Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Simple Stylish Knitting

Disclaimer; I haven't been paid to recommend this magazine I'm just sharing something I found interesting x

Hi Honeys
I hope you're staying warm in this cold snap we're having.  Do you remember a recent post about a new partwork magazine I'd found called The Art of Quilting?  Partworks are usually hobby or interest magazines exploring their chosen topic over a (sometimes though not always) specified number of issues or parts.

Well honeys, I spotted another one and since there is very little to do right now because of the bitter cold except snuggle on the sofa with our furbaby Jade and share a blanket I brought it home :)

 It's called "Simple Stylish Knitting" and is actually not bad at all.  Let's have a look shall we..

As with The Art Of Quilting the magazine is presented on the front of a large (A2) piece of cardboard..
Simple Stylish Knitting Issue One
 with the magazine's highlights printed on the reverse....
Simply Stylish Knitting Issue Two Reverse

Issue one is supplied with two (25gm) balls of yarn in fuscia pink & silver grey. It also has a pair of 4mm bamboo knitting needles and a yarn needle.  Among the easy projects to start off with are a fox ipad cover (so cute!) and a pom pom scarf - which I may try knitting for our furbaby Jade because I know she'd look adorable in it :)

Issue two is again presented on a large cardboard backing...
Simple Stylish Knitting Issue Two
 Again the details of issue two are printed on the reverse..
Simply Stylish Knitting Issue Two Reverse
Issue two is supplied with two balls of yarn in burnt orange & warm white. This yarn is intended, as were the two balls of yarn supplied with issue one, to knit the next two squares for a large knitted blanket project.

You know I've always wanted to complete one of those large blankets made up of lots of little knitted squares, I've even started work on squares over the years but I've never stayed with it, maybe this time I might, especially if the bitter cold outside keeps me snuggled on the sofa with Jade :)

There are two sites set up to accompany this partwork honeys. The first one can be found here although this one only really shows the details of the first couple of issues.  The other site dedicated to this magazine is however worth a look.  You can find it at Simple Stylish Knitting.Com and it has articles, video tutorials and lots of other cool stuff.  You can also leave your email for updates, crafts etc.

The first issue was only 99p and the second issue was £1.99 with each weekly issue afterwards at the regular price of £3.99.  There is a total of ninety issues in the series.

Any thoughts honeys?  Do you knit or crochet?  Have you ever knitted a throw?  Till next time dear ones, huggles always xxx
ps: If I manage to knit that scarf for Jade I'll share a photo of our wee angel wearing her scarf x


  1. I don't knit and or sew or crochet or anything of the sort! However you made this look fun with all the pictures and colors. I've always thought it seemed like a charming thing to do when being in front a fire place with a cup of hot tea (or I just love Anne of Green Gable books and Jane Austen books...they make it seem so sophisticated and lovely!) Please share a photo of Jade and her scarf if you do knit one. That would be adorable!

    1. Hi Heather x I promise I'll definitely share a photos of Jade's scarf :) I'm thinking of adding a large pom pom at each end because I have a woolen shawl with a reindeer on it which has a pom pom for a nose and she loves to play with the pom pom when I wear it :) I'm sure she'd adore pom poms of her own bless her. Right now I've just started the second little square of four which I'm planning to stitch together to make the centre of my blanket. I'll share when I have them done. I really had forgotten how much fun knitting could be :) My dear Mother in Law was a marvelous knitter. She would knit those gorgeous big chunky Arran jumpers and cardigans for all of the family. There wasn't anything she couldn't knit, I adored just watching her. Her needles flew as if they had a life of their own and she'd smile as she knitted. I miss her terribly but I still have my jumpers she knitted me. They are treasures I'll never part with because Mum is in every stitch. Huggles honey xxx

  2. My mom tried on several occasions to teach me to crochet. I made some cute slippers for my baby and started on a scarf but I was finding my hands were going numb or feeling really stiff like I had arthritis so I stopped. It is an addictive hobby and I really think it is fun.

    1. Hi Rhonda x baby slippers! too cute!! Also something to keep for when baby J is older :) It's taken me some getting used to, knitting again, I haven't knitted in quite a while and haven't ever been that great at it to be honest, but I've found that the more I do it the easier it's getting. The stiffness in hands can be painful though :/ It's fun working on these little squares. They're tiny really and don't take as much commitment as knitting a sweater or a huge blanket in one piece does. I saw this on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXMP2sd3yWk it's a tutorial for a 10 stitch blanket which is really very clever and doesn't look all that difficult. If I can build up my confidence a little I might even try it sometime :) Sending heaps of hugs honey xxx

  3. I don't really do anything crafty. My mum is excellent at knitting and crochet but she has the patience of a dead slug and never gave me more than 2 seconds to grasp something so if I ever learn, it won't be from her, hahaha! She's a wonderful woman in many respects, but teaching people things is not one of them. (And I'm just the same, hahaha!) xxx

    1. Hi Leah xx I always loved watching my dear mother in law knit :) She was amazing, I so wish I'd asked her to teach me. I'll always regret that, I always wanted to, and always thought I might ask on her next visit. I always thought there would be time. We never expected to lose her so soon or so fast. I hadn't really thought about it till now but maybe that's why I'm trying to teach myself to knit, to try to keep a wee bit of Mum with me? Huggles always honey xxx