Monday, 18 January 2016

Snow Arrives In Scotland!

Hi Honeys
Just a quick post to share some Winter loveliness :) Now as you might have read on this blog I'm not a big fan of Winter, preferring instead the warm breezes and lovely sunny days of Summer :) There is undoubtedly though something beautiful about falling snow...
January Chills & Snow Arrives In Scotland
On Friday the temperature dipped and went from chilly to bitterly cold and on Saturday morning we woke up to a light dusting of the prettiest snow on the ground.  Jade was bundled up warmly into her warmest Winter jacket and set off to go walkies with her Daddy and I showered and dressed for work. 

Later that afternoon before setting off to work I snapped these pics to share honeys...    

The Large image on the right hand side above shows our rose bush in the front garden. I so can't wait until this rose bush is budding with beautiful roses again.  The bottom photo on the right hand side shows our lavender dusted with snow.  In the Spring it too will wake up and bud.  Walking up our garden path is such a joy in Summer months because of the wonderful scent of lavender.

When I got home from work late on Saturday evening I popped through the kitchen to the back door to snap another photo because it had been snowing all through my shift and our back garden just looked beautiful, but as you can see Jade scooted out ahead of me when I opened the back door :)
First 2016 snow fall in Scotland
Bless her :) She hates the rain but seems to like playing in the snow :)

Is it snowing where you are honeys?  Wherever you are dear ones, stay warm and safe, huggles always xx  


  1. Thank you for taking pictures of the snow!!! We don't get snow ever in San Diego and sometimes I miss snow as I grew up with it. We've been getting lots of rain and wind though so I guess that's good. Stay warm Rosie oxoxo

    1. Hi Heather x You don't ever get snow? I'd be fine with that :) I can put up with rain (Scots see way too much of the stuff lol) and even (less so oddly enough) winds but I'm just so not a fan of the cold stuff at all :) I'm not at all steady on my feet so ice terrifies me, it is beautiful to look at though, from inside the house, with a hot chocolate :) Sending heaps of huggles angel xxx