Friday, 26 August 2016

Using the Ikea Ideal Candle Dish For Pretty Bathroom Storage

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to recommend any products, just wanted to share my mini organizing project :)

Hi honeys
After the tour of our tiny entryway/mudroom yesterday, where I showed how we'd used one of our latest Ikea purchases (the Sunnersta rail & accessories) I thought I'd show you how I used another recent Ikea find :)
Using the Ikea Ideal Candle Dish In The Bathroom
This pretty ceramic rectangular dish was one of the first items I added to our Ikea shopping list for this past visit because I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it!
Ikea IDEAL candle dish

This beautiful dish is part of a collection of three different candle dishes, two square and this rectangular dish, all available in both white and black.  I can think of so many uses for these candle dishes honeys, and I'm planning on maybe buying the smaller of the square dishes next visit to sit by our hob to coral olive oil bottles, seasonings etc. 

For today though, I thought I'd show you how I used the rectangular version in our bathroom for the prettiest storage...
Our bathroom is tiny honeys. Seriously teeny tiny so every little bit of storage is priceless and if it can be pretty too, well that's a bonus :)

We added extra storage already by using picture rails but in a bathroom as tiny as ours there is just no escaping items ending up on the window ledge, and if things have to end up there they might as well make it look pretty...  
Window ledge in our tiny bathroom
I just smiled when I looked at the above photo :)  Can't help it, makes me smile :) As you can see I've placed the candle dish in the centre of the window ledge and used it to store items I use every day but I'll get to that in just a second :)

Starting from the left of the photo above, there is one of the two smallest containers found in the SKUBB set of drawer dividers.   
Smallest container from Ikea's SKUBB drawer divider set used to store bathroom items
Inside this are various shower items such as my exfoliating gloves, a couple of body puffs, there are two hairbands, used to pull my hair back for facials such as exfoliating or adding day/night cream etc. This little box keeps them all together and helps keep the bathroom tidy too.

Next is the pretty candle dish...
Ikea's IDEAL candle dish used to organize bathroom products
The candle dish has little rubber feet on the bottom which help keep it securely in place.  On the candle dish, as you can see. I've put (left to right):

  1. A bottle of Soap & Glory's Smoothie Star Body Milk.  I first tried this a couple of years ago when it was included as part of one of the Soap & Glory bumper Christmas bags and loved it. Recently this has been my little treat after my night time shower, I love the scent and it leaves my skin feeling fabulous. 
  2. Jars of day and night cream.  I've been using these for a few weeks now, after developing really dry skin on my forehead and eyebrows and (along with exfoliating regularly) they've made such a difference.  I still feel bad about spending money on myself but it's better than looking like some kind of zombie with bits of my face flaking off - ewwww! Sorry about that honeys! 
  3. This is the gorgeous "vanilla pleasure" scented candle we brought home from Ikea last week.  I haven't even lit it yet and I can smell the lovely vanilla when I walk into the bathroom.  Some impulse purchases can be good ones :) 
  4. A bottle of Cussons moisturising hand soap.  Another impulse buy :) I saw the daisies on the label, I adore daisies so.... As it happens though it does smell lovely and doesn't dry out my hands the way some soaps do.   
  Sitting next to the candle dish is a pretty "twin hearts" acrylic trinket box I saw in Home Bargains..
Twin hearts trinket box from Home Bargains
I think this trinket box was £2.49 and it's been sitting on my dressing table upstairs but when I was setting up the candle dish on the window ledge I thought I'd swap out the much larger containers I had cotton buds and cotton pads in.

The trinket box has a drawer as well as a removable lid...
The trinket box has a removable lid and a drawer
So I've used the drawer to store cotton buds and the cotton pads I use to put my day (and night) cream on are in the top of the box. I really like this honeys, it's easy to re-fill and looks really pretty in the bathroom.

Sitting behind the trinket box is a gorgeous gift set brought back by a dear friend from Lanzarote (thank you Jenny, it was so sweet of you to think of me and I absolutely love it! Although I haven't be able to bring myself to open it yet! Far too nice for me to spoil by opening it, thank you honey huggles :)

So, that's our bathroom window ledge :)
Pretty storage for bathroom essentials
What do you think honeys?  I really do like this candle dish, it's pretty as well as functional.  As I said in my Ikea haul post, it could just as easily look beautiful on a dressing table/vanity used to display perfumes or maybe as a pretty way to store jewellery such as earrings or bracelets?  It could also make a great way to coral tea, coffee and sugar in the kitchen.

This was such a quick organizing project to complete but it's making me smile every time I go into our bathroom.  Do you use your bathroom window ledge for extra storage? How do you store your most used items?

I have to go get ready to dash to work dear ones, it'll be a busy weekend but hopefully I'll be back either Sunday or Monday. Till then, have a fabulous weekend, smile lots and hug even more :) Huggles always xxx  

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