Wednesday, 24 February 2016

How A Kitchen Worktop Saver Can Be Super Useful On Your Dressing Table

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to promote any products, just sharing my latest homemaking project x

Hi Honeys
I hope you're having a fabulous week so far. Are you seeing Spring yet? The past two days have been bright and sunny, with gorgeous blue skies broken only by the occasional fluffy cloud... but (and it's a huge but honeys) it's freezing! I mean seriously bone chilling, skin tingling, can see your breath kinda freezing! Oh I so, so, so wish it would get warmer so that I can be hanging out laundry!!

For now though, our furbaby Jade and I are sharing a huge sherpa throw on the sofa, she snuggles down for a nap on her cushions and under the lovely soft blanket and I sit here typing away on my laptop.  Winter has definitely overstayed her welcome this year, dear ones.  The cold seeps into my bones making my joints ache.  I need cheering up and what better way to do that than to make something pretty :)

Worktop Saver On Your Dressing Table

You know those glass worktop savers we all have in our kitchens? I use ours to sit pots on when I take them off the heat of the cooker or to sit under my chopping board and for so many other things. Well, it turns out they have a whole other use too....

I'm jumping ahead of myself :)  Do you remember the Jane Asher range in Poundland honeys? I've bought quite a few items from this range over the past year or so (if you'd like to see them, you can see the posts here and here) but recently I spotted the cutest little glass worktop saver with a very vintage feel to it's design.

I knew it was a little small for our kitchen, and we already have a few there already but i so loved the design of it and it was only £1 after all, so into our basket it went.

Jane Asher Glass Worktop Saver

Isn't it sweet honeys? I adore the polka dot pattern with the flowers and tiny birds, it so made me smile :) The polka dots reminded me of the labels I made for our downstairs hallway & tiny mudroom :)

So, since we didn't need another worktop saver in our kitchen this adorable little piece of glass with tiny button feet traveled upstairs in the direction of my dressing table...

Rosies dressing table

Can you spot it honeys :)

Worktop saver on Rosies dressing table

I'm loving this little saver here :) Quite apart from looking pretty and adding a vintage feel to my dressing table, this little saver does exactly what it says. It's saving my dressing table from becoming coated in mineral powder when I apply my powder foundation.

When I fill my brush and tap the solid base of the brush on the saver (this allows the powder to fall into the brush which helps to apply it evenly) should any fall off, it goes onto the saver and not my dressing table.  So easy to clean up with a little anti bac wet wipe and protects the surface of my dressing table from becoming scratched.

Do you remember the acrylic make up organizer I'd found in Home Bargains? As you can see in the above photo I'm still using it,  it allows me to have the products I use regularly within reach without making my dressing table look too cluttered.

Acrylic make up organizer

This acrylic organizer looks so pretty even when it's empty, I can't believe it was so inexpensive. Home bargains still have them actually honeys, you can find it here.

The other side of my dressing table looks like this...

Rosies dressing table

I have a little crystal tumbler, filled with pretty blue sand I saw in Ikea. This is home to my make up brushes, except for the kabuki brush I use for my foundation, that lives in the make up organizer. There is also a chunky glass jar where all of my make up sponges live, a box of tissues and a glass box where my favourite sparkly jewellery lives  The item with the adorable penguin on it is a handbag mirror. It was a gift from Hubby (thank you sweetheart x) and makes me smile, so I keep him on my dressing table so that I see him every morning :)

I'm loving this little worktop saver on my dressing table honeys, it feels like a little finishing touch that's been missing :) What about you? What do you keep on your dressing table? Have you found a way to re-purpose something intended for another use?

Till next time dear ones, have a fabulous day and stay warm, it's almost Spring :) Huggles always xxx


  1. It looks really cute! :) I used to have a dressing table but it had no room for my knees to go so I gave it to the Heart Foundation furniture shop. xx

    1. Hi Honey xx There are three drawers under this dressing table too honey, but I have a little padded wooden stool in front of it and I suppose we've had it for so long I'm just used to sitting oddly :) The little glass worktop saver is smaller than normal, about A4 size but that just makes it a perfect size to be used for make up and I do love the adorable pattern :) Have a fab weekend honey, sending you heaps of huggles xxx