans, that bit more special.  A comfy, casual outfit that could still feel dressy enough to go out in. 

Lunch With Friends

This one would need an actual autumn day, not the "oh my! my face is frozen!" weather we're suffering through right now 😊  I wanted to create something really pretty.  An outfit you could wear into town to have lunch in, feel good in. 

Lunch With Friends created on Polyvore by Rosies Cottage

I choose a beautiful pair of ivory Gucci culottes because I've always adored culottes.  They look like a skirt but have the freedom, and warmth, of trousers.  I made the outfit very feminine by adding a pretty navy blouse and hat, a Ralph Lauren cardigan and a Burberry handbag.  

The outfit is completed by a pair of cream flats and with leaf themed accessories including a navy leaf ring, a beautiful leaf broach and an autumn themed phone cover.  I could so see myself in this outfit honeys if I could afford the designer label prices but that's the fun part of Polyvore! It doesn't cost anything to dream 😊

An Autumn Afternoon Walk

Another, on the face of it, casual outfit made up of a pretty sweater from Miss Selfridge and a pair of  straight leg crepe trousers/pants.
An Autumn Afternoon Walk created on Polyvore by Rosies Cottage

Just by adding a gorgeous cape/wrap, a pair of boots, hat (I love, love hats!) and a beautiful bag it changes the outfit totally to something special enough to go somewhere nice in πŸ’—  I also added that leaf broach again 😊

All Set For A Glamorous Autumn

I actually put this autumn look together over four years ago and unlike the last two outfits it's far too glamorous to just sit around the house in 😊

All Set For A Glamorous Autumn created on Polyvore by Rosies Cottage

This whole outfit is made of gorgeous honeys.  From the stunning Dolce & Gabbana shift dress, Kate Spade bag, cashmere wool coat and those beautiful Manolo Blahnik pumps in black satin.  Just gorgeous!  

All That Glitters

This outfit was just fun! I'm thinking New Year's eve party with more than a hint of the 80s thrown in 😊  What?  I was around in the 1980s 😊

All That Glitters created on Polyvore by Rosies Cottage

Everything in this outfit yells fun to me from the sparkly gold dress to the gorgeous green jewellery.  To spot the designer labels in this look you'd have to look closer at the bags.  On the far left of the image is an Armani Exchange Envelope clutch bag, while at the top of the image is a Gucci studded, suede clutch and on the right hand side of the image is a Jimmy Choo sequin clutch bag.  Even seeing this photo now is making me smile honeys, as I said, fun 😊  

Red Carpet

Who doesn't love watching the red carpet arrivals at the BAFTAs, the Emmys and the Oscars every year?  I do 😊

Red Carpet created on Polyvore by Rosies Cottage

Wouldn't you love to be able to choose the outfits all of those beautiful people walking along the red carpet every year wear?   This was my attempt at putting a look together.  It started with the beautiful long blue Issa dress and with a blue dress there had to be sapphires. For perfume I choose Chanel no5 because after all, it was Marilyn Monroe's favourite perfume. Anything good enough for Marilyn is certainly good enough for my dream closet πŸ’—  

What do you think honeys?  Have I inspired you to try putting some looks together at Polyvore? Do you already have as much fun there as I do?  If so, why not share your links in the comments section?  I'd love to see your creations and I'll follow you.  

Well I have to dash to work, out into the awful weather.  Not to worry, I have scarf, mittens and my hat and today I cold proofed by adding thermals 😊  Till next time dear ones, stay warm and safe, have fun, smile lots and hug even more, huggles always x

Hugs Always Honeys, Rosie xx


Edit: As of April 2018 Polyvore is gone!  I'm beyond lost honeys.  This, along with Pinterest, was my escape from the world when things became overwhelming, when arthritis left me unable to move from the sofa without being in the most terrible pain.  This was my happy place and now it's gone.  

There was no warning, the site was bought over by a clothing company and just like that all of our sets, friends we'd followed over the years, everything just disappeared.  It's a sad day and I'm so glad now that I wrote a couple of posts on this blog and saved images of some of my sets.  It was such fun while it lasted dear ones.  


  1. Hi Rosie! I have been thinking about you and missed reading your blogs! So I hopped on your site and found you! :) This is a fun idea and I especially love the All That Glitters outfit! I’ve never had such a sparkly outfit and I keep thinking how fun it could be for New Years Eve. My bursitis in my hips and migraines have been really flared up recently which made me wonder how you were as well. I’m glad you write about chronic pain because it helps me feel less alone! It’s so hard to manage sometimes but I’m glad I’m not the only one. Take good care if you oxoxoxo

    1. Oh Heather, I'm so, so sorry honey! I can't tell you what a joy it is to see your comment but also how horrifying it is to me to know that it's been sitting here so long without my knowing :( I'm sorry Heather. I haven't been coping at all well for over a year now (maybe 18 months) and I'm afraid my poor blog has suffered. I can't bear that you've been suffering too honey and I so wish I could make it go away for you xx Spring is here now and things have to get easier dear one, they just have to. Thank you so much for visiting and I'm so sorry I hadn't seen your comment till now. I'll pop over to your blog when I'm a little bit more like myself (I'm not great company right now, last night was third sleepless night in a row and it's catching up on me.) Till then dear wee friend, take care of you, sending mountains of love and hugs always xxx