Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Heartbreaking Loss Of Our Sycamore Trees...

Hi Honeys
This has been such a sad, sad day.  Our garden, behind the house, has become so soulless.  There is a long, long lane running behind the houses on our street and this lane used to be lined in trees, including the ones standing guard on the other side of our tall garden fence.
Losing our sycamore trees

Over time the trees have been removed and a neighbour wanted the last remaining trees trimmed back because they were very, very tall.  A workman from the company used by our local council called yesterday morning and spoke to both my neighbours & myself and he did ask me, since the trees in question backed on to our property, if we minded.  Thinking they were only planning to decrease the height of the trees, I said we didn't.

Well, what's actually happened is that they've taken the trees away altogether! I spoke to the same workman this morning and told him I had understood they would be shortened not taken away, he told me that was the original plan but that my neighbours had then told him to take them away.
Our beautiful trees cut down

My heart hurts honeys. I can't even begin to explain how much it hurts.  We bought this house largely because of the garden and those gorgeous sycamore trees.  For years now it's been my sanctuary from the world, a place I felt at peace and safe and now it's just a big open space with no heart. I am completely without joy today.

The workman I spoke to said he really had thought my neighbours and I had discussed it, but that with patience I would have them back.  He said they hadn't killed the trees just taken them down to stumps. He says Sycamores grow very quickly and they could be back again within around eight - ten years. Patience indeed.

I'm trying desperately to find a rainbow in this huge, dark cloud honeys and it's really hard.  My Polly Anna mode doesn't seem to be working today.

We still have our little apple tree and we were already planning a little seating area out there too.  Do you remember the bench we bought earlier this year? Hubby had said it must have been made for me because the back rest is made of wrought iron and has a rose pattern...
Rosies rose bench
Well honeys, if we've lost our gorgeous trees (for a few years at least) I've determined to make this little seating area as beautiful as I can.  I'll use pots and planters and hopefully bring the garden back to life that way.

Hubby has another week's holiday planned in a couple of weeks and he's planning on lowering the height of the back garden fence, maybe we can take a trip to B&Q while he's on holiday to shop for some pretty annuals, plants that live all year long.  

I hope you're having a much better week than I am dear ones.  Till tomorrow, when I'll be back with day one of the third annual Blogtember Challenge, organized by the lovely Bailey Jean, smile lots and hug even more, huggles always xxx


  1. This is very sad especially as you thought the trees would be trimmed but have now been removed. It takes so very long for trees to grow and after awhile they can seem like friends you've known a long time. Trees were only first planted in our new development park this spring. They will be beautiful in time, and already they were in bloom this spring. That is wonderful that your annuals will bloom all year long.

    1. Hi Rhonda, thank you for understanding xx I know it would sound silly to most people but I really did love those trees. I've always loved listening to the rain in the trees and the wind rustling their leaves. I'm so, so happy you have beautiful new trees planted! It will be such a joy watching them grow! I'm so happy for you Rhonda, and we still have our little apple tree :) Sending mountains of hugs always xxx

  2. Oh and I'm very happy to hear you will be participating in blogtember- which is where I found your blog! I will try too but may not be able to blog every day.

    1. That's the fun part :) Just blog when you feel like it or when one of the prompts makes you smile :) Huggles always honey xxx