Thursday, 25 August 2016

Sadness In The Garden...

Hi Honeys
I hope everyone's had a great week so far.  Today started on a very down note. I had wandered into the kitchen when I noticed a beautiful collared dove had landed in our garden.  They do frequently, especially this time of year because they like to eat the blueberries from the shrub back there.  That's why it was planted after all, to be a food source for our feathery visitors.
Sadness in the garden

Well, this dear wee dove wasn't flying off, or walking around the garden the way they sometimes do. She seemed to be just sitting there. A little later two other doves landed and positioned themselves one behind her and the other in front. As if they were protecting her?  

They stayed with her quite a while, one of them at one point jumped on top of her (which scared me) but it seemed as if the other dove was trying to make her get up off the grass, to move.  Eventually they both flew off.  I wondered why they'd leave her to and it took me a few minutes to realize she must have died. Her little head was on the ground instead of being held up.  She really looked for all the world as if she was having a nap, bless her.

I phoned Hubby at work and he told me he'd bury her in the garden when he got home and that's what he's doing right now.  I got a shoe box and lined it with lots of those lovely soft paper napkins we have in the kitchen and Hubby's burying her over by the fence in the garden, near the trees.  He's lifted one of the paving stones (of the path) and is burying her under there so that the foxes don't dig her up again. This has been such a sad day honeys.

Hubby said there is no sign of injury to her so maybe it was just her time.  If that's true then at least she landed somewhere no one would hurt her, there are no cats and now she's buried and she can be at peace, bless her.  That doesn't make my heart hurt less for her though. Sleep safely dear wee soul.

Till next time honeys, sending heaps of huggles always xx


  1. So very sad. I never knew doves would stay with another dove before it died. It is likely the one dove was trying to jump start her.

    1. Hi Rhonda, they're a family I think honey, they live (or did live) in the trees behind our house and it broke my heart seeing them trying to protect their sister like that and now the local council have taken their home away too. I swear sometimes the world is just an awful place. I hope they find somewhere else to set up home and that they're safe there. I do think you're right, I think the other dove was trying to get her to move, knowing being on the ground wasn't safe, bless them. It's just so upsetting, thank you for caring honey, huggles always xxx