Tuesday, 13 June 2017

A Happy New Home For Our Beautiful Miniature Roses

Hi Honeys
Fourth day in a row of constant rain.  For a wee Rosie who adores laundry as much as I do this is depressing! Winter is very long around here and Summer is short, short, short!  There is only so much potential for pegging our laundry and it's slipping away from me by the day.

I can console myself that, at least, the rain is good for the garden. As promised yesterday I thought I'd share an update on our miniature roses now that they've found their new home 😊

A new home for our miniature roses

I've so enjoyed watching these tiny roses growing for months now, ever since I was blessed with them as a gift just before Christmas.  Since then they've lived on our kitchen window ledge quite happily being watered and fed.

When the weather finally became warmer they moved, during the day, outside into the back garden to soak up the good Scottish rain, of which there is lots, and the rarer Scottish sunshine 😊  They blossomed wonderfully as you can see...

Miniature roses in the rain

Having been re-potted once already and very obviously running out of space in their latest pot I decided it might be time to move them again and where better I thought than to one of the much larger planters which sit either side of our front door.

Decision made, a rare sunny day appeared and off into our tiny front garden went Hubby, our furbaby Jade and I and this is what happened...

Large planter by the front door is filled with fresh compost to become the new home for our miniature roses.

First job of course was to almost fill the large planter with fresh compost in readiness to become the new home for our treasured miniature roses.

The roses were settled into the planter and immediately made the front door area look so much cheerier...

New home for miniature roses

On a side note, and from looking at these images, good grief we need to buy some new masonry paint for our front steps! OK,  mental note made to mention it to Hubby 😊

So, one planter much improved by the addition of some pretty miniature roses, we turned our attention to the identical planter on the other side of the front door.  It too had lots of fresh compost added...

Planter on opposite side of the front door also has fresh compost added as well as flower seeds.

It then had a good amount of flower seeds added.  We used a bag we'd bought from our local Asda/Walmart which according to the packaging is an "all in one mix" and should give us lots of pretty flowers in pastel shades 😊

Gro Sure flower seeds

Now I just have to be patient and wait for them to grow honeys.  I can't wait to see them begin to grow and keep checking on them but so far, nothing.  All of this endless rain these past few days will, I'm hoping, help them along 😊

Meanwhile, elsewhere in our tiny front garden, our precious rose bushes, planted in memory of my beloved Gramma & Mother in law, appear to be healing from the attack of the aphids last year.  Fewer roses this year so far (although there are more buds appearing) but so good to see...

Roses in bloom

This time last year Mum's rose bush had six beautiful roses on it. So far this year there is only one plus another tiny rose bud waiting to transform given time.  The single rose there though is simply perfect honeys...

A single perfect red rose

It was raining when I took these photos and I love how the raindrops are sitting on Mum's rose in this photo πŸ’—

It's been less than two weeks since the miniature roses were re-planted but as you can see honeys they seem to be enjoying their new home...

Miniature roses are happily settled into their new planter.

They're still growing and look at the shades of pink too, aren't they pretty?  You know, now that I've noticed the stonework on our steps it's going to annoy me 😊  They really need to be painted 😊

So, what's been making you smile this week honeys?  I hope your week is off to a fabulous start and gets even better.  Till next time dear ones, thank you for keeping me company, have a wonderful day, smile lots and hug even more πŸ’‹ Huggles always xx

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