Friday, 1 July 2016

An Evening At Home...

Hi Honeys
Do you ever take a moment to count your blessings?  I do.  With the troubles in the world, with the speed that our lives rush past (can you believe we're now half way through the year already?) I really do think it's good to stop every now and again, look at where we are and just be grateful for the blessings in our life.

Most evenings for us are the same.  Hubby gets home from work, we have dinner, Jade has her evening walk, we'll watch TV for a while and then, after Jade has another quick walk, it's bedtime. Sounds exciting huh? :)  We were chatting last night, Hubby & I, and I said to him that our life would probably bore anyone else silly :)

As unexciting as our life sounds, we both agreed we wouldn't have it any other way.  We live a peaceful, quiet life and we absolutely love it honeys.  The more I thought about it the more I thought surely we can't be the only people who are happy with their lot in life?   I thought I'd share with you an average, happy evening, last night in fact...

An evening at home
So, Hubby got home from work, I wasn't working yesterday so I'd made a lovely crunchy, green salad for dinner and had chicken cooking in the oven.   Before dinner we thought we'd take Jade for a short walk.  When Hubby walks Jade they'll walk for miles but since my mobility isn't great when I'm with them they don't get to walk so far.  Jade really is a very nervous wee dog honeys and every now and again gets so scared she'll just refuse to go any further from the house than the back garden, bless her.
We adopted our baby from a rescue and our vet said that even though she knows she's loved (and she so is) because she'd been abused in her early life she might always be a little nervous and the best we can do is to reassure her.  There are times when she seems fine and will happily got for long walks with her Daddy but we're very aware when she shows signs of not wanting to go walkies that she's feeling unsure and needs an extra fuss made of her.

For the past few days she's been like this and one way to get her to feel secure enough to go walkies is for me to tag along.  She just seems far happier when she has both her Mum and Dad with her.  So last night off we went...
Jade goes walkies
On warm nights like last night Jade will have her harness on but not a jacket it would make her far too warm.  Jade does love her wee jackets though :)

Jade looking for her doggy friends
 In places, such as closed parks where there is a gate, where we know she'll be safe Jade is allowed off her lead.  She never strays far from us (or her Daddy if they're out just the two of them) and always looks behind her to make sure we're still there.

During last night's walk we saw an aircraft overhead...
An aircraft flies overhead during our walk
Nothing unusual in that, we're under a flight path but I snapped a pic with my ever present little pocket camera anyway :) Look at that sky! It was the last day of June and that is our early evening sky.  Scotland is not the place to be if you're a sun seeker, even during Summer I'm afraid.

I have to admit to loving being in the garden on a clear night and watching the planes as they go by overhead, their lights bright against the night sky.  My dear Mother in law loved it too and would sit in our garden with her coffee, plane watching when she visited :)

During our short walk we saw some gorgeous flowers, my favourites of which were these...
Flowers seen on our walk
The top image shows the most beautifully shaped flowers, only two of them growing out from a very tall garden hedge.  Does anyone recognise them?  I'd love to know what type of flower they are, they really are pretty.  The bottom image shows some wild daisies we found also growing out of the bottom of a garden hedge.  I so adore daisies :)

After we got back from our short walk, we had dinner, chicken with crunchy salad for us and lovely chicken fillets for Jade and then Jade had her shower before settling in front of the fire in her dressing gown...
Jade in her dressing gown after her shower
There are no words for how wonderful these doggy dressing gowns are :)  What a fantastic idea! Whoever thought of them, thank you! They're made of a very soft lovely microfibre and cover the dogs chest, neck and body (not their tummy though) and have a tiny loop at the back which fastens around their tail to keep them in place.

The microfibre draws dampness away from their fur and dries Jade's coat in no time.  They are perfect for bathtime, for rainy days after walks (even jackets don't keep them entirely dry) and would be ideal to take to the beach too.  We got Jade's here honeys in case you'd like one for your furbaby.

Once Jade was happily settled in front of the fire (her favourite spot) I went off to have my shower and when I got back we watched TV for around an hour or so, just till Jade was entirely dry & her lovely fluffy coat had been brushed, and then we trotted off to bed.

That's it honeys. That's as exciting as our evenings get around here, and long may it stay that way :) Of course jade doesn't have a shower every night.  Too many showers/baths aren't good for a dogs fur, since it can strip away the precious oils in their coat & skin.  I couldn't not share a photo of Jade in her dressing gown though because I think she's just adorable in it :)

What does your average evening look like honeys?  Do you have a routine?  Are you, like Hubby & I, a "hoose moose" (someone who prefers to stay home) or do you love going out?

Whatever you have planned for this weekend dear ones I hope it makes you smile and that your weekend is full of fun, laughter and all good things.  I have to go get ready for work now so till next time, smile lots and hug even more :)  Huggles always xxx      


  1. I love to go out, but L is definitely a homebody...and with having babyJ now we definitely stay in more often than not. I love to go for walks too! Having a walk in the evening helps me sleep better.

    1. Hi Rhonda x ooo I so agree! An evening walk with Hubby & our furbaby Jade calms me, it makes me feel better and I always sleep better too. I've been loving your instagram pics, too cute! I can't believe your wee darling is almost 6 months old already! I think the sweetest images were the one of you & baby J both smiling (precious! she'll adore that pic when she's older) and the one of Baby J sitting on the sofa with her Daddy, another image she'll treasure when she's older too. Wishing you so many smiles and blessings honey, huggles xxx