Thursday, 2 June 2016

Rosie's Fun Day Out At The ideal Home Show Part Two

Disclaimer:I haven't been paid to promote any products or services, I just wanted to share our fun day out x

Hi Honeys
Another warm day of blue skies and fluffy clouds here.  I've just been outside in the garden with our furbaby Jade to hang out some laundry and it's beautiful out there.

Today I thought I'd carry on from yesterday's post and share some more photos taken on Monday at the Ideal Home Show Scotland.  Today we'll have a look at the gardening hall and oh my were there some sights there honeys :)  
Rosie's day out at the Ideal Home Show part two
Gone are the days dear ones when the most we could hope to decorate our garden with was a garden shed, a bench and maybe a few gnomes :)

The gardening hall was pretty amazing.  In addition to stalls selling garden care equipment such as lawnmowers and hedge trimmers, there were so many examples of beautiful patio furniture.  Shall we have a look honeys...
Among my favourites of the many different styles on show were these sectional pieces with matching glass topped tables...
Corner sectional lounge furniture
Wouldn't it be a joy to eat dinner outside in the back garden on a warm Summer evening on this patio set honeys?
Corner patio dining set with glass topped table
My first thoughts when we saw this lovely, cozy rounded lounger was that it was literally a book nook for the garden :)
Rounded lounger with canopy
I can so easily imagine myself curling up in this lounger with a good book and our furbaby Jade to hug :) Doesn't it look comfortable and snuggly honeys?

Hubby was very impressed with this dual purpose table and bench set which has a built in chiller & gas fire/BBQ...
Dual purpose garden table with built in chiller & gas fire/BBQ
The idea of combining items such as a chiller and a heating source into a patio table is fabulous and would be ideal for anyone who enjoys entertaining friends or family in the garden. There is a barrier of glass in place around the flames for safety too.

It wouldn't be a garden section without a hot tub honeys and there were a few on display.  The one that stood out most though was this marble effect model...  
Marble effect hot tub
In addition to the many variations of garden furnishings and other decorative items there seemed to be lots of interesting and varied styles of garden structures or rooms such as this small sauna in the shape of a barrel....  
Barrel shaped sauna room
This garden sun room in the shape of a large sphere is so beautiful and would I'm sure be a talking point with friends as well as a lovely place to sit with a good book on a long sunny day :)  
Sphere shaped garden sun room
It even has a fitted table included so there's even someplace to put a cuppa while you enjoy your book or a place to rest a laptop if you want to work in the garden.

I'm definitely being won over to the idea of these little sun rooms, especially when they're as adorable as this little tikki hut inspired building...
Tikki hut inspired garden sun room
Love it!!

Larger in size but just as beautiful was this garden room made from bamboo with roll up sides...
Bamboo sun room with roll up sides
Sitting alongside the bamboo sun room were these fabulous wooden side tables in the shape of book stacks...
Wooden side tables in the shape of book stacks
Aren't they wonderful honeys? So beautiful.

Back to garden rooms then and I've saved the very best for (almost) last :) I have to admit when I saw this little garden shed in the shape of a hobbit hut I actually squealed :)
Garden shed inspired by Hobbit house
Isn't it perfect?  I can't imagine ever looking out of the window, seeing this in the garden and it failing to make me smile :) Hubby (being a huge Lord of the Rings fan) thought it was great too, although far too special to be used, as garden sheds usually are, to store the lawnmower :)

Last photo for today then honeys and since these photographs were all taken at a Scottish Ideal Home Show,  it has to be this gorgeous bronzed statue of a Highland stag. Simply stunning.
Bronzed statue of a Highland stag
I hope you're having a great week honeys, it's nearly the weekend! Yaaaay! Till next time dear ones, smile lots and hug even more, huggles always xx

Edit: There are some unseen gems from the Ideal Home Show posted here, enjoy! x

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