Tuesday, 9 August 2016

How To Quickly & Efficiently Iron A Shirt..

Hi Honeys
I'm feeling better today, thankfully, and spent this morning on my favourite homemaking task, yes, you guessed it, I've been doing laundry :) Yaaaaay!

I had planned to write this post yesterday but really wasn't able to honeys. I thought I'd share how I manage to iron Hubby's shirts.

How to quickly & efficiently iron a shirt
Well, who doesn't know how to iron a shirt I hear you ask.  I have, over the years developed what is (for me anyway) the easiest, fastest and most efficient way to iron Hubby's shirts and I'm so curious as to how it differs from how everyone else irons.

Here it is then honeys, Rosie's guide to a smartly turned out Husband in eight steps...

A fast & efficient way to iron a shirt

How To Make Ironing Super Fast & Super Easy...

  1. First iron the collar 
  2. Next iron both sleeves , one after the other
  3. Begin the actual body of the shirt by ironing one of the front pieces
  4. Follow this by ironing the side seam and under the arm
  5. On to the back of the shirt, ironing any pleats into place if there are any
  6. Continue under the other arm and side seam 
  7. Finish by ironing the last remaining front panel. 
  8. Lastly, place on a hanger and hang till ironing is complete and all garments can be put away together. 
Simple as that honeys.  I might sometimes have to pause between shirts but I can usually (except on very bad days) iron a whole shirt in around four to four and a half minutes.  I was bored one day and timed myself :) Like anything else, the more you repeat a task, the faster you can complete it.

On a good day I can complete Hubby's shirts for the week in around half an hour, usually while watching Judge Judy :)

I have a little bracket or hook, which slips over the top of the door, that is so useful to hang ironed garments onto while I work.
Ironed shirts ready to be put away
Does everyone dislike ironing?  I haven't managed to find anyone else who'll say they enjoy it. Oddly enough honeys, ironing means a lot to me.  It's my way, just like being able to still hang out laundry or any of the other small tasks I once took for granted, of saying to arthritis that it hasn't beaten me yet.  Chronic illness has taken away so many things I used to adore doing.

In pre-spoonie days I would think nothing of walking from home into town, a good six miles, on a Summers day, walk around the shops with friends and then walk all the way home again. I was always active and used to run between classes when I was at university.

It's incredibly difficult, even after all these years, to accept the limitations my health puts on me.  My mobility is very limited. I can't walk to the bottom of our little street without being in awful pain. I have osteo arthritis in the base of my spine and this makes walking painful.  The latest development is that my fingers are beginning to "twist" and I'm losing the feeling in my fingertips.

It's unpleasant honeys, I drop things and the joints of my hands ache terribly.  I've said before dear ones, I don't do pity parties. I'm sharing this in order to explain why it is that my seemingly mundane little homemaking tasks, like ironing or making dinner for Hubby coming home from work make me so happy.

Any day I manage to iron Hubby's shirts so that he looks smart at work, finish a load or two of laundry or even cook a nice dinner is a wonderful day because it means arthritis hasn't won. It hasn't beat me yet and every day I pray that it won't anytime soon honeys.  So, today I've done some laundry and even managed to hang it outside. Today is a fabulous day :)

So, over to you then honeys :)  Do you have a process for ironing?  Would you share?  What makes you really happy? What makes you smile every day?  Whatever it is, I hope you're having the best day today and finding more smiles as the day goes on :)  Till next time dear ones, huggles always xx

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