Friday, 5 May 2017

Bank Holiday Monday - Sunhine, Smiles, Laundry & finding Lost Treasures...

Hi Honeys
What a fantastic week we've had here.  After a long, (really,really long... I mean it went on forever) and very bizarre winter that actually felt more like a never-ending Scottish summer... you know, not warm, not cold enough for an extra vest but day after day of seemingly constant rain.  Just eugghhhh!

Well, the miraculous has happened and the sun has remembered where the UK is! Not only did she remember us though, she remembered in time for a bank holiday weekend! Will miracles never cease!

There is a sort of unwritten law that says British bank holidays should be complete wash outs.  Wall to wall, chucking down from the heavens, will it never end, rain-fests.

Misery, thy name is a rained out bank holiday weekend!

Then, this past long weekend happened...

Bank Holiday Monday - Sunshine, Smiles & Laundry!

It was glorious honeys! It was sunny, warm, I was at work all day Saturday.... arrrgggggg! Not to worry I kept telling myself, there's always tomorrow.  Of course I don't ever really achieve anything much on Sundays really so maybe I was being a little optimistic.

The cost of working my two shifts each week is that I generally lose my Sundays to exhaustion. I'm usually nothing more than a wee Rosie shaped lump on the sofa being hugged, bless her, by our furbaby Jade for most of Sundays.

So, how does this affect a self confessed laundry addict?  Can you imagine honeys?  I love doing laundry more than any other homemaking task. It's what i do for fun! I also live in a country where long sunny days are incredibly rare, so the very idea of wasting even one of them...

So, Sunday morning there it was, the glorious sunshine again. Hubby made breakfast, as he always does on Sundays.  I was determined not to lose another good drying day but pain in my spine and shoulders meant that (even after taking my pain meds) I only managed one load of laundry, with Hubby carrying it outside for me (thank you sweetheart x)

It really is a horrible thing to want desperately to do something and for the only obstacle in your way to be your own body.  I am blessed to have a wonderful Hubby who does so much for me but there are times I could scream because inside I'm still me.  My brain wants to whirl around the house like a mad thing pulling down curtains and stripping beds and pegging everything outside.

Inside though is the same wee Rosie and sometimes, often in fact, I forget the limitations my body places on me only to be very sharply reminded in no time flat.  Want whatever you want Rosie but it's not happening says my body in jagged tones.  Nothing much achieved on Sunday then honeys unfortunately.

On Monday morning then the curtains were opened and... yes!! Sunshine! On went the washing machine and out onto the line went bedding first...

Lovely fresh bedding pegged out on the laundry line is my joy

Is there a prettier sight than lines of lovely laundry blowing in the breeze?  Such a simple thing, hanging out laundry but it makes me so, so happy honeys.

My happiness - lines of laundry blowing in the breeze

I know what you're thinking.  Loving laundry? How odd.  Well maybe it is dear ones, but love it I do.

I have a problem though.  Not enough laundry!  My first task each morning is to run a load of laundry.  Bath towels from showers that morning, clothes worn the day before and maybe one of our furbaby Jade's blankets.  She does love to nap snuggled under one of her soft throws and I like to keep them lovely and fresh for her.

Jade enjoys a nap.

So, again, what's a self confessed laundry addict to do when blessed with the most perfect drying day and not enough laundry?  Well, go looking for things to wash of course 😊

In a pretty storage basket upstairs I found some treasures I'd forgotten I even had.  One of these treasures was the prettiest scarf I'd bought in a sale ages ago.  It's beautifully sheer and has an ocean pattern with dolphins swimming happily across it...

Dolphins swim happily across a pretty, sheer scarf on the laundry line.

I promised myself some time ago that I would stop saving things "for best" so I try to wear dresses, just because, and now that the weather is improving (yaaaay!) I'll try to wear more of my pretty scarfs.  Much better than leaving them languishing in a basket, don't you think honeys?

Along with the pretty dolphin scarf I also found  a lovely green and blue paisley pattern one too. It's on the far right hand side of this photo, nearest to the dolphin scarf...

Buffy the vampire slayer beach towel and pretty scarves.

Next to the paisley pattern scarf is the prettiest scarf in shades of lime and made of an almost sheer silk with beautiful fringes as embellishment on the ends.  I actually squealed when I found this in the same basket honeys.  It was a birthday gift, four birthdays ago from a very dear friend, Miriam (thank you, my wee angel, love you x)

It was still wrapped in lovely soft tissue paper and now, as then, my first thought when I found it was I can't wear you!  You're far too nice for me!

It is indeed far too nice for plain me but that's such a disrespectful way to treat a beautiful, thoughtful gift from someone I love dearly.  I will wear it Mimmy, thank you sweetheart and you're right, life is far too short to keep things "for best."  Especially things that immediately make you think of people you love.

Did you spot the fearless cartoon drawing of a certain vampire slayer in that last photo?

Buffy the vampire slayer & Angel beach towels.

OK, the secret is out! Was it ever a secret?  Not sure about that but I was, and am, a huge Buffy the vampire slayer (and Angel) fan 😊  It all started with a very silly movie (I re-watched it recently on dvd, it is silly but such fun and still makes me giggle) which we originally saw way back then (was that seriously 25 years ago!) because it had two of my favourite actors in the cast, Rutger Hauer and Donald Sutherland.  

The original movie was eventually followed by the Buffy TV series which then spun off into Angel having his own series and the rest is TV history.  

Dotted around our home you'll find books, the dvds of course as well as other bits & pieces, including pretty glasses I use as tealight holders and a claddagh ring Hubby bought for me.  I had completely forgotten about these two soft velour type beach towels though.  Lost treasures found and with them smiles too 😊

And all because I ran out of laundry and went looking for things I could wash 😊  Have you ever found something you'd forgotten you had honeys?  Do you ever find yourself keeping things "for best."  Am I the only laundry addict in the world?  Tell me it's not true?  There must be someone else who loves laundry as much as I do? 

Today is another glorious day outside.  My morning wash is pegged outside already and I have to get organized for work soon. Jade is napping on the sofa, bless her, waiting for her Dad to get back home. I so hope you're enjoying all of this gorgeous sunshine too honeys wherever you are and whatever you're doing this weekend, have fun, smile lots and hug even more.  Sending you heaps of huggles always dear ones xx  

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