Saturday, 16 January 2016

Garden Smiles On A Crisp Winter Morning...

Hi Honeys
I thought I'd share a smile this morning...
Beautiful Blue Skies On A Crisp Winters Morning
We've had dull grey skies for so long now I was starting to forget how beautiful blue skies can be :)  It really does feel so, so long since I could open the curtains and see this...
Beautiful Blue Winter Skies
So long in fact that it made me ridiculously happy just to see it :) Now if it wasn't so bitterly cold I would have the washing machine on as we speak and would have been hanging out laundry as soon as it got light outside :)

Alas though it's just not warm enough for that yet, but the washing machine did go on as it does almost every morning and I just feel so grateful that we have our pulley in the kitchen.  Is electricity eye wateringly expensive everywhere or is it just in the UK?  It's gotten so that it's simply too expensive to use the dryer anymore, especially in Winter when the heating is on almost constantly :/

On a brighter note, while I was snapping these photos to share we had a beautiful garden visitor...
Winter Trees
Can you see him? He is a gorgeous wood pigeon. One of my favourite wild birds.  You can just spot him sitting in the still bare Winter trees...
Garden Visitor On A Cold Winters Morning
 I was going through some photos and found a photo of these same trees behind our house from a couple of winters ago, all covered in snow. It made me smile so I thought I'd share...
Snow Covered Winter Trees
There's something about snow that makes everything look beautiful doesn't it?  If only it didn't have to be so cold, not to mention slippy on the ice.   Whatever you're doing today honeys, I hope you're having fun and smiling loads :) Stay warm and safe everyone, till next time, huggles always xxx


  1. Blue skies definitely do put a spring in ones step! When does spring arrive in Scotland?

    1. Hi Rhonda :) I so can't wait for Spring! According to my diary Spring arrives in the UK on Sunday 20th March, which is also Palm Sunday. The snow arrived yesterday, everything looks beautiful outside and our furbaby Jade has had such fun playing in the snow today :) I loved your new photos of baby Juniper, she's beautiful and I'll definitely be joining in the link up too. What a fabulous idea to improve all of our photo skills and blogs too. I'll write a post tomorrow for it and will link back to your post. Sending heaps of hugs xxx