Monday, 6 March 2017

Smiles & Latest Avon Goodies

Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to promote any products, just sharing my latest goodies x

Hi Honeys
How are you today? I had such plans for today but instead I've spent most of the afternoon hugging our furbaby Jade on the sofa.  It's so cold, I swear honeys my bones feel like they're made of ice water.  I can't wait for the last chills of winter to leave.

As a distraction I thought I'd share my latest goodies from Avon, delivered last night by my lovely Avon rep...

Avon - My Latest Purchases

I really did need cheering up last night dear ones, so my order couldn't have been delivered at a better time.  Let's have a look at what arrived shall we?
First is a set of body products from the Soft Musk range...

Avon Soft Musk

There are no words for how wonderful the scent of the Soft Musk range is honeys.  I like it so much I've just hopped online today and ordered another bottle of the cologne and another body spray.

Soft Musk isn't a new product by any means but it's new to me. This is the first time I've tried it and I loved it immediately.  It's a very soft, gentle fragrance. Not overpowering as some can be.

It's a combination of rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang with subtle musk tones.  I really do think this might be my new favourite day to day scent and it's ideal to wear to work since its gorgeous, floral presence isn't at all too heavy or intense, it's there but never overwhelming.  Perfect!

This past few months I've noticed that the skin on my face and my scalp has become incredibly dry.   Seriously dry honeys, the skin on my face has even become "flaky" around my eyebrows and forehead... just eeww.  So I've been taking care to moisturise my face, which has helped a little, and I've been using an Avon shampoo made using tea tree and mint and my hair is so fluffy and soft.

In the last brochure though I spotted a shampoo, and a hair mask treatment, in the Avon Naturals range called Complete Recovery line.  

Avon Naturals - Chamomile & Aloe Vera Shampoo and Hair Mask, Planet Spa Face Mask
 A little spa treat for my hair I thought and, since the shampoo I've been using from Avon worked so well, I ordered one of each.  They are both made using chamomile and aloe vera.  I haven't tried them yet honeys but they do smell lovely.  I'm looking forward to trying them both.  

To try to address the dry, flaky skin problem on my face (again, ewww!) I thought I'd try a face mask from the Planet Spa range called Heavenly Hydration.  It's made with Mediterranean Olive Oil and again smells so nice. I'm not used to using face masks so it will be interesting to try one.

On to the final two products in my order then honeys...

Avon Care Face Cream With Royal Jelly & Colour Trend Concealer

The first is a 100ml jar of Avon Care face cream, made with royal jelly.  This cream is thicker than I had expected, it has a lovely consistency when applied to the back of my hand, it's absorbed easily into my skin and the scent is nice.

I've heard good things about royal jelly skin products so I'm hoping my flaky skin days are behind me.  I don't want to walk around looking like a little Rosie zombie with bits of my skin flaking off (again, ewwww! sorry honeys x)

The last product is a concealer from Avon's Colour Trend range.  I've tried so many concealers through the years in an attempt to look less like a panda with the huge dark circles around my eyes.  As many as I've tried, I've always gone back to Rimmel's Hide The Blemish which has always worked really well for me.

Again, testing this on the back of my hand, this concealer applies very smoothly, it doesn't drag the skin, important when applying to the delicate skin under the eyes, and the shade is good. I'll try it under my make up when I next wear any and see how it goes 😊

What about you honeys?  Are you a fan of Avon's products?  Have you tried any of these items?  If so, what did you think of them? Are you currently using any of them? Are there any other products you'd recommend?

Till next time dear ones, stay warm in the continuing chilly winds, smile lots and hugs even more, huggles always xx

Hugs Always Honeys xx


  1. This sounds like a lovely Avon order. It is always fun to try new beauty products. I like how Avon products are affordable and often smell so lovely. I'm usually so sensitive to scents but all of the Avon products I've used have been fabulous.

    1. Hi Rhonda, what a lovely surprise to find your comment waiting for me. I'm so, so sorry this reply is so late. This hasn't been a great year at all, I've spent too much of it being ill and not coping so well. I so love blogging (and my dear blogging friends like you dear one) and I've blogged so little this past year. I need to do better and try to cope better honey.

      Avon makes me smile. My skin is quite sensitive, especially to make up, and I've never yet had one of their products cause my skin to break out. Their perfumes and scents are lovely and don't (so long as I'm careful) bother my asthma either, both huge plus points for me. I so wish I could send you over some Soap & Glory things to try, you'd love them I know you would. I need to try to do that. Sending you heaps of love and hugs dear wee friend xx