Thursday, 25 February 2016

Rulers of Britain Coin Collection - It's Another Partwork!

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to promote any products, just wanted to share my latest smile x

Hi Honeys
I hope you're having a fabulous week and staying warm in the lingering Winter chill. I can't believe it's almost March and I'm still wearing mittens, scarf & hat to go outside! I know I've said it (a lot) before but I absolutely believe that hibernation should be an option. I'm a Summer baby, I can't cope with chilly weather :)

It's not all bad I suppose, I get to snuggle on the sofa with our furbaby while her Dad is at work, both of us kept warm by a huge sherpa fleece blanket, and I've started knitting too :)
Rulers of Britain Coin Collection Partwork
At the start of every year television ad breaks are filled with promotions for new partwork series. Magazines which explore their chosen subject over weekly or bi-weekly issues.  

I recently blogged about two new partwork series. The Art of Quilting, as its title suggests, sets out to introduce readers to the incredible, timeless craft of quilting.  I hope some day to learn this amazing craft. To be able to create something that can be passed down to family or friends must be wonderful. 

Simple Stylish Knitting introduces it's readers to knitting for the home, for family, knitting things to wear and to give as gifts :) Every issue is supplied with a ball of wool (yarn) and instructions on how to knit a patterned square. During the course of the magazines ninety issues readers will knit enough squares to build into a beautiful throw.  

This particular partwork must have been inspirational honeys because I've been knitting away and working on my own wee blanket :) You can see the results so far here and maybe knit along too :) You'll find a chart that's super easy to follow, created for me by my sweet Hubby using Excel (thank you sweetheart x)    

While shopping recently I spotted this latest magazine in Asda.. 
Rulers of Britain Coin Collection
This partwork approaches history from an interesting angle, that of the coins used at the time and each issue is supplied with an example of such a coin. Each with incredible detail as you can see...
Rulers of Britain coins

The coins themselves really are beautiful, each is incredibly detailed and is explained fully in the magazine.  It's the magazine itself though I was most impressed with.  It covers its subject, Elizabeth I, well.  Examining her life and times and giving a little insight into what it was like to live in Elizabethan England. Not just for the nobility though, but also for the many other layers of society all living together in what is still considered  The Great Age in England. A time of Shakespeare, the attempted invasion of England by the Spanish Armada and of Queen Elizabeth herself. A strong, fierce warrior queen.

If you'd like to find out more honeys you can find details of this collection here.  This really is the kind of magazine that could have been written just for me and I'd normally have subscribed straight away but since we're having such a battle to downsize our home and we already have boxes and boxes full of magazines, including every issue (from issue two onwards) of Empire film magazine, you can see why I'm a little reluctant to start adding to our household clutter :)

I really am impressed though and might keep my eyes open to see if issue two lives up to the promise shown by this first issue.  Have you ever collected any of these partwork magazine series honeys? If so, any favourites?

Till next time dear ones, stay warm and safe, smile and hug lots :) Huggles always xxx

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