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How I'm Adding A Touch Of Glamour To Every Day...

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to write this post nor was I given any products.  This is an honest review of my recent purchase of two bras from the wonderful Ms Pomelo Company.

Hi Honeys,
It's Wednesday, it's raining but you know what? I really don't mind at all 😊  We've just had two amazing days in a row where the sun shone, there was a lovely breeze and I got to peg out laundry! Yaaaay!! If you've read this blog at all in the past you'll be fed up hearing how much I adore doing laundry, love it 😊

I was standing in the kitchen earlier watching the rain trickle down the windows and I felt the calmest, and happiest, I've felt in a long time. Summer is coming dear ones and I'm so happy I could burst!

I don't cope at all well during the winter months.  The cold and damp always combine to make my joints ache terribly and I lose all of my energy.  Every year I say I want to hibernate and I so mean it 😊

On to the subject of today's post then honeys.  I wanted to share a recent purchase from the lovely Ms Pomelo Company.  You might remember my singing the praises of this wonderful company last summer after attending an online webinar, which you can read about here. 

Well, dear ones, in the spirit of my self care project I'm trying to work on, I recently treated myself to two of the gorgeous Pola Negri bras from Ms Pomelo after receiving an email with an offer code in it and I'm so, so, so happy that I did! 

How I'm adding a touch of glamour to every day...

There is no doubt about it honeys, happiness is a comfortable bra and if that (very) comfortable bra makes you feel completely fabulous too then that happiness is beyond measure 😊  Let's take a look shall we?
The style I ordered is called Pola Negri, it's available in two different lovely shades and this very glamorous garment makes me think of vintage 1940s Hollywood starlets.  I can so easily imagine those ladies wearing something like this under their red carpet gowns, these bras are simply stunning!

I knew I'd absolutely adore the beautiful Pola Negri bra in lilac dawn and I so do! I was sure it would be my favourite of the two.  Isn't it lovely honeys?
How I'm adding a touch of glamour to every day - Stunning Ms Pomelo Pola Negri Bra in Lilac Dawn

I have to admit though to being completely bowled over by the creme brulee shade of this completely gorgeous bra and...

How I'm adding a touch of glamour to every day - Beautiful Ms Pomelo Pola Negri Bra in Creme Brulee

Now I can't choose a favourite between them!

Now that you've seen both colours, I thought I'd share my favourite little subtle design touches that make this beautiful bra not just gorgeous to look at but also incredibly comfortable to wear too.

The back has, as you can see below,  a slightly broader strap with a triple row of hooks and eyes to fasten...
Glamorous Ms Pomelo Pola Negri Bra in Creme Brulee - Triple hooks ensure a comfortable fit.

This not only lends itself to a wonderfully comfortable fit but also makes sure this strap stays where it's supposed to and doesn't move when I do.

The shoulder straps are very gently padded, adding an additional layer of comfort while also avoiding every woman's worst nightmare (certainly mine) when it comes to bra straps - that awful rubbing or cutting into the skin during the days wear.

Gorgeous Ms Pomelo Pola Negri Bra in Creme Brulee - Beautiful softly padded straps add an additional layer of comfort while carrying on the glamorous appearance.

You know what I'm talking about honeys, the discomfort that often leads to awful shoulder pain and makes you want to tear a bra off the minute you get home at night. Ugh! Awful!

That dreadful torture has always been my absolute pet hate about being forced to wear a bar 😞  The slightly wider, gently padded, shoulder straps completely solve this issue once and for all, and that's not all!

The padded areas of the shoulder straps not only prevent any rubbing or cutting they are also lined in the softest cotton...

Gorgeous Ms Pomelo Pola Negri Bra in Creme Brulee - Beautiful gently padded straps are lined in the softest cotton to add an additional layer of comfort.

This is such a small detail but such a thoughtful one too.

The lovely soft cotton lining doesn't only appear on the shoulder straps though honeys.  It's also added as an additional layer inside the cups of the bra itself, making the bra feel lovely against the skin.

Gorgeous Ms Pomelo Pola Negri Bra in Creme Brulee - Below the pretty lace, the cups are lined in the same super soft cotton as the shoulder straps.

All of these elements combine to make these beautiful bras the best investment I've made in a very long time and definitely makes them worthy of being included in my "self care project."

So now I can go to work and not only get through my shifts comfortably (joy!) but also feel utterly fabulous under my never-flatters-anyone-uniform 😊

I think people, especially women, are raised to feel very guilty and often selfish if we try to do anything just for ourselves.  Women are often the main care givers in families and far too often we forget to include ourselves in the care we give so freely to our loved ones, don't you think honeys?

A little self care now and again can give us a much needed boost to our morale and make us feel happier in ourselves and happier in our lives. Well, my latest little self care gift to myself has already made me feel like a princess at work and no amount of corporate nylon uniform-ness can take that away from me 😊

So, there they are then, my thoughts on two beautiful bras and how they'll help me add a little glamour to my day while keeping shoulder pain firmly at bay.

How I'm adding a touch of glamour to every day - Gorgeous Ms Pomelo Pola Negri Bra in Creme Brulee

Which is your favourite colour honeys?

How I'm adding a touch of glamour to every day - Stunning Ms Pomelo Pola Negri Bra in Lilac Dawn

I really can't choose a favourite and I'm so thankful I don't have to because it would be so difficult 😊

Useful Links

There is a wonderful "fit kit" available from the Ms Pomelo website available here as well as a video teaching how to measure your perfect bra size, which you can see here.

The Ms Pomelo website also has it's own "Bra School" covering all sorts of interesting topics such as:
  • how to find your ideal bra size 
  • how to convert sizes internationally 
  • a care guide to help you keep your new bra in tip top shape and 
  • a 3 step checklist to find the perfect fit.  
You can find the Bra School here honeys.

You can read my previous post on Ms Pomelo here which has lots of links to check out in it too.  Included among them is a link to a post I wrote about my experience of having my first mamogram or breast screening as well as the follow up post explaining my results arriving, which also has lots of useful links to further reading and can be found here honeys.  Breast care is so important and should be at the heart of every ladies self care project.

Before I go, can I share the packaging the bras were delivered in?

They arrived in a small square cardboard box which, when opened had pretty peach coloured tissue paper inside.  The tissue paper parted to reveal this...

Ms Pomelo's beautiful packaging makes a purchase feel extra special.
Such pretty packaging, a pillow style gift box, and yet another special, extra little touch from a wonderful company who really do seem to take such pleasure in looking after their customers and making them feel special.  Thank you Ilona and everyone at Ms Pomelo, you guys rock!

Which of your latest purchases has made you really happy honeys?  Have you found a company who go the extra mile for their customers?  If so do share in the comments section. I've always believed that genuinely great customer service and fabulous quality products deserve sharing, shouting from the rooftops even 😊  Don't you?

Till next time dear ones, smile lots and hug even more, huggles always xx

Huggles Always, Rosie xx

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