Monday, 13 June 2016

Back Cupboard part 2: Don't Forget The Door!

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to recommend any products, just wanted to share our latest organizing project, hugs x

Hi Honeys 
I hope you're enjoying your weekend.  The rain is back here but I'm consoling myself with the thought that it's good for the garden and will help our roses :) 

I thought today we'd finish our look at Hubby & I's latest organizing project. You might remember in yesterday's post I shared how we'd organized the cupboard which faces our back door.  This cupboard really had just turned into an awful mess, full to bursting with assorted stuff that didn't have a home anyplace else :/

So, having taken back control of the cupboard (yaaaay!) next task was to transform the cupboard door!
Latest organizing project: the cupboard door
What can you do with a door you might ask?  Well, as it happens, and with a quick trip to Ikea, you can do quite a lot :)

Let's have a look shall we...
Before we started work on this project the door was actually the best part of the cupboard! The door had a pocket storage organizer with various spare/emergency things such as candles, torches etc and looked like this...
Cupboard door after
The door isn't very old, it's still in very good condition but it wasn't living up to its potential.  After two coats of white silk emulsion and the addition of some clever storage pieces we ended up with this...
Cupboard door after
There is still work to do yet honeys. For instance the door will be given a top coat of  white gloss paint, as will the door frame.  The door frame had already been painted several years ago (before the door was changed) so it badly needs freshening up as you can see from these photos but we'll get there :)

Would you like a closer look at the extra storage we've installed on the inner cupboard door? I'm already wondering how we got by without it and don't even start me on the new and improved actually able to be used cupboard! I love it honeys! I keep going through and opening it just to have a look :)

Quit waffling Rosie! Get on with it! :)

OK then :) Before our recent trip to Ikea (which I'll post about soon honeys I promise) we made a list of what we wanted to bring home again with us using the Ikea online shopping list function on their website.  Our planned purchases included several items from Ikea's Algot collection.  These included an 84cm wall upright, three baskets with brackets and a triple hook. These all went together perfectly and just like that we have some fabulous and very useful storage on the inside door of our very organized cupboard :)

You might remember honeys that we've used these before.  We have an upright in our kitchen to organize kitchen linens such as dusters, microfibre cleaning clothes and tea towels (although since that post we added a third basket at the top for packs of anti bac wet wipes.)  There is also a set in our guest room which I use to store various girly things such as my hairdryer etc.

Back to the cupboard door then :)  The wall upright bar was firmly secured to the inside of the door and the baskets attached using the brackets supplied with them. The Algot triple hook though had an especially clever task, but we'll get to that in a minute :)

The top basket looks like this...  

Cupboard door storage Algot basket one

This top basket is the perfect place to store a couple of bottles of flash cleaning spray (I swear this stuff is my new passion, love it! Makes my worktops sparkle) The large pink bottle next to the flash bottles is our furbaby Jade's bottle of bubbles :)

She adores chasing bubbles when we play out in the garden :) I always blow them high enough so that she doesn't catch them of course, soapy water isn't good for furbabies, but she does love to chase them :) The smaller clear bottles in front of Jade's bubbles are bottles of anti bac gel for my hands.  I keep a couple of bottles in the hallway ready to grab as I go past to go to work but these are spares.

Hanging on the hooks either side of the top basket are (on the left hand side) a fold out hanger to dry small items such as socks (or Jade's stuffed toys) which I attach to the laundry line outside on a good day or to the pulley in the kitchen if it's rainy.   On the right hand side is a plastic handle used to attach carrier bags to to save them from cutting into your hands. It's wonderful and very useful (especially for spoonies.)

On to the second (middle) basket then honeys...

Ikea Algot basket

So far this middle shelf is home to a new pack of tea towels I brought home from Ikea for which I have a project in mind for our little entryway or mud room :) I've loved those little cubbies out there and they're still working great but we have plans to change that space around a little and I promise I'll share when we get it done :)  Sitting next to the Ikea tea towels is a pair of cute oven gloves with "I kiss better than I cook" on them :)

These tea towels will disappear (in the direction of my sewing machine :) when we start work on the entryway project (and tea towels have a basket already in the kitchen as you know honeys) while the oven mitts can possibly go on a spare hook so this basket might well be used for spare water or smoothie bottles for work eventually.

On to the third (and bottom) basket then...

Algot basket from Ikea

This basket has become the perfect storage place for all of our assorted bin type bags.  From the left there are:

  1. A small bundle of doggy bags for Jade. A larger supply for walkies is kept at the front door in her own wee cubby. 
  2. The larger of the white rolls of bags (at the back of the basket) fit our kitchen bin, 
  3. The roll of black bin bags sitting next to them are much thicker "heavy duty" bags which we bought because of our current decluttering efforts, far less likely to tear on their way to be donated.
  4. The two rolls of green bags fit our little kitchen food recycling bin.  They're used for tea bags, egg shells, potato/vegetable peel and other kitchen waste.  These bags are bio-degradable and can go straight into the brown (garden/food waste) recycle bin.
  5. The last tiny roll of white bin bags (sitting towards the front of the basket) fit our tiny bin in the bathroom. 
It's great to have all of the assorted bin bags in one place and now I can see at a glance when I'm running low and add them to our weekly shopping list.

So now the wall upright bar has three baskets attached and just enough room left for one more bracket to fit.  Remember I mentioned the Algot triple hook and how we had a plan to use it on the cupboard door honeys?  Well this is the triple hook...

We've used one of the hooks to hang our mini (tabletop) ironing board on the door below the baskets....
Algot triple hook holding a tabletop ironing board

So honeys, there we have it!  Our little cupboard door project...

Cupboard door storage before & after

If you missed yesterday's post (where you can see what we did with the inside of the cupboard itself) you can find it here honeys.  What have you been working on organizing lately?  What projects would you like to do or planning to start?  Have you used your doors for extra storage space?  Why not share in the comments section below?

Well dear ones, it's almost lunchtime and I have some shirts to iron and another few loads of laundry still to do before planning dinner (and I love every single minute of it :) whatever you're doing today I hope it's making you smile too x Till next time, smile lots and hug even more :) huggles xx


  1. I love your organisation posts Rosie, mainly because my life is total chaos and I envy your dedication! xxx

    1. :) OMG! Leah you should have seen the amount we threw out! I mean there were old paint brushes, packaging, actual empty (!) boxes "just in case" :/ Madness! Did find some random smiley things too though, like two packs of paper bunting :) I love it! Need to find somewhere to put it :) Thank you for visiting honey, sending heaps of huggles always xxx