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Picture Perfect Project - Spring In The Garden

Hi Honeys
Prepare for lots of smiles in today's post :) We're in the garden and we're welcoming Spring :)

Have you heard of the wonderful Picture Perfect Project link up?  It's a lovely link up that encourages bloggers to snap more photographs, develop their photography skills and along the way make their blogs completely fabulous :) It's also such fun!!

The link up is run every second Thursday of each month throughout the year.  It's Monday and due to life (and work) schedules being a little hectic my post for March is a couple of days late but here it is dear ones, go grab a cuppa and settle down for some garden fun and smiles...
The Picture Perfect Project - Spring Arrives In The Garden
 Yesterday I spent a fun day in the garden with Hubby and our furbaby Jade. Spring has arrived, the ground frost has gone and there are so many exciting, beautiful things happening in the garden.  Do you remember our shopping trip last Sunday honeys? If not you can see it here.

Let's take a look and see what we did with the lavender and the beautiful rose bush we bought last weekend and maybe have a look at what's in store in the next few months too...


First on the agenda yesterday morning was to plant the gorgeous lavender...
Hubby planting Lavender
We brought home two pots last weekend from B&Q but it's been far too cold to plant them right away so in the meantime they've been living on the kitchen window ledge where they could soak up any sun but still be inside, warm and protected from the bitter cold during the night.

We've chosen to use an enormous planter for this latest lavender because we're planning on building a little seating area in our back garden and this lovely planter of lavender will sit on one side of the new garden bench.
Lavender in a new planter on the patio
 I love lavender :)  We already have established lavender in our tiny front garden, by the garden fence...
Established Lavender in the front garden
It's wonderful to walk up our garden path during Summer and be surrounded by the scent of lavender and roses honeys.


Speaking of roses, the peonies have started to only just make an appearance through the soil too...
Peonies starting to bud in Spring
 It won't be long until they're cheering the back garden :)  You might remember these gorgeous peonies from last Summer honeys...
Summer Peonies
These peonies were gifted to my beloved Grandmother many years ago by a neighbour who had a very green thumb.  There was nothing this dear man could not grow.  He had been truly blessed with a gift for growing things but especially roses. My Gramma asked him how he grew them and he took a cutting from his own garden and gave it to her.

These peonies continue to bloom beautifully over twenty five years later and every year it feels as if my beloved Gramma is with me again.
Peony in the rain
You can find a printable of these peonies here honeys and you can even follow them beginning to bloom in photographs taken over the course of a week here and there is another printable there too :) I so hope they makes you smile too x

Having planted the lavender, we then cut back the apple tree, whose branches were growing towards the patio.  These errant branches would bop us smartly on the head every now and again when we went to retrieve Jade's ball for her from that side of the garden and it was getting annoying - and slightly ouchy.

Yes, you read that right honeys.  When we went to retrieve Jade's ball.  Our furbaby adores, positively adores playing fetch but for some odd reason she doesn't like the side of the house where the garden turns a corner and if her ball goes off the patio and around there she'll run as far as the end of the patio and then turn back around and look at her Dad or me to tell us to go fetch her ball.  We always do.  Yep, it's taken her a few years but she's just about gotten us trained the way she wants us :) Wanna know a secret honeys? I wouldn't have it any other way and neither would her Daddy, she's loved just way, way too much for us to mind :)  


Having tidied up the back garden and patio,  it was off around to our tiny front garden. First job was to tidy up the rose bush we planted in memory of my dear Gramma.  
Grammas Roses
I had noticed recently that it had started to wake from our far too long winter and was thrilled yesterday to see that Spring growth has really taken off.  To see it we have to look a little closer....
Roses are waking from a far too long winter
 I can't wait to see Grammas roses bloom again this year honeys. Last year they were spectacular...
Simply stunning roses
They burst into bloom in such gorgeous shades of pink and they were simply stunning all summer long. I only had to open our living room curtains in the morning for these beautiful flowers to make me smile :)
Stunning pink roses
I made some printables last year because I wanted to share these pretty roses and if you'd like a copy you can see them here and here.

Our final task yesterday in our tiny front garden then honeys was to plant the rose bush we choose last Sunday on Mothers day for my dear Mother in law...
Roses in memory of Mum
Mum loved roses.  Every year we'd send her two dozen roses on her birthday and on Mothers Day. They made her smile.  I miss Mum terribly, she was so important to me, so much more than just my husband's Mum, for many years she was my Mum too.   The rose bush we choose for Mum is the same type as Grammas with the exception of colour.

Gramma's rose bush blooms in glorious shades of pink while Mum's will be in vibrant shades of red. I so can't wait to see them bloom and I promise I'll take lots of photos to share honeys x

So, there it is.  Another month in the Picture Perfect Project link up.  I can't wait to go see everyone else's gorgeous pics and I'm so looking forward to seeing what April, with her showers, brings to life in the garden.

If you missed them you can find my January post showing a Summer & Winter lavender & roses here and the February post showing the last of the Scottish Winter Holly here.

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huggles always honeys xxx


  1. Can't wait to see them all in bloom! Love peonies!

    1. Hi Yvonne x I'll keep snapping photos as they grow honey :) Hope you're having a fabulous week so far, huggles always xxx

  2. Awww Rosie!!! You are SO sweet to mention me!!!! Thank you oxoxox. I love all your spring pictures! I can almost smell those flowers! I especially love the lavender. :)

    1. Heather! Apologies dear one x I don't know how I missed your lovely comment! Thank you so much honey, I so loved your post too, your photos are fabulous! I love how you frame an image. I'm not good at doing that yet but I'm trying :) Sending heaps of huggles always dear wee friend xx