Thursday, 20 July 2017

Sofa Days & Box Set Faves...

Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to promote any DVDs or products, just sharing what I've been watching recently x

Hi Honeys
I've been having a few sofa days recently... fellow spoonies will understand (be well, dear ones x) I feel as though, health wise, I've been on a roller coaster for months now with the ever present pain of arthritis almost bearable at times to days when pain is so awful I have to hold onto the walls to get around in our home.  On horrible days such as those, when I feel trapped on the sofa, I'm so glad I have favourite dvds to keep me company till Hubby gets home from work.  Today I thought I'd share a few of my recent box set viewing binges...

Some DVD box set suggestions for when you just need a sofa day...

OK, imagine you finally have a day to yourself and have decided you're going to stay home and practice your "being an awesome hermit" skills (I'm an amazing hermit!)  You have snacks to munch on,  pillows for comfort and your furbaby for cuddly company 😊  what better way to relax and unwind than to settle on the sofa with a good box set to watch?

Onwards then to a list of what I've been watching recently and would highly recommend...

Kath & Kim

If you haven't ever watched this fabulous Australian comedy you've missed something wonderful honeys 😍  I've recently watched this box set, which has series 1-3, all the way through over two very late (sleepless) nights...
Some DVD box set suggestions for when you just need a sofa day... Kath & Kim.

There are 24 episodes spread across 6 discs following the lives of Kath, a happy "empty nester" and mum to spoilt, self-absorbed, grown up daughter Kim.  Added to the mix are Kath's soon to be husband (with a few bumps along the way) Kel, Kim's long suffering husband Brett, Kim's sport obsessed, unlucky in love, friend Sharon and of course the other love of Brett's life, his dog Cujo. 

The series follows their lives and adventures in the fictional Fountain Lakes, in Melbourne.  Honestly honeys, if you have the chance to see this amazing, funny series, it's well worth taking the time.  I've finally been able to track down a copy of series 4 on DVD and I'm can't wait till it arrives 😊

You can see a short clip from you tube here:

Fantasy Island 

Hubby and I spent a few days, and a very rainy weekend, recently working our way through the first season box set of Fantasy Island.  It had been so many years since either of us had seen it so we both wondered how well it had stood the test of time.

First up, an admission.  I had such a crush on Ricardo Montalban growing up 😍  so I never missed an episode of Fantasy Island in my teens.

Some DVD box set suggestions for when you just need a sofa day... Fantasy Island.

This first season box set has the pilot, all 14 episodes and also the original feature length movie that started it all off.  Every episode is better than the one before and the guest stars honeys!  OK, this will reveal my age a little 😊 but I found myself grinning from ear to ear with happiness when stars such as Bill Bixby appeared, Leslie Nielsen, Juliet Mills, Sandra Dee.... so many familiar faces 😊

For anyone who isn't old enough to remember this fantastic, beautifully filmed, series it surrounds the mysterious paradise island of the title where, literally, your dreams can come true, no matter what they are.  The characters dreams/wishes can require the laws of time (and geography) to be suspended.  There is romance, danger, suspense.... wonderful!

Everything always works out for the best in the end but it's such fun finding out how 😊

clip via YouTube

The Munsters

Who else loved, loved, loved The Munsters? 

Some DVD box set suggestions for when you just need a sofa day...The Munsters.

I have watched this boxset (and the next on the list) so much I should have worn the discs out by now! When I get to the end, I just start over again 😊 Of course there are favourite episodes (of both series) and it's wonderful to be able to just take out a disc that guarantees a smile 😊

For anyone who hasn't seen The Munsters, it follows the adventures (and mis-adventures) of the world's whackiest family 😊  There is of course Dad, Herman, who bears more than a passing resemblance to Frankenstein's monster.. complete with bolts through the neck! Dad also has the personality of the most lovable, goofy, joker.  Mum of the family is Lily, played by the beautiful Yvonne de Carlo.  Their son Eddie is an adorable little werewolf.  Also part of the family is Lily's all too pretty & all too human niece, Marilyn.  Grandpa, played by Al Lewis, is a vampire and is referred to as "the Count." and he completes this odd but endearing little family unit.

The episodes themselves are all in black & white but you can see the un-aired pilot (which is in colour) here.  Really honeys, this is a series you simply can't get bored watching 😊  TV joy!  Which is exactly the same thing that can be said about my next suggestion...

The Addams family

There simply can't be anyone who hasn't seen at least an episode or two of this timeless, classic comedy....  

Some DVD box set suggestions for when you just need a sofa day... The Addams Family.

Here's a secret honeys.  In my teens I had very (really, very) long, jet black hair and my nickname was Morticia, I even had a black dress I adored and would shuffle around in 😊

As with The Munsters, I have watched this box set so, so many times and love it even more each time I watch 😊  The adventures of Gomez, Morticia, Uncle Fester, Mama, Pugsley and little Wednesday were all filmed in black & white of course but if you'd like to have a glimpse into the ever so technicolour world of The Addams Family sets you can have a peep here.

Of course I also love the two movie versions starring the irreplaceable Raul Julia and Angelica Houston and watch those often too 😊


What can I say about dear, sweet Adrian Monk, the "Obsessive Compulsive Detective" who happens to be a genius level homicide detective with a photographic memory and a matchless attention to detail which helps him solve cases no one else can.

Some DVD box set suggestions for when you just need a sofa day...Monk.

This is our most recent addition to our box set collection honeys and Hubby and I have reached the first disc of season seven already and it's only been around three weeks! It really is that great (and TV programming is that bad!)

I adored Monk when it was first screened but there is something to be said for being able to watch episodes one after the other in order (with no ads)... even at 3am when the rest of the house is asleep. I don't sleep more than a couple of hours a night honeys so dvds keep me company.

I've really loved watching these discs so far and to be honest I'm dreading getting to the last disc of season eight because I know the finale is the two part story where Monk finally solves his beloved wife Trudy's murder.  I'll cry my eyes out (again!) and then I'll add the boxset to a shelf and no doubt watch them all over again quite soon... and then again 😊 Monk can't re-place my beloved Columbo (who can) but he surely deserves a place on the shelf next to our Columbo boxset (a much treasured and much watched gift from my much loved brother-in-law x)

Over to you honeys.  Do you have any favourite dvds or box sets you'd recommend?  What do you watch on sofa days?  Whatever you're doing this weekend dear ones, have fun, smile lots and hug even more.  Till next time, huggles always x


  1. I LOVE The Munsters and The Addams Family. I've never heard of Monk. My fave box sets are Sons of Anarchy and Rescue Me. The latter is a drama about a fire crew set in America and starring Denis Leary. It's brilliant - everyone's dysfunctional to the max and it's sweary and rude, which of course makes me love it. Big hugs. xxx

    1. Hi Leah, I've seen some of Rescue Me and really liked it, haven't seen Sons of Anarchy but it's on my "to see" list because Mitch Pileggi is in it somewhere and I adore him :) Monk is a sort of modern take on the Columbo format although without the beyond wonderful dear Mr Falk of course. It is really, really good though, some of the stories are really clever and then when he tells you at the end how they did it it all seems so obvious :) Have you heard of Kath & Kim? It's an Australian comedy series that is beyond fab! I love, love, love it. It's about a mother and daughter and their lives and is totally worth watching :) Thank you so much for visiting Leah, sending heaps of hugs always xx