Thursday, 2 November 2017

Sharing A Smile: Beautiful Harry Potter Gifts From a Wonderful Friend

Hi Honeys
How are you today?  Can you believe we've reached November already?  It's been raining all day outside and it feels so chilly today, even inside with the heating all on.  I'm already counting down to Spring honeys because I really don't like the almost constant darkness, dampness and all around depressing-ness of winter.

Now that the clocks have rolled back again it will be even darker, earlier.  During winter we don't see daylight on the West coast until around 9am and by 3.30 - 4 pm it's entirely dark again.  We rarely see snow anymore and, as someone at work said recently, the only difference from summer is that the rain is colder!  As I said honeys, so depressing.  Is it any wonder I get so excited on the rare occasions when we see a sunny day?  After all... laundry 😊

Yesterday morning we woke up to our first frost of winter.  It was so cold! Our furbaby Jade doesn't even want to go for her walks anymore.  She doesn't like the dark at all, or the rain.  Our baby has issues, bless her.  You can see why then honeys, every year I so desperately long to hibernate till winter's all over and Jade and I can reach spring where we at least have a (slim) chance of warmer, maybe even sunny days.  At least there isn't the constant darkness of winter.

Oh my, enough of this depressing talk!  We need smiles instead 😊

Sharing a smile - Beautiful Harry Potter gifts from a wonderful friend

Today I thought I'd share a happy smile 😊 A very dear friend (hello Jenny honey 😊) recently took a trip down to London to the Warner Brothers Studios Harry Potter tour.  It was a very long trip to get there, and home again, but from her photos she seems to have had so much fun 😊

Imagine my surprise when she brought me a carrier bag with the sweetest gifts she'd brought back for me. I was so surprised, thrilled and just plain happy 😊  Thank you Jenny, you're an angel for thinking of me, really you are <huggles> x

Would you like to see the beautiful gifts Jenny brought me?  They now have pride of place on my desk and have been making me smile every day 😊

Here they are honeys...

Beautiful Hogwarts Gifts

OK, even though they're sitting by me and I just made a little squeal noise again when the photo appeared 😊  I can't help it! I adore them, not just because they're very beautiful but because they're gifts from a very dear friend who over the years has become more like a little sister, and because how wonderful is it to learn you've been thought of? 

As you can see from the photos Jenny brought me the most gorgeous coffee mug in black & red, the colours of the Hogwarts Express with the crest on the front saying Hogwarts Railways.  It's beyond stunning!

Either side of the coffee mug are Potter themed bookmarks which I love because I'm never far from a book 😊 What gift could be more special for a bookworm like me than beautiful bookmarks that will make me smile every time I pick up my latest book because they'll make me think of my wonderful friend.

In front of the coffee mug and bookmarks is a lanyard.  Not just any lanyard though, this has to be the most marvellous lanyard ever.  It's double sided in that it can be worn two ways with one side in a gorgeous crimson red and having the crest of the Hogwarts Express and the words Hogwarts Railways either side.

The other side of the lanyard shows a line of train tickets from London to Hogwarts leaving, of course, from Platform 9 ₃/₄  😊 Perfect!!

Smiles and beautiful Harry Potter themed gifts from a dear friend.

Aren't they just wonderful honeys? 

There really are no words for how incredibly touched I am that my dear, sweet friend thought of me when she should have been concentrating on having fun after travelling so far to get there.  If you knew Jenny though honeys you'd know that she is the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful person.  I'm very blessed to have her as a friend. 

Smiles and beautiful Harry Potter themed gifts from a dear friend

I can imagine Jenny shaking her head while reading this but it's true! Be told dear wee friend 😊 Thank you Jenny, for thinking of me when you should have been having fun, for always listening to my moans about life and daft jokes, for never letting me leave work without a hug (you won't ever know how much that means honey x) and most of all, thank you for being such a wonderful friend and for always being there.  Sending mountains of love and hugs always honey x

What about you dear ones?  Are you Potter fans like Jenny & me?  Have you ever gone to the Warner Brothers World of Harry Potter?  Thank you for keeping me company today honeys, I hope you're having a fabulous week and looking forward to the weekend.  It's getting so chilly now, Autumn has rolled over into winter so stay warm OK?

Till next time, smile lots everyone and hug even more, huggles always xx

Huggles Always xx


  1. What a sweet and thoughtful friend! So fun! I finally finished the Harry Potter books for THE FIRST TIME this year and now I’m such a huge fan! I’m so glad my husband talked me into eventually. I’m not a fantasy person AT ALL but these books are so SO GOOD. There’s nothing like it.

    1. Heather!! Oh I can't bear this, I'm sitting here going through past posts, tidying them and trying to distract myself from the fact that google is going to remove all of our comments soon and I've found a few lovely messages you've sent me and I haven't seen them! I'm so, so sorry honey really I am. I haven't been terribly well and this poor wee blog has been terribly neglected as a result. We have to catch up dear wee friend, I miss you terribly x I'm so glad you love the Harry Potter books too :) huggles xx