Monday, 21 March 2016

How A Hanging Planter Became A Home For Bananas...

Hi honeys,
Ever seen an idea for your home and wanted to try it? Like every one who loves Pinterest I keep seeing images of those wall hanging flower baskets, the ones you hang outside your front door and fill with pretty plants, being used as wall storage in the home.
How A Hanging Planter Became A Home For Bananas
 Interesting idea, I thought.  Well, while shopping in Asda recently I saw this...
Wall Planter
I liked the look of it (how adorable is the little heart design on the front honeys?) it's made from plastic coated metal, so it's easy to clean, and it only cost £2!

So, having taken it home, I asked Hubby if he'd put it up in the kitchen over the weekend.  Hubby didn't even question why I wanted to hang an outdoors flower planter up in the kitchen, bless him! All he asked me was "where do you want it put?"

He's known me for so many years, I suppose he just assumes I have a plan in mind and he's happy to go along with it :) Thank you sweetheart xx  Well, onto the wall it went and it looks like this...
Planter As Wall Storage
I like it honeys :) What do you think?  I had read recently that storing bananas alongside your other fruit encourages the other fruit to ripen too quickly.  Does anyone know if this is true?  We usually have a basket of apples, oranges, maybe some lemons and yes, usually a few bananas too, on our kitchen counter but I can't say I've ever noticed.

I'd asked Hubby to attach the planter to the tile backsplash on my baking wall.  I love this part of our kitchen!  
Rosies Baking Zone
Do you remember how excited I was when this area of our kitchen had it's wee make over?  Hubby worked so hard to transform this side of our kitchen and did a wonderful job fitting the new cabinets (in addition to the fabulous little trolley I still adore) worktop and open shelves.

If you missed it you can see the makeover post here and if you'd like to take a tour of our kitchen walls you can find it here.   You can find some rather cool storage ideas we've implemented since here and also here.   Our wee kitchen isn't fancy but we love it :)

Looking at the above image I may have to declutter the counter a little again :) Will we take a closer look...
Rosies Baking Zone Details
The stackable "clip seal" boxes on the far left hand side of the photo are airtight and perfect to store bread, rolls and baking things such as bread flour and yeast.  We've had them for quite a while now and got them from Poundland.

Next to the boxes is a cute little container with a built in scoop in the lid which we use for our furbaby Jade's Iams (which is a kibble or a dry dog food) and sitting on top is her treat jar :)

Sitting side by side next to Jade's nibbles are three glass candy jars which are home to little individual serving sized containers of marmalade and jams.  Above these are bananas in their new home :)

To recap then honeys, does the planter work as storage? Yes, I think it does.  I'm thinking though of sewing a little cotton liner to pop inside. Any thoughts anyone?

From the gardening section straight to our kitchen wall then :)  What do you think honeys?  Have you tried this? If so, what do you use them for?  
Gardening Section To Kitchen Wall Storage
Till next time dear ones, stay warm in the chilly Spring winds, huggles always xx


  1. I never knew bananas could make other fruit ripen faster. Fascinating.

    1. Rhonda, I'm so sorry honey! I must have missed your comment :/ I never knew banana's did this either but our apples are certainly lasting longer since I moved the bananas! There might be something to it after all :) Thank you for visiting honey, sending heaps of huggles xxx