Friday, 1 April 2016

Friday Smile: Knitted Blanket Update :)

Hi Honeys,
April first already! Can you believe how quickly we're sailing through this year?  I'm sorry I've been so quiet this week, the elements are playing havoc with my aching joints so I've spent most of this week on our sofa hugging our furbaby Jade.

I have some posts waiting to be typed up and I'll make a start on them this week honeys, but right now I have to dash to work. Before I run off though I thought I'd say hello and share what's making me smile in the hope it might make you smile too :)
Knitted Blanket Update
 Do you remember the knitted blanket pattern I shared a while ago?  If you missed it you can see the last update post here.  This post also has the complete pattern typed out if you'd like to knit along, if you do decide to knit along do share honeys? I'd so love to see your blankets too :)

Well, over the past couple of weeks I've managed to knit some more squares and this happened...
Rosies Knitted Blanket Project Update
 I know it's silly but I can't stop smiling! I've checked (and our furbaby didn't mind at all) and this little blanket project is now big enough to cover Jade :)  Hubby has taken to calling it the Dr Who blanket because the row of multi coloured squares kinda looks like Tom Baker's scarf in the classic Dr Who series and I'm OK with that :) Next task for this growing blanket is a row of thirty six more squares to form the next outside border...

Rosies Blanket Plan
This next batch of squares are to be knitted in pretty pastel shades and, as you can see in the blanket plan above, they will then be followed by an additional forty four of the lovely navy blue squares.  I wish I could knit faster, or even for a little longer but the osteoarthritis in my hands grumbles at me :/
I'm not complaining honeys, I don't do pity parties and I'm very grateful for each little square I complete. I've decided to treat knitting as my own little form of physio therapy for my hands :)  Each tiny square is a blessing and for a beginner knitter I'm so loving that I'm making something our furbaby will actually be able to use, and she so will!

Jade adores naps and always has a blanket for naptime...
Jade at naptime
  I can't wait for her to be able to nap under a blanket knitted by her mum :)

Do you knit honeys? I'm just a beginner, and I'm so loving learning how, but I hope once I finish the blanket I can find a (really easy) pattern to follow so I can make something else :) Whatever you have planned for this weekend, have fun dear ones, smile lots and hug even more :)  Till next time, huggles always xxx

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