Thursday, 12 January 2017

Why Is It Socially Unacceptable To Be A Non Alcohol Drinker?

Hi Honeys
How is your week going so far?  I'm still hugging our furbaby Jade on the sofa and coughing a lot. I'm now in week three of this cough & chest thing and to say it's annoying is an understatement.

Oddly enough I'm mostly OK in a warm room such as in our living room where there is a constant (warm) temperature.  Sudden changes though, such as Hubby stopping at the (held open) living room door on his way to the kitchen because he's remembered something he wanted to tell me about <rolls eyes> bless him, I adore him but sometimes... 😊  Well any differences in temperature seem to bring on the most terrible hacking and spluttering.

I should have been at the Doctors on Tuesday morning to have my blood pressure checked but it was so cold outside and since even opening the back door a little to let our furbaby Jade out causes my body to try to cough up a lung, I called and explained to the receptionist who said I should call back and make another appointment when I'm feeling a bit better.  Wise advice I think.

At work I've had so many people advise me to make a "hot toddy" when I get home and while I know they mean well, seeing the same expression on so many faces when I say I don't drink always gets me.

When did not drinking alcohol make a person anti social?

When did the world have a meeting and decide that it was socially unacceptable to not drink alcohol? It must have been a good while ago, this meeting, because I've faced this same incredulous expression from people most of my adult life.

At college I was lucky enough to make a group of friends who also adored hot chocolate with mini marshmallows ☕ Alcohol wasn't barred it just wasn't a major "thing" so there was never any pushing, prodding or "oh go on.... a little drink won't hurt, it'll get you in the party mood.."

I mean absolutely no offence to anyone dear ones but does my not drinking alcohol really make me queen of all the killjoys?  How does what's in my glass affect others so profoundly that it forces them to make my drinking a glass of wine, or a hot toddy,  a personal quest?

I've worked for my current employer for over ten years and have never been to a works night out, in spite of having lots of  lovely friends there. The reason?  I really don't want to be "that person" the one others feel the need to "persuade" because "well, she can't be having a good time if all she's drinking is orange juice!"

Well, yes I can enjoy myself whilst powered only by fruit juice, a can of soda/fizzy drink, a nice cup of tea or even by my beloved hot chocolate with mini marshmallows!

I don't dislike alcohol, nor others enjoyment of it.  I'm not on a quest to make the world a tee total place.  I just don't drink alcohol and would really like to be able to say so without using a hushed tone or having to see so many different versions of the same "poor you!" face looking back at me.

Am I being unreasonable honeys?  Should I just quickly change the subject whenever anyone raises the topic? 

Over to you then honeys, what are your thoughts?  How is your week going so far?  Is anything bugging you lately? Hopefully not this dreadful cough.  Till next time then, be safe, stay warm, wear extra layers till this cold snap lets us out of its grip.  Mostly though, smile lots and hug even more dear ones, 😃 huggles always xx


  1. Hacking up a lung can't be fun. I do wish you health!! I was really sick too before the holidays and finally the only thing that made a difference were some antibiotic pills from the doctor. I'm sure the benefits of hot lemon water will sufffice rather than a hot toddy for you. I think the alcohol in a hot toddy is just there to make you sleepy as rest is good and sometimes hard to get when your coughing so much. But the hot lemon water will help with congestion and a sore throat. Sometimes I think people are on a quest to have you have a drink likely because they won't feel as guilty drinking. I'd say just change the subject but you could also grill them with questions haha such as: When did you first start drinking and did you have any regrets over that experience, do you ever regret drinking, do you know someone who drinks too much, how much money on average do you spend or waste on drinking etc, etc... From what I know of you I'd venture to say grilling them would not be your approach as you really are a sweet and considerate person and they are not being by pestering you.

    1. Hi Rhonda x I'm so sorry for the lateness of my reply. I'm still coughing and generally feeling horrible although on Tuesday this week the Dr gave me antibiotics so hopefully it will ease over the next few days. I'm such a terrible patient, I dislike being ill so much, no patience for it :) I so love your idea of asking people questions right back when they quiz my not drinking :) That might work :) I do pop sliced lemon (and lime) into my water bottle sometimes but I haven't tried it in hot water. I'll try that honey thank you. I hope you're having a great week and are looking forward to the weekend, huggles always honey xxx

  2. So sorry to read you are sick. Heal up very soon..coughing so much is just exhausting not to mention hurts after a while.
    I love the non drinker
    If you can deal with me being loud i happily have a non drinker along. Safety for one..your senses are better and if needed (i usually take the train) a lift. Or someone to make sure i got home. Non drinkers are life savers

    1. Hi Yvonne x I feel like I've been turned inside out and altogether icky :/ It will pass it always does. I was so hoping that I'd managed to skip my yearly chest infection this year but alas no. I'll be OK honey, still having my countdown to spring, only 9 weeks till clocks go forward here and it'll at least get lighter and hopefully warmer too. Bless you for making me laugh, even though it brought on another coughy fit :) totally worth it :) I wouldn't imagine I'm much use to anyone really most of the time so I'd be happy to be useful :) Hoping you're having a fab week honey & looking forward to weekend, huggles always xxx

  3. I think it's totally okay not to be a social drinker! I often assume it's for religious reasons because I think that was the reason for my grandparents/dad but also I know some who decided not to because their parent or friend was an alcoholic. And I know others who just don't think it's all that great! I like the people who can have fun without a drink! I'm sorry people stare at you when you tell them. I can't stand it when I see people being pressured to drink. When we were kids we all managed to have fun without alcohol and I sometimes think it's absurd we think we need a drink to enjoy ourselves. I'm def a "drink person" and by that I mean I love my morning coffee or tea, afternoon Italian soda, evening wine or gin tonic, and YES TO HOT CHOCOLATE. I especially love hot chocolate with shavings on top of whip cream. YUM.

    1. Hello Heather x I never really thought about alcohol until I went to collage oddly enough but was lucky enough to have made friends with a group of people who might have a drink when we went out but who never made an issue of my drinking fruit juice or maybe a diet coke. I was raised in an alcohol free house by my Gramma and it just never appealed to me. I'm really not against alcohol or anyone else's enjoyment of it I promise, its just not for me. Of course even if I did drink I couldn't now because of the medication I take for my arthritis. It really is possible to have the best time without it though and I never could bear that I might make others feel uneasy or make them have less fun because they might worry I'm not having a good time. It's been such a long time since I've gone out socially anyway so it's really not an issue anymore. Unless I'm going to work or to a doctors/hospital appointment I don't go outside anymore and the only people I see are Jade and my dear hubby. Problem solved :) I love the sound of your hot chocolate with cream and choc shavings on top and what is Italian soda? I adore Italian food so whatever Italian soda is I'm sure to love it :) Thank you so much for visiting Heather it's made my day, huggles always honey xxx