Thursday, 6 November 2014

Super Easy Extra Bedroom Storage

Hi honeys,
I hope everyone is staying warm in this miserable weather. I so miss summer! I've been trying to blog about our latest little organizing project for a few days now but life (and a rather nasty cough I've developed that even scares our dog, bless her) keep getting in the way.

Today though, I'm determined to share our little additional storage project, now complete and working fabulously. It's great to have a place to pop my e-reader or tablet at night and I'm already wondering how we coped without it.

Super Easy Extra Storage For The Bedroom

Do you remember the corner shelf unit we re-purposed as a desk hutch above the desk in our sitting room? You can see the post here honeys.  

As you can see, so far it's become home to some of my favourite audio books, notebooks (I have to write things down these days or I swear the thought is gone forever) and of course space to put my tablet or e-reader away safely at night.


Just as the similar unit downstairs at my desk does now, this little unit is also home to some of my treasures :) The blue book on the far right hand side is a little photo album with memories of college that are very dear to me.  There's been many a day when I've been badly in need of a smile and this little album has helped.  The tiny Avon box has the prettiest earrings inside, a gift from my beloved Mum in law. The little green Teddy bear is actually my hubby's as a nod to "his team."

I'm so happy with this little unit honeys, I really am. I know that it's contents will change, but it's making use of the space above the bed, and now that it's there, I don't know what I ever did without it :)

One important point I can't possibly stress enough though is that this little unit weighs just over 5kg (or about 11pounds) so it's vital that if you were to do this too that you use the right wall fixtures to secure it.  Check what type of wall it's being fixed to and then use rawl plus etc if needed.  It's way too heavy to be coming off the wall unexpectedly, and if fixed properly it won't. OK, nagging over, I can't help it! I worry :)

Do let me know what you think honeys, I hope you're having a fabulous week. Whatever you're planning over the weekend just stay warm ok?  Till next time dear ones, sending heaps of hugs xx


  1. That looks so good Rosie. I'd be nervous of having a shelf over my bed though, so it's a good job I'm crap at DIY! xx

    1. I have to admit that I was really nervous about having anything over my head too :) Hubby set about doing everything except welding the wee unit to the wall though (or so he tells me lol) He used rawl plugs and the biggest screws ever so I'm hopeful it will stay put :)

      You're going to be on the radio! How exciting! If you get a chance to, it would be great if you could upload a podcast? I'd love to hear it. Thank you so much for visiting Leah, have a fabulous weekend, sending heaps of hugs honey xx