Monday, 11 January 2016

JML Best Foot Forward Unit

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to promote any products just sharing my own thoughts on a bargain I found while shopping x

Hi Honeys,
I found something interesting during a recent shopping trip and thought I'd share in case it might help other fellow spoonies.  It's a smallish, portable, foot massage unit, part of the JML range of products.

I saw it while shopping in Home Bargains. It was only £1.99 so I popped one into my basket thinking even if it doesn't work, what am I losing? As you can see the packaging is not printed in English, so I was relying on the product description on the store shelf it was siting on.  
Best Foot Forward Packaging
 When the actual unit is removed from the packaging it looks like this...
Best Foot Forward Foot Massager
It needs two AA batteries which power the unit and produce a vibration which goes through the unit and up through your foot when you add pressure to the unit.  It's also possible to use the unit without the vibrating function though by just running your foot gently over the six shaped wheels.

I suffer from plantar fasciitis in my right foot honeys, I experience awful muscle spasms through my legs (restless leg syndrome) and my legs often swell up terribly.  Since the ad claims it aids circulation problems I'm hoping this little unit might help with the swelling at least which can be painful in itself.

I found this unit in Home Bargains (you can also find it online at Home Bargains website) but I've seen it on Amazon too.  It might be worth looking in your nearest discount store to see if they have it if you'd like to try it too honeys.

Has anyone tried this little massage unit or anything similar?  If so, what are your opinions? Did it help?  Please let me know in the comments section below.  I hope everyone is staying warm honeys. It's so cold right now, I can't wait till Spring gets here.  Till next time dear ones, huggles always xx


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    1. Hi Leah x It's a bit noisy really, Jade isn't fond of the noise at all, bless her. It's just sort of a vibration that goes through your foot and travels up through the calf muscle. Not sure that it helps very much but the little rollers part is really good on the arch of the foot though. Sending heaps of hugs honey xxx

  2. That's a really good price for a little foot massager! I have so much empathy for you with plantar fascitis! As I told you I've had it and it was HORRIBLE. The worst part is that everyone said it would recover in a few weeks or months and it lasted FOR YEARS. Anyway, yes anything you can do to help with that is so good! Do you have to be on your feet much for work? I like the little vibrator massages for my back but using it on my feet didn't do much for me. But I don't understand reflexology very much but I really think it's all connected! I hope it's helping you Rosie sending love oxoxox