Friday, 11 March 2016

Friday Smiles: Deer At The Doorstep & Furbaby Smiles :)

Hi Honeys
I hope you've had a wonderful week and that you're looking forward to a fun weekend :) It's mid March, there are two weeks till the clocks go forward in the UK, the garden is starting to wake up from it's long winter nap, the sun has started appearing to say hello again and this is my three hundredth blog post :)
Friday Smiles
Wow! I mean. three hundred posts! How did that happen? It feels like yesterday (well maybe the day before) that I decided to try to dip my toe into the blogging world and here we are two years and a lot of words and photos later :) Thank you so much for keeping me company honeys, it means more to me than I can ever say xx

On to this weeks smiles then :)

Reindeer Doormat
I actually squealed in the shop when I saw this adorable doormat :) I know it's technically the wrong time of year for reindeer but as you know I adore them all year long anyway :) We're planning on tidying up the front path and tiny steps to our front door soon with new paint and this adorable rug will look fabulous outside our front door. Maybe it'll make my neighbours smile too :)

While shopping with Hubby last weekend (which you can read about here & here honeys) we saw a shop I hadn't heard of before. They sell kitchens, bedrooms, carpets etc.  Well they made me smile, no, grin :) because in their front window they have these huge round stickers...
Furbaby friendly shop Wrens
 How fabulous is that? Finally a non pet food/accessories store (although I adore those too) who think of furbabies as family members :) Wonderful!  Well done Wren, you rock!

Speaking of furbabies, I thought I'd share our furbaby Jade having a wee nap...
Naptime for Jade
Isn't she adorable honeys? This is how our furbaby naps :) She always likes to nap with a blanket, of which she has many, bless her :)  The gorgeous blanket in the photo above was a Christmas gift from her Auntie Meme (thank you Meme honey xx she adores it as you can see :)

Hubby and I work different shifts to make sure Jade isn't left on her own. She's a very nervous baby, having been abused by a former owner. It breaks my heart that anyone is capable of being so cruel to our wee angel or to any furbaby.  We were blessed to have adopted her from a local rescue and she really has been such a blessing honeys. She makes us smile every single day :)  
Jade naps on her wee sofa
  I hope she's made you smile too :)

Have a wonderful, fun & smile filled weekend, I so hope you're seeing lots of gorgeous sunshine today too :)  Till next time dear ones, smile lots and hug more, huggles xxx

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