Friday, 22 January 2016

Friday Smiles: Rosie's Happy Mood Board..

Disclaimer:I haven't been paid to promote products or stores, I just wanted to share things making me smile in spite of the awful chilly weather x

Hi Honeys
It's Friday again and already we're in the third week of the new year! Time is flying past again! Before we all know it we'll be planning Christmas and wondering what happened to this year :)

It's still too cold, too dark for too long (in Scotland we have around six hours of daylight in Winter) and I don't know about you honeys but I could really use some sunshine around now.   So there are a few weeks yet till the clocks go forward again and the weather is miserable but that doesn't mean we can't find a few smiles if we look hard enough...
Friday Smiles Rosies Happy Mood Board
So, since it is Friday I thought I'd share a few smiles on a theme and the theme is one of my favourite colours which is blue...

Rosies Happy Mood Board
I had such fun yesterday honeys, gathering items that make me smile so I can share them with you :) So without further ado.....

1. Blue Glass:  Does anyone else adore blue glass? It can be found in paperweights, in stained glass windows, in beautiful vases, in all sorts of items designed to make your home look fabulous!  Of course there are many, many different variations of blue glass, all of them beautiful but my personal favourite is a stunning shade of cobalt blue.  We have many examples dotted around our home but if I could only choose one item to share with you it would be a gorgeous bottle, one of two exquisite bottles which were housewarming gifts many years ago from a dear friend (thank you Miriam, love you honey xx) These gorgeous bottles live on glass shelves in our kitchen and make me smile every time I see them because they make me think of my best friend :)    

Beautiful Glassware

2. Our Furbaby Jade :)  I'm smiling as I type this. You might have noticed from this blog that we adore our furbaby. She is genuinely the centre of our home.  I joke that she's pretty much got us trained the way she wants us :) Our little angel didn't have the best start in life and was abused by her first owner so it is our mission to make her feel as safe and as loved as we can.  A co-worker recently asked me if Jade knew she was a dog and my reply was that Jade knew she was our baby and that's all she needs to know :)  Of course our baby isn't blue (to fit the theme of my mood board) but in our lower hall there is a little blue frame with one of my favourite photographs of her....
Our Furbaby Jade
Isn't she beautiful honeys?  Forget Friday, Jade is my every day of the week smile :) Apologies to Hubby, you make me smile too sweetheart, love you xx

3. More Blue Glass :) I said I adored blue glass and I so do.  We've had these two adorable little glass fish for more years than I can remember and they are just so beautiful.  My photo isn't doing them any justice at all.  I've always kept them by a window because when the sunlight shines through them they glisten and shine like jewels. I so love these pretty little glass fish.   
Beautiful Blue Glass Fish

4. Rose Printed Wallet: I've always been a "girly girl."  I've always loved floral anything and lace and pearls and ribbons and anything else that screams I'm a girl and I make no apology for it :)  If I had to choose a favourite designer who sums me up to a tee it would be either Laura Ashley or Cath Kidston. I bought this little card wallet because it's floral (roses yaaay!) and pretty and made me think of the beautiful signature floral designs of Cath Kidston. It's not a Cath Kidston design of course but I love it anyway :)

5. Keep Calm And Snuggle Blanket: This is one of my favourite blankets honeys. It's very fluffy and soft and is so lovely and warm. It's also one of my favourite pastel colours, a soft baby blue. These heavy, velvety fleece blankets are available in all sorts of designs and colours. We have a dolphin design one in cobalt blue and a gorgeous caramel brown one with huge roses printed all over. They're not at all expensive anymore either honeys. Is there anything nicer than a snuggly soft warm blanket on a chilly Winter morning?

6. I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud: I'm so loving this book! I've now read it start to finish twice and dipped in to read individual poems countless times.  I'm starting to doubt this book will ever find a home on a bookcase, living instead permanently in my handbag :) I wrote about it here honeys.

Last and by no means least on my happy little mood board...

7. Beautiful Beach Canvas: The time I've spent staring happily at this gorgeous canvas :) I would so love to be able to step into this image, walk down those stairs and sit on the beach for a while or go for a stroll with our furbaby Jade.  This canvas hangs in our master bedroom and it calms me honeys. I adore it :)      
Beautiful Beach Canvas

Why is my mood board themed in the colour blue honeys? Because Winter has dragged on too long and I wanted to remind myself of sunny days like this...
Sunny Days & Fluffy Clouds
 There are around seven or eight weeks until we finally reach Spring.  I can't wait to see the garden start to wake up and burst into colour again honeys...
Summer Roses
What's making you smile today honeys?  Do you like to make mood boards?  Have you made your own mood board? Why not leave a link?  I hope you have a wonderful weekend dear ones, full of smiles, laughter and heaps of hugs.  Till next time, hugs always xxx

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