Thursday, 7 January 2016

Christmas Gift From Katie

Hi Honeys
I thought I'd share a beautiful Christmas gift, which I'm hoping to update you on throughout the year.

Spring is on it's way (soon I hope) and this particular lovely gift will be finding its way out into the garden and I can't wait to see it there, in it's new planter :)
Katies Beautiful Christmas Gift
One of my absolute favourite Christmas gifts this year has been the sweetest gift from Katie, and here it is...

Katies Christmas tree
Isn't it beautiful honeys?  I was given Katie's gift at work by her Mum, my friend Karen and I was so happy :) It was such a sweet thought and I adore this perfect little Christmas tree. Thank you Katie! I so look forward to watching this little tree grow all year.

When I took the packaging off this is what Katie's tiny, perfect Christmas tree looked like..
Katies Christmas Tree
Following the instructions I removed the little decorations which are adorable, I've kept them of course. I then washed off all of the artificial snow covering the tiny tree...
Tiny perfect Christmas tree

Here it is!  Having washed all of the snow off and made sure the soil in the plant pot was moist, this little tree has been sitting on the window sill of the window at the bottom of our stairs.  This is the spot where he'll get the most light, I would say sunshine but it's January and we're in Scotland so that's just not happening :)

The little tree is warm and in the window he'll be able to soak up as much light as he would outside but it's still too cold for him to be outside of course.  I have a bag of compost with baby bio mixed through ready to re-pot him into a larger plant pot which I'll do in the next week or two and in the Spring when it gets warmer he'll be moved again into the middle of a much larger planter which will give him lots of room to grow and he'll then go outside onto the patio where he can have the rain and sunshine to help him grow.

Later in the year I'm hoping we can plant him in the garden and who knows maybe next Christmas we can decorate him outside in the garden :) I'd never cut him down though so he'll be decorated where he's growing.  I'll post updates as he's moved from different pots till he's outside in the garden and hopefully next Christmas he can be the star of this blog with his pretty decorations :) Now to find solar lights....

Thank you so much Katie (and Karen) for this wonderful tiny, perfect tree. I'll have such fun all year looking after him and watching him grow and I'll share through photos :)

I was also lucky enough to receive the most adorable Christmas card. Katie's design was chosen to be the card design for her primary school Christmas cards, yaaaaay! well done Katie! I'm so proud of you sweetheart.
Katies Christmas card design
This pretty card is now in a frame and sits on the shelf above my desk :)  Before I go can I share another beautiful gift honeys?  This was from Karen's Mum and Dad, Ada and Bill.
Ada & Bills beautiful angel figurine and bracelet
Aren't they beautiful? The dazzling bracelet is just stunning. The crystals catch the light and they shine and shimmer like magic.  Dotted all around our home you'll see angels (and fairies) happily sitting or dancing across shelves, desktops, windows ledges... I've collected them over so many years and they bring me such joy just by being around me :) This latest tiny, perfect addition warms my heart and makes me smile so much, more so because she is a gift from two of the loveliest, warmest people I'm blessed to know. Thank you Ada and Bill so much for thinking of me and for your kindness and friendship all year long. It means more than I can say, hugs always xxx

Over to you honeys, what's been your favourite Christmas gift this year? What's made you smile and warmed your heart?  Here's to a wonderful year full of smiles, hugs and laughter and all good things :) Till next time dear ones, huggles always xx


  1. OO A living tree! What a lovely gift! I am glad the snow came off I was wondering when I saw all the white.

    1. Hi Yvonne x I'm trying to catch up because I've done late shifts for the past couple of days :) I'm so looking forward to watching this perfect little tree grow all year :) The instructions on the bag just said to wash the artificial snow off but didn't explain how and it's pretty sticky stuff. I just popped the wee tree into the shower base and set the water to just warm (I thought cold water would shock the tree since it was very young) and just ran the warm water over the branches until the snow was all washed off. Then I let him sit in the shower tray to rest for a while. I've moved him through to the kitchen window ledge now because he's getting more sunlight there and it's even warmer because of the cooking etc in there. I'll be moving him later this week I think into a bigger pot and I'm so looking forward to seeing him grow. The snow arrived yesterday so it's freezing cold here, I did take some photos though, Jade has been having such fun playing in the snow :) Huggles honey xxx