Monday, 18 January 2016

The Picture Perfect Project 2016

Hi Honeys
I hope you're staying warm and having fun.  I've been trying to catch up with everyone after spending the weekend working very busy late shifts and last night I read Rhonda's wonderful post on The Picture Perfect Project for 2016.  
The Picture Perfect Project 2016
 The Picture Perfect Project encourages everyone to take more photos, improve their photography skills and have fun while doing it :) There is a link up every second Thursday of each month throughout this year with the first link up having been last Thursday.

This is such a great idea! All everyone has to do is to grab their cameras and get snapping and don't we all want to improve our photo skills for our blogs?  I'm a little late to the party, and thank you so much to Rhonda for sharing this link up (thank you honey xx) but here's what I've put together for January's link up...

Summer & Winter Roses
Last year for me was all about our roses :) They were stunning last Summer and I took so many photos of them. I even made printables which you can find here and here  I thought maybe I'd re-create one of those Summer images now that the snow has arrived here in Scotland and the above collage is the result :)

Across from our roses in our tiny front garden, tucked away in a tiny corner is our lavender.  Oh my how this pretty lavender scents our garden all through Summer honeys. It's just beautiful.  Again a comparison of the same image during Summer and now that Winter has properly arrived...
Summer & Winter Lavender

I have also learned something while taking these photos honeys.  It is considerably more difficult taking photos in an icy wind with snow fluttering around you than to take those same photos on a beautifully still Summers day :)

Till Christmas, the backbone, the little item that made this blog possible, was this wonderful teeny tiny little camera...
Nikon Coolpix S2700

There are no words for how much this little camera has meant to me, and still does :) It really is tiny, fitting easily into the smallest handbag so it can be taken everywhere, and takes the most fabulous images even if, like me, the person taking the photos doesn't know much more than how to point and click :) It's a Nikon Coolpix S2700 and for almost two years has been my almost constant companion.

At Christmas Hubby, bless him, got me a new camera (thank you sweetheart xx) which I absolutely adore, although I have to admit to still being a little terrified of it :) Here it is honeys..
Nikon Coolpix L340

It's a Nikon Coolpix L340 so it's kind of a "big brother" to my much loved little handbag sized Coolpix camera.  Other than size there are other differences too including obviously weight.  The larger L340 model still feels odd to me but I know this is only because I am so used to using the S2700.

I am constantly scared of dropping it so the large strap is fabulous.  The arthritis in my hands has meant I am losing the sense of touch in my fingertips and have become very clumsy, dropping things. The last thing I want is to drop Hubby's lovely gift!  Another very noticeable difference is how incredibly vivid the photographs are when taken by the new L340 too.

I'm so looking forward to the arrival of Spring and to our garden waking up from it's Winter slumber so I can practice using the new camera :)      

Over to you honeys, do you want to join The Picture Perfect Project 2016?  If so why not link up with The Picture Perfect Projects hosts, linked below.  There is still thirteen days left to link up for this month why not get snapping?  Also do visit Rhonda's lovely post, with her stunning photos of her darling new baby, and say hello. Rhonda is such a sweet person and if you haven't visited her blog yet you so should. 

Till next time then dear ones, stay warm and safe and have fun, huggles always xxx

Picture Perfect Project 2016 Hosts


  1. Hello Rosie!!! I have so missed reading your blogs! Still catching up from a month of travel over the holidays! It is nice to come back to your cheery blog. I absolutely adore lavender and love that you have some in your yard. We have it in our neighborhood but we don't have a yard so I just have to go around sniffing it in the neighborhood. We got married in a lavender field so you can imagine my loyal love for all things lavender. I'm so happy you got a camera for Christmas! Your hubby is the sweetest! I too, want to work on my photography more for the blog. And I really need to take more pictures on our nice camera and not on my i-phone because I am sadly running out of space! oxoxoxo

    1. Heather! Hello honey I've missed you! I'm so glad you've enjoyed your Holidays. Oh my, getting married in a field of lavender! That must have been so beautiful! I love lavender so much. I love that the scent is everywhere when you walk up our garden path during the Summer months. Why not grow some lavender in a large pot or planter? Could you sit it by your front door? or even on a balcony or in a smaller planter inside your home by a window? It's such fun creating images for blogging and also helps make our blogs unique by avoiding using stock photos used elsewhere. Why not take part in the Picture Perfect Project this year honey? It's only one post a month and really does sound like tremendous fun :) Sending heaps of huggles angel xxx

    2. Maybe I will join! Thank you for the invite :) It would not this Thursday but the following one is that correct? And all you have to do is snap pictures and share?! And I like your idea of lavender. I could probably get some at Trader Joes!

    3. Oh Heather, that's fabulous!! It would be such fun if you joined in too! Yes honey the next post is next Thursday (11th Feb) and just like Blogtember, we publish our posts and then go link up (you'll find the addys in the post above) It will be such fun finding a theme each month and then to snap away happily, and as you said a fab way to work on our photography skills.

      You so should plant your own lavender, not only would it be beautiful to look at and make you smile (it makes me smile all the time, and oh the scent in Summer) but imagine making your own lavender sachets? or pot pouri? or any number of other lovely lavender crafts :) Please take care of you in this weather honey ok? Sending mountains of huggles xxx

  2. Yay! How fun to see your photography post! Snow in Scotland looks like a dusting of icing sugar. Photos of the same subject at different seasons, times are fabulous!

    1. Hi Rhonda :) Thank you honey! The snow was pretty while it lasted, although so scary to walk on though. It's all gone now though, replaced by high winds all day today and rain lashing down. It could be a Scottish Summer if it wasn't so chilly :) Your photos of your dear wee angel are still the most beautiful I've seen in all of the Picture Perfect Project posts I visited. She'll love seeing them when she's older. I do think this year will be such fun trying to keep up with the challenges set. I wonder if they'll be themed each month? Huggles honey xxx