Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Cold Snap Returns...

Hi Honeys
Brrrrrr.... I mean an actual brrrrr....  I'm writing this while sitting on the sofa with our furbaby Jade cuddled up against me and we're both bundled under a huge heavy throw.  The heating has been on here in the living room since before seven this morning, nine hours later we're hugged together on the sofa to stay warm.  Although it's much warmer in here than in the rest of the house, even though the central heating is on.
The Cold Snap Returns
I opened the back door earlier to see if Jade wanted to go outside into the back garden and she went as far as the doorway, looked outside, looked at me with an expression that said, I swear, "are you kidding me Mum?" and then went straight back to the living room to settle on the sofa again.  We have a very smart furbaby :)

The snow hasn't come back again (yet?) but the rain is lashing down outside and there is an almost gale blowing which will be an actual gale very soon according to the TV.  The wind feels like it's made of knives.  Seriously honeys it feels bitingly cold against your skin.  Even standing at the back door I could feel it's effects on my face.  As I said, brrrrrr.  The weather person on breakfast news this morning was going on about wind chill effects but she said nothing about invisible knives flying through the air!

After getting bundled up in lots of layers this morning, including my reindeer wrap snuggled around my shoulders, I wandered into the kitchen to start my morning laundry and make breakfast. Breakfast for me is usually a bowl of cereal or toast but this morning I spotted the large container of porridge (oatmeal) which lives on a shelf in our kitchen.    
Best Breakfast Ever
You know what honeys? I actually can't remember the last time I ate porridge! Me a Scot too! Shameful!  We always have porridge oats in our kitchen, hence the huge tub on a shelf :)  Hubby adores porridge, he eats it all year long but more so when the weather is less than Summery, which this being Scotland can be most of the year :/

So breakfast this morning was a yummy bowl of porridge and here's what I've learned and had forgotten about porridge...

  1. It takes minutes to make on the stove although Hubby makes his in the microwave :) This is a bonus when the kitchen is freezing!
  2. I had honestly forgotten how yummy it is! Delicious and it brought back such nice memories. Just like that I was a child again when I'd come downstairs in my school uniform to find a huge bowl of piping hot porridge waiting for me :) 
  3. I'd forgotten how filling it is. 
  4. I had a wee boost of energy all morning :) Can changing your breakfast really do that?  If so then sign me up for porridge breakfasts because honeys I am so fed up of feeling like a wrung out dishrag :/ 
  5. Maybe I should put a little more effort into looking after myself, even when the weather isn't trying to freeze us. I usually don't cook when it's just Jade and I at home during the day, the most I'll do is pour cereal into a bowl or pop bread into a toaster. Maybe it's worth that extra four or five minutes at the stove to feel better.
Are you a porridge (or oatmeal) fan honeys?  Is it just me or does anyone else not bother cooking when they're home alone?  I'll cook for Hubby and even for Jade, our furbaby likes boiled eggs and I'll make those for her but never think of adding an egg for myself.  I need to sit myself down and have a talk with myself :)

Stay warm and safe honeys, wear lots of layers and why not make some porridge for breakfast tomorrow?  Till next time dear ones, huggles always xxx

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