Friday, 10 February 2017

Our Latest Bargain Kitchen Smiles

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to promote any products or store,just sharing my latest smiles 😊 If you don't have a poundland it's worth looking in your nearest pound or dollar shop to see if they have these items too, chances are, they might.

Hi Honeys
It's silly what can make me smile 😊  As you'll know if you've read this blog before, with the help of my dear Hubby, I'm on a mission to declutter our home and I really do avoid buying anything that can re-clutter it.  

I spotted a couple of things recently though in our local Poundland store that just made so me smile and I just had to have them.  The fact that they were only £1each was just a bonus 😊  

Our Latest Bargain Kitchen Smiles

I'm trying to feel guilty about buying these little treats but I really can't honeys.  In total they only cost us £4 and I've been smiling every time I see them 😍  So, nope, no buyers remorse here, just smiles 😊

Let's take a look at these smile-inducing-and-actually-quite-useful items shall we?

Valentine's Day is almost upon us honeys and every store seems to be covered in hearts, roses and adorable teddy bears and our local Poundland is no different.  I immediately fell in love with these large ceramic dinner plates...

Large Ceramic Heart Shaped Dinner Plates From Poundland

I was surprised by how heavy they are. I saw them first online and I'd assumed they would be very fragile and easily broken but they are a heavy stoneware, glazed and just the prettiest thing I've seen in ages 😊

I bought two because I thought how perfect to use as a sweet way to serve a nice Valentine's Day dinner. A use once and then donate type of item I thought but they are such good quality I can imagine them being packed away and retrieved in future to be used on anniversaries or to serve my favourite heart shaped birthday cake for Hubby (made using a heart shaped Ikea silicone baking mould.)

These gorgeous plates would also be so pretty used as a candle plate, perhaps with pretty pot potturi scattered around the base of the candles?

Continuing the heart shaped theme are these adorable little ceramic dip dishes...

Heart Shaped Ceramic Dip Dishes From Poundland

So, so many uses for these pretty little dishes which are also made of a heavier than I expected stoneware ceramic.  They too are glazed and look far more expensive than they were.

They could, of course, be used to serve dips with crunchy treats such as crisps (chips for our US cousins) or a healthier option such as celery, carrot or cucumber sticks, whole radishes or baby tomatoes.

They are also the perfect size to use as ramekin dishes ideal for individual size servings of everything from deserts like creme brulee, tarts, cakes or tiny apple crumbles to more savoury items such as individual steak pies or quiches.

From a serving point of view these little dishes would look so pretty on any dinner plate surrounded by the rest of the meal such as fluffy mashed potatoes and bright colourful vegatables.

They could also be used to hold tea light candles, as a pretty soap dish in the bathroom or even on a dressing table as a home for jewellery when you take it off at night.

Our last item is perfect for a movie night at home 😊  

Plastic Popcorn Containers From Poundland

A couple of good movies or even a favourite box set and Hubby's home made popcorn πŸ˜‹  These large plastic containers are perfect for snacking through at least two movies I think and they look so adorable they'll look lovely in our kitchen when not in use.

So that's it honeys, our latest bargain finds for our kitchen.  Not expensive but have so made me smile 😊 What's been making you smile recently?  Do share in the comments section.  Have a fabulous weekend dear ones, stay warm, smile lots and hug even more 😊 Huggles always xx

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