Wednesday, 20 July 2016

12 Ways To Stay Cool In A Heatwave & 6 Ways To Help Furbabies Stay Cool Too!

Disclaimer:  This is not health advice, if you have a health condition please ask your Doctor or health professional for advice about staying cool in the warm temperatures. Be safe dear ones x

Hi Honeys
Oh my is it hot!  "Rosie, it's July!" I hear you say and yes, it is July dear ones, but it's also hotter than the surface of the sun out there.... OK maybe it isn't but it certainly feels as if it is!

12 Ways To Stay Cool In A Heatwave

If, like me, you feel like you want to peel your skin off to stop the burning right now, how do we battle the sun honeys, enjoy it while it lasts (because lets face it, it usually doesn't last long enough) and also stay cool?  Well, funny you should ask....

12 Ways To Stay Cool In A Heatwave...

  1. Start your day with a cool or tepid shower. 
  2. Store products such as cleansers, toners, moisturisers, sun screen cream and also shower gels in the fridge (in a zip lock baggie) for a lovely cooling skin treat.  
  3. Wear light coloured clothing, which won't absorb heat. Opt for loose fitting items too honeys because these won't trap body heat.
  4. Choose cotton instead of synthetic fabrics since these again will allow your skin to breathe. 
  5. Fill a spray bottle with water and keep it in the fridge. Set the "nozzle" to a fine mist and enjoy a cooling spritz as needed. It also helps to wear your hair up off your neck to prevent it trapping heat.
  6. Store bottles of water in the freezer ready to grab as you go out. The ice will melt and you'll have a fabulous chilled drink to battle dehydration while outside. 
  7. No matter what you're doing, staying inside, running errands, at work or (if you're very, very lucky) lounging by a pool or on the beach, drink water as if your life depends on it!  Why not chop lots of fruit and add them to your water bottle and re-fill with chilled water all day.  This will make your body smile by giving it lots of healthy vitamins naturally and will taste delicious too!
  8. Consider salads served with baked potatoes (cooked in the microwave) cold meats, tuna or even boiled eggs for dinner to avoid having to face cooking in a kitchen that feels like a blast furnace because the oven/stove has to be running. 
  9. Keep a supply of lovely frozen treats in the freezer.  Why not make your own ice lollies or frozen treats using freshly squeezed fruit juice (this lets you avoid the extra sugar and additives sometimes found in juice from a carton) or by freezing cartons of yoghurt.     
  10. At night, if possible, sleep with your bedroom window open and with a fan running in front of the open part of the window. This should draw in cooler air from outside the room to combat the warmer air that builds up inside through the night. Our bodies are like mini heaters that never switch off after all.   
  11. Keep a bottle of chilled water on your bedside cabinet. If you wake during the night, take a drink to keep dehydration at bay. 
  12. Remove your duvets, comforters or blankets from your bed on very warm nights.  A bottom sheet on the mattress as usual coupled with a top sheet will be far more comfortable to sleep under.  

Remember Your Furbabies

Please remember to care for your furry family members too honeys.  
  1. Remember they'll need constant access to cool, fresh drinking water all day long. Even on walks.  In pound/dollar stores you'll find collapsible/folding water bowls which you can take with you on walks.   
  2. Limit the time they're outside in the sun since overheating can be very dangerous to furbabies health.  They can't tell you when high temperatures are making them feel poorly and overheated, babies might nip or snap when they really can't help it.  Please don't exercise babies on hot days honeys, better that they're kept indoors where it's cool until it's safer for them to be outside.
  3. Why not add a couple of ice cubes to your furbaby's water bowl to help keep the water cool? 
  4. Never, never use a garden hose to spray your dog with cold water! How would you like freezing cold water sprayed over you? Instead why not soak and wring out towels and gently rub their fur or just lie them across their shoulders to help cool them.     
  5. Furbabies like cooling treats too! So while you're enjoying an ice lolly or some frozen yoghurt why not treat your furry friend to some delicious "Frosty Paws" treats.  You'll find the recipe here. 
  6. Lastly, never, never, ever leave your furbaby in a car on a hot day! Even if the windows are open and no matter how quick you think you'll be.  So many babies die every year this way.  
What are you doing to survive the hot Summer days honeys?  Please do share any tips in the comments section below.  

Till next time dear ones, stay safe, stay cool and most of all have fun! Huggles always xx

Huggles Honeys xx


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    1. Hello John, thank you for visiting and for your lovely comment, I really enjoyed reading the article at your site on blueberries and their use as a treat for dogs. Thank you for sharing the link, hugs, Rosie x